I'm Down To One Last Breath


Last Time:

"I believe that Draco, Ginny, Ernie, and Neville should be here any minute." Luna answered.

"Does Neville know about all this?" Harry asked.

"Yes, his grandmother is a member as well. The entire name calling and fighting has been an act the entire time." Susan told him.

There was silence in the compartment for about five minutes until the door opened again, but this time Draco Malfoy walked into the compartment.

Draco and Harry looked at each other for a few moments until Draco spoke.

"I know you have no reason to trust me, but I want a truce between us since Hydra has finally told you the truth." Draco said as he held out his hand.

Harry looked at him for a moment or two then looked over to Hermione.

"I suppose we can call a truce." Harry answered as he shook Draco's hand.

Harry remembered that day clearly. Time had sped up on them and sooner than everyone wanted, the Absolute Battle as it was to be called fell upon them.

Marcus was standing outside the castle, waiting for Hermione to meet him for a duel which would end one of their lives. Over the past year, he and Hermione had become closer than ever, the engagement ring on her finger was proof of that. Hermione was shaking from nerves.

"You will be fine, you are going to defeat him, and you will come back to me." Harry told her and kissed her one the cheek.

Hermione thanked him and walked out to face Marcus. They had an intense battle. Marcus took a chance and slammed his sword into Hermione's stomach. She stood still, and a few moments later, she started to heal, to everyone's surprise. Taking advantage of Marcus's surprise, she took her sword and sliced his head off. They later found out that she had survived because she was two months pregnant with twin girls and they healed her from the phoenix tears that Harry had been healed by in his second year. The tears had stayed in his blood and been passed to the twin inside of Hermione.

He remembered their wedding a few weeks later. Fred and George had pulled every prank they had and proposed to their girlfriends. Ron had proposed to Luna three months later. Neville and Ginny were also happy together. Susan and Ernie also ended up together in the end. Even Remus had found someone, he and Tonks were very happy and were married a month after he was.

Harry looked back on the past five years and then looked over to his wife, son, and twin daughters. He was sure that whatever else life would throw at them; they would overcome it in the end.

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