Who is Cartwright213?

Well, faithful reader, I do owe an explanation with the plot bunny that didn't really ever get resolved. Basically, when The Line started I wanted it to be the valedictorian/class president character (Murray)… Then things got out of control, so when I went back and edited things, I thought, wouldn't it be cool if it was Spence and then at the end of The Line Up we would all finally learn who it was and it would be all happy. So, thoughts? I'm seriously considering taking that whole plot line out.

What is dutchesscourtney up to next?

That is kind of the big question. I'm at a major crossroads in the writing portion of my life. I kind of need to decide if I'm going to wait to do the conventional agent/publisher thing (so far, no dice) or just go ahead and self publish. I've got a friend (and member of the real BHS Drum Line) working on cover art for The Line which I am stoked about and can't wait to share with all of you. However, I can only use his cover if I do it myself. So, we'll see. Do you think I could sell 2,000 copies of The Line? Honestly? I mean, there are kids in marching band in every high school in the country – that's a big audience and how do I reach them all?

I'll also be hard at work at actually editing all four books and adding new chapters to the Mulholland Creek story and Crossing the Line.

Will I ever see the characters again?

Never say never. Cameos, of course. And The Guard is being plotted out -- that would be B's junior year, but told from Meredith's persepective, which I am very excited about reading. Plus, you're always welcome to spin off or use them for your own devices...just ask first!

So, here it is, the last of my part of the Brookwood "Line" series is finished. And I think I picked a good stopping point. I'm not going to rule out one-shots for my favorite characters. I mean, as much as I wanted to see B and Tony's perfect Homecoming night, I thought it would drag the story. So, there's one. As always, your comments are appreciated. You know the drill. This questionnaire is a little extended given what I've finished:

1. Favorite scene in The Line Up?

2. Favorite overall scene/line of dialogue/moment ever? (Out of all four books, is there one particular scene that sticks with you?)

3. Ok, sure, each book has something to offer, but I dare you to rank them in order (most fave - least fave). And no picking The Line Up because it was the last one you read. Unless it really is your favorite.

4. Overall favorite character in the series?

5. Suggestions. Advice. Constructive criticism. A publishing contract.

Now time for the thank-yous. There are a lot with this story and even though I say it after finishing every book, it still needs to be said. I couldn't write without your reviews. It's that simple. They are motivating and awesome and keep me going. I never imagined when I started the series that I would end up making so many friends out of this. For those of you who have contacted me directly, I really value and look forward to our discussions. Now, it's not just about making me proud, but about getting published for all my readers as well.

All the best,


air snare – I hope that the long story of Bronwyn-Tony ended up how you thought it might. I tried my best! Thanks for the reviews and I hope to hear what you think about those questions above! I don't know if I can connect them all into one GIANT novel, but I definitely have plans for a series.

Marimba Panda – Theresa, yes, I am insane to be writing so many stories at one time, but it's difficult for me not to! Plus, I'm editing at the same time. I like staying busy…thanks for the multiple reviews!

Somewei – you already know that I totally can't wait to hear what you think about each of my chapters. Your enthusiasm always gets me pumped to write the next thing. It's funny to think when I started this story, way back in March how far we would all come in these 7 months. It's been a trip and I think we can both be proud of our accomplishments. You are a talented artist and writer in your own right and I want to thank you again for giving B a cameo in your own story!

clarinetbandgeek07 – the very reliable reviewer. Thanks always! Was this your senior season? How did it go?

flying drumsticks – another reliable reader. I've already said that it means a lot coming from DL girls, especially DL girls that write. Hope your season is going well.

Nobody's Lenore – if you don't know by now how pivotal you are to the series, well, here it is in writing! Thanks for always being there to listen to my next craziest idea. I've said it a lot, and I'll keep saying it – I can't wait to see The Guard. No pressure, just know that I really can't wait!

Percussion Chick – thank you for the multiple reviews and enthusiasm. Best story ever? Awww! Hopefully one day soon I'll bring the series to the rest of the world. Reviews like yours make me think it can happen.

SLeePaHoLiCzZzZz - thanks for your multiple reviews!

hottiesplomiegurl – I do have to admit that I had to reuse a plot line, but given that it's different guys (same girl), I hoped it wouldn't matter too much. How was your season? Is Chapter 8 still your favorite?

Aylah, the Wind Sister – yeah, I am always about the drama and I'm glad you were a supporter or Tony/B early on. They certainly needed all the help they could get! Sometimes I get "band sick" too, so I go and write, but I'm not going to be happy until these get published and I have one the stories optioned for film!

EvilMonkey113 – your penname is funny. It makes me think about Family Guy. Anyway, hope you kept reading my series!

EmotionalElement – thanks for the multiple reviews and yes I do think you said you loved me! I hope your marching season was/is a good one.

aelwyn – yeah, some stuff changed in the past year, that's for sure. We'll get around to hearing about B's junior year through Meredith's perspective one day soon.

drumbum – hmm…now that I look back you raise a very interesting idea. Tony showing up at Drew's college? I may have to write that scene into the edited version.

Lizai – you're so totally right that B could've gone to Prom alone…she just wasn't in a very prom place after Tony didn't show. Thanks for the long reviews!

the ephemeron – no trumpets because this is a drum line story! Although, we'll see about adding some sometime soon. I recently started talking to an old friend who's a Trumpet gal and as tribute to her, who knows?

drumbum – thanks for the reviews. Sometimes I do have to leave cliff hangers in order to get reviews…

Ann – I'm glad you like all my stories – I hope you kept reading. Would love to hear what you think now.

Izzy – thanks for the review and I like your name. Who knows, you might see it in a story sometime soon.

CaboosesGirl – thanks for the multiple reviews. I did deliver drama, but I tend to shy away from carnage!

kaisha25 – it's hard not to be attached to Lucy. She's the original and well, me, but I'm glad you gave this story a shot. I think it turned out pretty well. Do you really think that B should've ended up with Spence? I've thought about writing a one-shot between them, but I can't even think how it would be started.

Reindropskeepfallingonmyhead – thanks for the reviews and I'm glad you're also liking Mulholland so much.

Katie – thanks for the review!

KHStenorsgirl08 – you didn't start reviewing until Chapter 8? J/k! Thanks for all the reviews and I do think of you when I'm working on Crossing the Line. And Vix? That's a cool name, it might also show up in a future story. I'm always on the look out.

band idolizer – thanks for the review and advice. I never did come up with a better nickname for Bronwyn from Drew.

yuxi – hope you're staying warm in Canada! Thanks for the reviews.

hairhater101 – I hate my hair a lot of the time too! Thanks for the review.

Galalectra – glad you love it and you faved it! Always flattering!

Jessie – I'm glad you officially got hooked and hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for the multiple reviews. If you get an account here then I can respond to your reviews.

Brokos – it's too funny to me that in June you wrote about a story you were thinking of writing – who knew that it would become Chasing Victory! Thanks always for your well written and thought provoking reviews – I really do look forward to them and can't wait to see where your stories go.

abcsnowfall – thanks for the multiple reviews. I hope everything is well with you and that you get to march one od these days.

Samurai Naruto – I've enjoyed our correspondence and hope it continues! Thanks for the reviews!

hovizi – thanks for the review.

rlm90 – quite the paradox of a review. Is it possible to make it through one of my stories without drama? No way! there are other stories if that's your interest.

hypergirl15 – hope you got some more hours to catch up on that homework and maybe finish reading the story.

Hollybaby390 – thanks for the review and I will work on what you mentioned.

Lucia's Puppet – thanks for the multiple reviews! And ramble anytime…I appreciate reading what you have to say.

Legolanderin – I never had a muddy competition, but I did bust my ASS one day running around with my bass drum. I tripped over some cymbals and got some bad road rash. Ouch!

Wolf of Fire – squee fo sho! Thanks for the review.

ftfradiecat – thanks for the review.

blazingstar912 – thanks for the review! Aww…you really flatter me!