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Author's Note: This is different than "And So It Goes" because it's centered around Yumi and Ulrich only and these are little drabbles, not full fledged one shots, well, some may be one-shots. Gir! Just read! Anyway, this first one is centered around Easter, so yeah…enjoy and review!

Hunting Easter Eggs

"So, did you do it?" Odd asked, walking next to Ulrich and Jeremie on the way to Yumi's house. Each of them was carrying a plastic sack with little Easter eggs in them.

"Yes Odd, it's the one painted black."

Jeremie looked in his sack. "You painted a plastic egg black?"

Ulrich nodded as they arrived at Yumi's house.

Yumi and Aelita were sitting on the porch, empty plastic sacks wrapped around their wrists, talking as the wind blew their hair.

They looked up at the boys as they walked up the sidewalk.

"Hey guys!" Aelita said, standing up and waving at them. "We've already hidden our eggs, so I guess you guys can find those first then hide yours!"

The boys nodded and began to look around. Odd immediately had almost fifteen, while Ulrich had just less than him. Jeremie on the other hand, only had a few.

Ulrich and Odd both laid eyes on a green egg at the same time and dashed for it, seeing who would get there first. Ulrich ran as fast as he could, grabbing it a few seconds before Odd's hand reached out for it.

"Ha! I still win!" Odd said, pumping his fists in the air as he did a little victory dance.

"Whatever, as long as I still get candy!"

The boys triumphantly tramped back to the porch. "Okay, now go inside and we'll hide ours!"

The girls laughed, commenting on the close call and walked inside.

Odd waited until the front door closed and turned to Ulrich. "Now's your chance Romeo!"

He winked at his best friend, who was getting butterflies in his stomach. "I…I don't think this is such a good idea…"

Odd nodded, "Maybe you're right…"

Ulrich sighed, glad Odd was actually siding with him, then Odd grabbed Ulrich's bag and ran off with it.

"Stop Odd! Give it back!" He yelled, running after Odd. Odd ran away, peering into Ulrich's sack, withdrawing the painted black egg with YUMI written across it in whiteout.

"Okay! Here you go Ulrich!" Odd tossed the sack back to Ulrich, pocketing the black egg.

Ulrich's little plastic eggs that he had filled with candy for the girls to find, went scattering all over the yard.

"Odd! I'm serious!" He yelled, running after Odd and tackling him. They went rolling across the ground, Ulrich trying to pin down the blonde and purple haired boy below him.

"Give me back the egg!"

"Fine!" Odd exclaimed, digging the egg out of his pocket and handing it over. "You're such a wimp!"

He didn't say anything, just got up and dusted himself off, putting the egg back in the bag in the frantic attempt to pick up all of his fallen eggs.

"Let's hurry and hide them. I bet they are getting impatient." Odd stated bluntly and Ulrich nodded, hiding his eggs.

Five minutes later the two teenage girls from the Lyoko group ran out of the house, looking around the yard, in the trees, everywhere for the eggs.

Ten minutes passed and two exhausted girls collapsed on the porch by the sugar high boys. Odd had already eaten all the candy from his eggs.

"Well, it's getting late, we gotta go before we miss curfew," Jeremie pointed out, and the boys were on their way.


Yumi sat on her bed, eating a few pieces of candy out of her eggs. She was watching some American cartoon about a cat and a mouse. She reached into her bag and pulled out another egg, surprised at its unusual color.


She noticed her name was written on the front and opened it, to find, not candy, but a folded piece of paper.


She opened the paper and read the small, kind of messy handwriting written across the paper.


Sorry this egg didn't contain what you wanted. I…wanted to give this to you to tell you what's really been wrong with me lately. I…think I like you as more than just a friend.

It wasn't signed, but it didn't need to be. She was at a loss for words, but she hugged the paper close to her with a smile.


Ulrich was sitting on his bed as well, about to get into his pajamas when he noticed the absence of something.

"Odd…please tell me you have Yumi's egg!"

Odd looked at him and shook his head.