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Author's Note: So, I've been playing around with this idea since the new Taylor Swift CD came out. For some reason, the title track from the CD really inspired me to write. So, here you go! Enjoy! Oh, and don't ask me why Ulrich would ever marry Sissi. Just go with it for the sake of the story.

Speak Now

I cannot believe I'm doing this.

I don't think I can say that enough. Here I am, in a long black dress and heels that I can barely walk in, hidden behind a curtain. I suppose I could've walked in with the rest of my friends, but Sissi made it apparent that I was not invited.

Oh well, that will make this whole ordeal an even bigger surprise.

I glance around the room, seeing familiar faces, friends and his family, everyone seated and waiting for the music. I see Sissi's stuck-up family sitting in the front, going on about how beautiful the church is. My stomach churns with jealousy, because I know I can't argue. The place really is beautiful...almost perfect.

Down the hall, I hear Sissi yelling at a bridesmaid, complaining about her dress. She looks like a pastry, I think irritably. I have every right to be mad; she stole everything from me.

And there he is, sitting in the back of the church, wiping his palms anxiously on his suit pants. His messy brown hair is still sticking up in a few places, and the gel he'd used had done little to tame it. He'd never looked more handsome to me.

I suddenly have the overwhelming the urge to go over to him and tell him now. It would make things so much easier.

But, the music starts, and my time is stolen. The talking stops and everyone turns to watch the wedding party walk down the aisle to a song that should be a death march. I ducked further against the wall, heart pounding.

He smiled at her as she met him at the altar, but it wasn't a smile that reached his eyes, like it was when he smiled at me. I figured it was my luck to realize I loved him just as he decided to marry someone else.

But it was okay, because I was going to change that.

The minister spoke slowly, which I could tell made Sissi irritated. Everything irritated her. He said the usual stuff, the lovey dovey crap that in no way applied in this case. I clenched my fists, my heart pounding.

This was it. This was the moment...

"If anyone here objects to this union, let him speak now or forever hold his peace."

I stepped out behind the curtain and walked up the aisle half way. My whole body was shaking. Everyone turned to look at me, gasping, eyes wide. I stared straight at Ulrich.

"Don't do this, Ulrich." I said. I ignored the looks, forgot that anyone else was actually there. He took up my entire mind. "Come leave with me. I love you. I always have."

The words shook coming out. I was shocked I had actually said them, after contemplating it for so long. After loving him so long...now he knew.

Sissi's face grew angry. She clutched her flowers tightly, narrowing her eyes. "Yumi Ishiyama! How dare you!"

"Yumi..." Ulrich whispered, his eyes growing. He let go of Sissi's hand and began to walk towards me.

"Ulrich Stern," she hissed, grabbing his tuxedo sleeve. "If you take another step, you're going to regret it."

He looked back at her, prying her fingers off. "Really? I think I'll take my chances."

And just like that, he was walking down the aisle to me. I threw my arms around him, holding back tears. If I hadn't spoken, I would've lost him forever. It had been so close.

"I can't believe you came," he said, whispering into my hair.

"I had to."

It wasn't exactly a Happily-Ever-After moment, but it was the best moment I could've asked for.

Oh, and the look on Sissi's face made it so much better.