It was Joanne's day off and she finally had the chance to sleep in but someone had other plans. Her girlfriend Maureen had been awake before her and was bored. She lightly kissed Joanne on the cheek and then climbed out of bed and went into the bathroom, she stripped out of her night clothes and turned the water to the shower on, making it nice and warm. Quickly she went and turned the radio on loudly. The song that came on was 'I Will Survive'

I will survive
as long as i know how to love
I know I will stay alive
I've got all my life to live
I've got all my love to give
and I'll survive
I will survive

Maureen stood in the shower as the water hit her singing loud and in tune waiting for her girlfriend to wake and find her. In the bedroom, Joanne had been sleeping peacefully until the voice of Gloria Gaynor and Maureen Johnson hit her ears. She jerked awake with a groan and looked over at the empty spot and sighed, laying back wonderful way to be woken up. She dragged herself out of bed and when into the bathroom, pulling the curtain back to reveal her naked girlfriend. Maureen looked over at her and smiled.

"Morning pookie!" She splashed her with water "Are you going to join me? You know you want to..." She grinned. She loved waking Joanne up when she had days off, their mornings were always fun together

"We go through this drill on all my days off and I never say no," She moved back slightly as the water hit her and removed her clothing and stepped in letting the warm water hit her, she pushed Maureen against the shower wall and kissed her. Maureen wrapped her arms around her lover and kissed her then leaned her back when she felt Joanne's lips on her neck. Both woman let their hands wonder slowly down each others bodies, fingers entering inside one another finding the spots that would bring them both to screaming orgasms.
They both moaned,their bodies trembling bracing each other, their climaxes building stronger, lips meeting each others. They remained standing under the water letting it hit their bodies as they both screamed out unable to hold out. Joanne now leaned against the wall with Maureen leaning on her, the water hitting him

"What a good way to start the morning..." She looked at her.

"Hmm yeah it is pookie, nothing like a warm shower..." She met her eyes and kissed her then the two finished their shower then got out and dressed. They left the apartment arms linked and headed to the Life Cafe to meet everyone for breakfast.