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C.C. Academy

Chapter 1: To Lands New and Far

If anyone had happened to take a nice, relaxing flight over the 439 mountain district in mid-august, they would have been greeted with a fairly extraordinary sight. A dark haired boy could be seen floating among the clouds with a joyful expression lighting up his fair complexion. He seemed to be completely at ease, while pleasantly basking in the sunlight and swinging lightly back and forth with the wind. Then: suddenly, as if some sort of alarm clock had gone off in his head, his eyes snapped wide open. A blur of red, blue, and gold could be seen speeding towards him on the horizon.

"Gohan!" screamed the blur, careening towards him. He spun to the side quickly to avoid being hit by it, and the spiky-haired passenger went flying through the air as a golden cloud pulled up short right next to Gohan's confused face.

"Goten!" he cried out in shock, forgetting that he could fly to catch his rapidly descending brother.

As he watched in horror, his 5 year old (AN: yeah… Goten is 5 which would make Gohan about 16) brother flew straight towards a pointy mountain peak. Right before impact, however, the fluffy golden nimbus cloud intercepted him and they made their way back towards Gohan.

"Hey Gohan! How did you like the new trick I taught nimbus?" chirped the bouncing child to his relieved older brother.

"Trick?" questioned Gohan, staring at his brother's perpetually gleeful face.

"Yeah, I call it play… ummmm… dead."

"Goten… I think that name might have been taken already" replied Gohan, sweat drop forming on the back of his head. 'Now that I think of it, I doubt a small 500 foot drop would faze him that much anyway...'

"Oh… well I'll just think up a new one then. Hmmmmmm." The young boy placed a finger on his chin and looked towards the sky in what could be mistaken for a thoughtful manner.

"So did you come all the way up here just to show me that?" asked Gohan.

"Oh yeah! I forgot. Mommy told me that you have to come home for lunch. And she said that she had something special to tell you too. And there was something else… yeah, now I remember. She said that you better have gotten her groceries like she told you to or she'd hit you in the head with the frying pan again."

Fortunately- Gohan, being the momma's boy that he was, had picked up the groceries as his mother had asked. Unfortunately, he had left them on the ground, and it looked like a few forest "critters" (most likely meaning a T-Rex or a saber-toothed tiger) had taken an interest in some of the more fragrant items he had picked up. Shivering with fear at the thought of his mother's frying pan of doom making contact with his head; Gohan blasted down quickly out of the sky, picked up the groceries before they became lunch meat for a wandering dinosaur, and flew home at top speed. Goten watched him fly away before he was reminded by a rumble in his stomach that it was lunch time. At this point he sped off after Gohan on the flying nimbus.

Chichi sighed while she thought about how she was going to tell Gohan about the newest adventure in their lives. 'I'm not quite sure how he's going to take it… we've always stayed together as a family, especially since Goku died. What am I worrying about him for? What will I do with out my baby around all the time? I don't think I'd be able to bear being apart from him if Goten hadn't been born.' As she wandered about the kitchen, her two sons burst through the door and slid to a stop in front of the table.

"So… I see you brought my groceries. You're safe… for now."

Gohan chuckled, looking slightly worried at this statement, until he sniffed, and the sweet aroma of his mother's home cooking made him forget his fear.

"So can we eat now?"

Chichi glanced at him. She decided it would be better to tell him after he had eaten. It would probably be best if he was actually paying attention to her instead of drooling over the food while they talked. She gave them a slight nod, and within seconds, the two demi-saiyans were throwing food unceremoniously from the beautifully prepared dishes into their seemingly endless stomachs. The food barely paused in their mouths to be processed, and then gave way to the next morsel. Chichi turned away, as she had learned to do long ago during meal times. Both of her boys had inherited her husband's abnormal appetite, yet she was still far from used to it even now. It was always surprising to her how they managed to eat more than a roomful of people without becoming obese like that slob Yajerobi. She glanced back up at the table a few minutes later, and noticed that they were winding down, and the table was almost completely empty, excluding the plates themselves.

"So mom, Goten said you had something to tell me?" Gohan exclaimed after burping loudly and patting his stomach contentedly.

"Yes I do. I've been thinking about this for a while, and I think it would be the best thing for you to do at this stage in your life." Chichi replied, ignoring the lack of manners coming from her oldest son. "I've had you home schooled for quite some time now, and I've been noticing lately how lonely you seem. You spend all your free time floating among the clouds, or training, and you've never been around kids your own age. Besides this, I believe it will be easier for you to be accepted into a prestigious college if you attend an actual high school."

"Wha…?" Gohan managed to get out while staring at his mother in a confused manner. He wasn't sure whether to be happy or not. He had rarely had any interaction with people his own age, as his mother had pointed out, and he didn't know how they would react to some one like him, who had been living on a mountain for his whole life. On the other hand, he'd have the chance to make some new friends, something he had been thinking about more and more lately. Seeing that he couldn't decide, he just resigned himself to going along with whatever his mother had planned. That didn't stop him from being curious as to what exactly she was planning though.

"So where would I be going to school?" he asked cautiously, trying to stay on his mother's good side, since they were in the vicinity of many unique styles of frying pans.

"Well, recently Bulma was telling me how she had funded the construction of a new boarding school that she so modestly made them name Capsule Corp. Academy. Since she put so much money into it, it is run by some of topmost scholars around the world. It has a great reputation among colleges, and it would probably help your chances of getting into any college you want. All you have to do is score high enough on the entrance exam, which shouldn't be too hard. If you can't even get a good score on some silly high school entrance exam, I don't know what I've been teaching you."

"But mom, if it's a boarding school, wouldn't that mean I'd have to live there?" he asked, knowing full well that his mom had become sort of OCD about her sons' whereabouts after Piccolo had "kidnapped" him all those years ago.

"Yes dear, I'm afraid so. I know that we'll all have a hard time adjusting at first, but I'm sure it will be a good experience for you. Any way, I know that I'll have to let you go someday anyway. This will be good practice." She uttered this sentence without crying only because she knew he wouldn't leave if she couldn't even talk about him leaving without breaking into tears.

Gohan noticed the sad look on his mother's face, but he still couldn't help getting a little excited about this new adventure. He could finally make some friends that weren't twice his age, or for that matter, his brother's age. Anyway… it wasn't like he'd never see his family again. "Well... it sounds like a good idea to me. But cheer up. It's not like I'd be leaving for good. I could come back and visit anytime I want. Even if it was halfway around the world the trip wouldn't take too long by air."

"Well that's good, because it is practically halfway around the world. And you'd better come back and visit mister! How would you feel if your poor mother was left to fend for her self with that monster to feed every day?"

"Hey!" yelled Goten from outside. He had gotten bored of their conversation a while ago and was currently "playing" with some poor, unlucky dinosaur behind the house.

"I'm just kidding dear… well- I'd better get started on some of the house work. These dishes aren't going to clean themselves. You'd better go on up and get started studying for that entrance exam. School starts up in a couple of weeks, and I expect you to be fully prepared by then."

"Okay mom… I'll be up in my room." replied Gohan, running up the stairs to avoid any confrontations with the deadly pan of doom in the near future.

A couple of weeks later, Gohan were packing his things. He had obviously aced the entrance exam, considering he was basically a genius. As Gohan looked around his room, he found nothing else that he needed, so he backed out into the hallway and took his bag into the living room, where he found his mother and Bulma waiting for him.

"Hey Gohan!"

"Hi Bulma, what brings you here?"

"Well… Chichi told me that you were attending MY school this year, so I thought I'd bring some things that you might find useful." she replied.

"Oh Bulma, you didn't have to." he told her.

"I know, but you'll be glad I did. I realized that you'd be staying over there with no one to cook for you, and I thought it'd be a good idea if you didn't eat all the food in the school cafeterias everyday. Sooooo… I took the liberty to make this." she said, handing him a capsule and a large bag. "The capsule contains a sort of auto-cooking stove. You just toss the other capsules that I put in the bag onto the stove and it should cook them for you. If you ever run out just send me a message and I'll mail you some extras." she told him with a smug sort of smirk.

"Wow! Thanks Bulma! I was wondering how I was going to eat. I was actually thinking of coming back here every few days to pick up food." he exclaimed with gratitude. "This'll save me a lot of time. Well, I guess I should be going now."

"Wait dear." Chichi's voice called from behind him. "I want you to take these too." she told him, handing him a family photo and a red stick.

"Thanks mom, but why are you giving me the power pole?" he asked curiously.

"I just thought you should have something of your father's with you. Now make sure you learn a lot. No horsing around mister! I expect perfect grades on that report card when it comes back. And don't forget to visit!" she called out as she pushed him out the door while looking the other way so he wouldn't see her cry.

"I won't mom! Bye Mom! Bye Goten! Bye Bulma!" he yelled as he flew away from the only home he had ever known in his entire life.

As Gohan started to reach the city limits, he started to descend. He had decided to take a bus to the school, so as not to attract any attention by randomly showing up out of nowhere. Since he lived basically in the middle of nowhere, he had to fly to the nearest city to take the bus from there. Apparently the closest city was some place named Satan City. 'I hope this doesn't have anything to do with that big oaf who every one thinks defeated Cell.'

Sadly, he was wrong, but he'd find that out soon enough. He dropped quickly onto the sidewalk upon reaching the outer limits, and followed the directions to Orange Star High School, which was where the bus left from. When he got there, he noticed that he seemed to be the last one to arrive, because the small bus was almost packed. He walked up the aisle hesitantly, unable to find an open seat. He started to get nervous, because everyone was looking at him and there was nowhere to sit.

He was starting to get uncomfortable when someone called "Hey new boy! There's a seat open over here!" He turned around to see a pretty blonde girl waving at him, pointing to a seat across the aisle from her next to a dark haired girl. He looked at this girl, who looked mildly interested in him, until their eyes met and she hastily turned away. He made his way over to the seat, thanked the blonde girl, then turned around and asked the other girl politely, "Hello, is this seat taken?"

The girl looked at him for a second, and then snapped, "Obviously it's not, or she wouldn't have said it was open."

Gohan didn't want to get anyone angry, so he just said, "Oh." Then he placed his bag in the overhead compartment and sat down.

"So what's your name, cutie?" asked the blonde girl, leaning on her armrest and staring at him openly.

"Umm… my name is Gohan" he replied quietly, while trying to pretend he hadn't heard that last part.

"Well hi! My name's Erasa, and this is Sharpener," she said, pointing to a muscular looking guy behind her, "and that's Videl." she finished; pointing to the girl Gohan was sitting next to. "So this is your first year at C.C.?" she asked him. "That's cool, where are you transferring from?" she continued, as he nodded affirmatively.

"Well… I'm not transferring from anywhere. I've been home schooled for basically my whole life."

"Wow. That doesn't sound like much fun! Where do you live, anyway? I've never seen you around this neighborhood before."

"Well… I live in the 439 mountain district." he replied, knowing full well that this would lead to a bunch of other questions.

"Huh? Where is that?"

Gohan explained where he lived by pointing out a number of landmarks near his house. After a few minutes she realized where he must be talking about.

"What!" she screamed out loud. By this time the bus had started moving, and upon hearing this scream the bus driver stopped in the middle of the street and everyone turned to look at Erasa. "Oh… sorry." she said sheepishly, hiding behind the seat in front of her. Once the bus driver and everyone else had turned around, she whispered to Gohan, "Why do you live so far out in the wilderness? Does anyone else even live out there?"

"Well, not that I know of. I think my family and I are pretty much alone up there."

"Wow... that's so like weird. What do you do for fun up there?"

Gohan hesitated here. He couldn't very well say that his hobbies included flying on fluffy golden clouds, or blowing up mountains. After a few seconds he decided on a little bit of the truth.

"Umm… I don't know. I like to practice martial arts, and read. I guess most of the time I'm stuck studying. My mom doesn't really let me have that much free time."

"Wow, you do martial arts? You and Videl here will get along great. Fighting is practically all she does. Hey, guess who her dad is. I bet even you'll know him. He's the world champ! Mr. Satan! Right, Videl?"

While looking the other way, Videl rolled her eyes. "What did you say?" she asked, pretending that she hadn't been listening to the whole conversation.

Erasa answered, "Well Gohan here was telling me that he liked to practice martial arts and-" at this point Sharpener interrupted her.

"Ha… like that nerd practices martial arts. He looks too wimpy to be any good."

"What do you know Sharpener? I bet he could kick your ass. Not that that's worth anything." Videl snapped at the blonde jock sharply. She said this, and then thought to herself 'Why did I just do that? What do I care about this new kid?'

Gohan looked at her, also surprised that she would stick up for him. She noticed him look and took the opportunity to ask him, "So you really practice martial arts? Maybe we could spar sometime. I'd like to see how good you are."

At this, Gohan mumbled, "Sure." He had noticed that her power level was extraordinarily high for a human. He only knew a few people who could boast of a higher one who weren't androids or aliens. Even with that in mind, he didn't want to hurt her, so he hoped she would forget about that spar he had just promised her. "Great! We can go to the gym at C.C. after we all get settled in." Fat chance of that happening.

"Well speaking of C.C., we're here so I suggest that you all get up and get your bags." Erasa huffed, angry that they had cut her off and then proceeded to ignore her for the past few minutes.

"What was that about?" Gohan asked Videl.

"I don't really know. She just gets mad for no reason sometimes."


They both shrugged and walked off the bus and through the front gates together.

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