Chapter 6: No Time to Rest

As Gohan flew at top speed towards the ocean, a young boy with lavender hair was practically quivering with fear.

"Hey Trunks… what are you shaking for?" Goten asked curiously.

"Well… umm… my father taught me ki-sensing a little while ago." he answered, not looking up from the fluffy cloud they were sitting on.

"So?" The spiky haired child didn't quite know how to sense ki yet, but he couldn't figure out why Trunks' dad had taught him to do it if it was scary.

"Well… I'm pretty sure I just sensed Gohan power up, and unless I'm wrong, he should be here in…" The young boy stopped to ponder for a second. "Right now."

A chill went down both boys' spines as they turned slowly to find Gohan floating only 10 feet behind them, with an uncharacteristically creepy smirk lying on his face.

"AHHH! Nimbus! Fly awaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!" Goten screamed, and nimbus took off in the opposite direction, until a voice called out from behind them.

"Nimbus, Stop!"

The cloud pulled to an abrupt halt, and both demi-saiyans yelled as they flew off the cloud, towards the icy-blue water. Their descent was cut swiftly as a hand snatched each of them out of the air, dangling them by the backs of their shirts.

"Looks like you two have a lot of explaining to do." Gohan stated simply. He then started back towards the Son household.

When Gohan arrived home, he saw that Videl was already asleep on the living room floor; so after deciding that he could not come up with a fitting punishment, he took the two guilty parties to see the highest form of authority he knew of… his mother.

Upon seeing her eldest son carrying the two in like they were rag dolls, Chichi gasped in surprise. "Gohan! What are you doing?"

"Apparently mother, these two had a little something to do with our little plane crash this morning.

She studied their faces for a second. "Is that so?"

She turned to Goten. "Goten, did you and Trunks do anything that might have caused that crash?" She eyed him with a stern expression on her face.

Trunks groaned inwardly. 'Of course she asks him… I don't even know if he's capable of lying.'

Goten gulped, but didn't say anything for a while.

Chichi took this as proof of what they had done. She put her hands on her hips and glared at her son. "Okay Goten, I want to know what happened, right now."

Goten took one look at his mother's face and knew immediately that she wasn't kidding around. He closed his eyes and thought back to earlier in the day. He and Trunks had been playing in the forest when they heard Gohan and Videl talking in that yellow plane. He opened his eyes. "Well…"

Trunks stopped behind a bush and turned around, beckoning for Goten to come to him.

"Hey Trunks, what are you looking at?"

"Shhhhhh… look, it's Gohan. We should follow him and see what he's up to." They both quieted down as they heard voices coming from the clearing.

"…go swimming…"

"That's a great idea!"

"Hold on, I'll go get my suit."

Gohan hopped out of the vehicle and Trunks saw his chance. "Goten! Let's go!" he whispered fervently, before dashing out into the clearing, and diving into the back. Goten quickly followed, but he wasn't quite as stealthy as Trunks.

Gohan stopped when he felt something whiz by him. He looked around with a bewildered expression on his face.

"Gohan, what's wrong?" Videl called out from the copter.

"Umm… nothing I guess." The two boys watched as Gohan walked inside the house.

Trunks sighed. "Wow… that was close. You're lucky he didn't catch you."

"Yeah… so what do we do now?" Goten asked, looking at his partner in "crime".

"I don't know… we just wait until they get where they're going. It can't take THAT long."

3 hours later…

"Ahhhhh… Trunks! I'm bored!" Goten whined.

"Shut up… he'll hear you. Besides, it looks like we're landing." Trunks answered, peeking out the window. When he saw Videl follow Gohan into the house, he hopped out and looked at the plane.

"Truuuunks! I don't want to sit in there for three hours AGAIN on the way back…" Goten whined.

"Hmmm… maybe we can make this heap of junk go faster." Trunks said aloud as he walked in circles around the plane, pretending to think hard. "I'm sure I could fix it up. My mom is the best scientist in the world, after all…" With this, he popped open the hatch of the plane and began to "work".

10 minutes later…

"Trunks, are you sure all those parts are supposed to be outside the plane?" Goten asked, doubtfully.

"Shut up Goten! I know what I'm doing…" he drifted off, not sounding too confident in his own abilities.

"Okay…" Goten said, turning around just in time to see Gohan backing into the window. "Trunks! Gohan is coming!"

Trunks started sweating madly. "Go stall him! Do anything you can to keep him from seeing me without letting him see you. I'll hide the stuff." Goten nodded and ran off to go "distract" Gohan. Meanwhile, Trunks took the remaining parts and moved them off to the side of the house. "They probably won't come over here…" he said to no one, as if to reassure himself.

As he said this, Goten came around the house. "Hey Trunks! I did it!"

"Did what?" Trunks asked.

"Well… I distracted him. I threw a rock at his head, and he fell down!" Goten said excitedly.

"WHAT!?!?!? Are you stupid? Now he'll know someone's here for sure." Trunks replied, shaking his head.

"I don't think so. His eyes went all blank after I hit him… I don't think he'll be getting up for a while." Goten chirped cheerfully.

"Oh… well that was way too close. We should just go and hide in the back of the plane again. Maybe it'll go faster this time since I pulled out the brakes. If not I guess we'll have to wait. I don't want to get caught."

"Okay. Let's go."

They then made their way to the plane, and waited for a while until Gohan and Videl came out again.

"Finally… I thought they were going to stay there forever."

"Shut up you idiot! They'll hear us."


The two got into the plane and took off after saying goodbye to 18. Everything seemed to be going fine- that is, until…

"How can you even tell where this dragon ball thing is anyway? You said something about radar before… why would any one bother building a tracking device for some old- ahhh!!!"

"Trunks! Something is happening!" Goten whispered fervently.

"I know that you moron. I think the plane is falling… I don't want to be around when it crashes. Let's go!" Trunks answered.

With this, he blew a hole in the back of the plane and hopped out. He landed in the water a few hundred feet off to the side and felt Goten's energy off to his right somewhere. He took his time swimming over to where he felt Goten, which took considerably longer because Goten had gone off in the opposite direction while looking for him. Once he caught up to him, he called out-

"Hey Goten! Call your stupid cloud thing. Let's get out of here."

"… and that's what happened." he finished in an uncharacteristically gloomy voice.

Chichi looked back and forth at the two children for a moment before speaking. "I think it's time for you two to go to bed. I'll deal with you in the morning."

The two half-saiyans quickly sped off to Goten's room, and Gohan and Chichi were left in the kitchen alone.

Turning to her oldest son, Chichi said, "Off with you too. If today was any indication, you'll need plenty of rest for tomorrow."

A little while later, as Gohan lay in his makeshift bed; his eyes fell on the girl who happened to be sleeping only a few feet away from him. Trunks and Goten had taken his room, so Videl was left out in the living room with him. 'I swear mom sets these things up on purpose.' he thought, as he chuckled to himself. Before long, his eyes began to droop, and her face slowly faded away and was replaced with an image not nearly as pleasant.

Thunder boomed from above, breaking the silence that had befallen the immediate area. As Gohan looked around, he noticed that everything around him was completely still; and there was no wind to speak of, despite the frequent flashes of lightning and occasional rumbles from the ominously darkening sky. Suddenly, he saw Piccolo land in the clearing ahead. He watched as the green warrior scoured the wreckage of what was once a densely populated city.

"Goten! Trunks? Can you hear me?" he called out, only to hear his own voice echo back at him mockingly.

Gohan just stared at him in confusion. "Piccolo, what's going on?"

As Gohan should have expected, Piccolo did not even seem to have heard him. "Of course… Trunks and Vegeta couldn't hear me either."

He went to follow his mentor, when he sensed something behind him. He jumped aside just in time as a glowing red ball of ki shot right past him. His head turned with it, and he realized the intended target had not been him.

"Piccolo! Watch out!" he cried helplessly, knowing that no one could hear him.

Gohan watched in horror as the blast flew straight at Piccolo's signature white cape, but instead of a cry of pain, he was shocked to see a figure with an oddly familiar hairstyle appear and knock the ball into the air.


Piccolo twisted his head around, looking for his attacker. "Thanks for the save, Goku. Did you see where he went?"

"No, it's like he has no ki signature. I can't follow his movements at all." Goku replied, closing his eyes. "But wait… I can feel Trunks. He's over that way."

With out a second thought, the two z-fighters took off in the direction Goku had indicated. Gohan quickly followed after them, keeping right on Goku's tail when suddenly they stopped.

He barely heard Goku's stifled cry of disbelief.

The only thing he could comprehend was the horrible scene unfolding in front of him.

An extremely battered Trunks had been trying to carry Goten on his back; but even as they arrived in the clearing, he dropped out of super saiyan and his knees gave out, causing both of them to fall to the ground.

With out hesitation, Goku flew down and checked his pulse, which was non-existent. Gohan hadn't even bothered. Aside from the fact that no one could hear or feel anything he did, he had already known from the second he saw Trunks fall that both of the demi-saiyans were dead. Their cold white eyes were evidence enough of that.

He fought back the tears for a moment, but it was too much for him to take. Within seconds, the tears were flowing freely down the side of his face, and someone was shaking him lightly and calling his name.

"Gohan. Gohan! Wake up, it's only a dream."

Slowly, his eyes opened, and he found himself staring at the plain white ceiling of his living room. Videl was sitting on a chair next to him, with a concerned look on her face.

"Are you okay? This is the second time I've found you having one of these crazy dreams."

He sat up and looked around. It seemed to be around mid-morning.

"I'm fine. Let's go get some breakfast."

The pair of teenagers stepped into the kitchen and began to dig into the huge stack of food Chichi had left on the table. After sitting there eating for a few minutes quietly, the slightly awkward silence was broken by the mad rush of Goten and Trunks as they raced each other to the pile of pancakes.

Gohan just watched them laughing and stuffing food in their mouths, unable to feel the same carefree happiness that they obviously did. All he could feel was the horrible empty feeling that had overtaken his lungs upon seeing his brother's cold, lifeless eyes. While he stared blankly at them, Chichi walked in and interrupted the feeding frenzy.

"So there you two are. I've been looking all over for you. I've made a decision about your punishment."

The two froze in the middle of inhaling some waffles.

"I think that it is only fair that Gohan gets to decide what your punishment should be. After all, you ruined his date with Videl."

Videl ignored the use of the word date, and asked Chichi, "Punishment for what?"

Chichi chose the words carefully in her head. "It seems that the boys thought it would be fun to tamper with your plane yesterday."

"I… see…" she said slowly, looking from one guilty face to the next. "So Gohan, what do you think we should do to these two?"

Both Goten and Trunks looked at him apprehensively, but there was no need. He didn't have it in him to punish them at all after what he had seen. "We don't need to do anything. I think they've learned their lesson."

Both mini-demons brightened up at this, but Chichi put a hand up to silence them. "Are you feeling okay, Gohan? You seemed a little too angry at them yesterday to just let them get off with nothing."

"Well, no one was hurt, and that's the important thing. They won't do it again." He stated this last part as if there was no question of whether or not he was wrong. They both nodded fervently in agreement and Chichi sighed.

"Well, I guess you two got lucky this time. I better not catch you doing anything like this ever again though." She said this only because she felt she needed to say it out loud, because she was very well aware that neither of them was even listening to her anymore.

Gohan was still a little shaken, and surprisingly, not quite up to eating. He calmly waited for Videl to finish, and indicated that they should head outside. Leaving the boys to devour the rest of the food, he stepped outside into the dazzling sunshine.

Videl followed him as he led her into the woods. They just walked quietly for a while, enjoying the slight breeze accompanied by the whispering of the trees as they headed towards some destination unknown to her. Eventually, Videl got curious and tapped Gohan on the shoulder.

"So where are you taking me?"

He smiled brightly and responded, "Well, we never did get to go swimming. I thought maybe today we could try somewhere a bit closer."

"That's a great idea, but I don't have my suit with me now."

His smile faltered for a second. "Oh yeah, I forgot. I guess we can always-" He was interrupted as a loud sports car passed over them, heading in the direction of his house.

"What the hell was that?" Videl asked, while staring off in the direction it had gone.

Gohan had an idea, but he just grabbed her arm and pulled her off towards his house. "I don't know. Let's go see."

They ran back to the house to see Lime talking to Chichi. Chichi noticed them come out of the woods and they heard her call out, "Oh, here they are now."

Lime turned around and waved. "Hey guys!"

Both of them waved back, although Videl did somewhat reluctantly.

After exchanging greetings, they all went back into the house and Lime sat down on the couch.

"So Lime, why are you back so early? I was going to pick you up tomorrow." Gohan inquired as he took his seat on the arm of the couch.

"Well, it seems that Erasa might have divulged some information about Videl's whereabouts to Mr. Satan. He found my number through the school directory and told me that he wants her back home for the parade. I guess she was smart enough not to tell him you were at Gohan's house." she finished, turning to Videl.

"Thank god for that… I guess I'd better go pack." She stood up with a sigh and turned to Gohan.

"Thanks for a great time." she told him as she leaned in to hug him. When she was close enough, she whispered into his ear, "but don't forget that you still owe me some lessons."

"Well if I do, I know you won't." he replied softly with a grin on his face.

She just shrugged and went to gather her things.

When Videl came back, she was surprised to see her two friends standing there with all of their luggage too.

"What are you guys doing?"

"We're coming back with you. Obviously." Lime answered, as she walked out the door.

Videl looked at Gohan curiously. "But you guys don't have to come back… there is still half a week of vacation left."

Gohan chuckled as he slung his arm over her shoulder and guided her towards the door. "We wouldn't want you to get bored on that long flight home! Besides… there's no way I'd miss seeing you ride in a parade. Possibly in a flowery dress?"

She hit him lightly on the shoulder. "In your dreams."

Okay… so basically I've had this for months. I never posted it because I intended to do some stuff with this chapter… but I kind of forgot what since I haven't written in so long. Hopefully I'll remember soon, but either way I should be posting a new chapter sometime within the next week. I'm kind of drifting away from my original intent with this story too, since I didn't like it that much to begin with.