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Warning: This fiction is about a male x male pairing, so if you do not like that I suggest you leave. This fiction pairs Harry/Snape. It takes place directly after book 6, and does not include anything from book 7.


Harry stared up at the sun in hatred that it still shone, despite the fact that Dumbledore is now dead. How can the rest of the world be so cheerful when everything is rapidly unraveling? Lord Voldemort has gained power, and has his allies. By now the Muggles should be noticing that things are unwell. Right now the only thing Harry can think of is revenge. Revenge against the man that had caused so much trouble in his life. Snape was the one that overheard the prophecy. Snape was the one that told Voldemort everything. Snape killed Dumbledore! How could Dumbledore trust him? He knew he was a Death-Eater.

The ride home was far from cheerful. All of the students sat in perfect silence, except for the occasional sob. Ginny, Ron, and Hermione all sat in the same compartment with Harry. He knew he would have to leave them. No one is safe, especially in the presence of The-Boy-Who-Is-Still-Living. I hate this. How can everything go so wrong? Why does everyone I get close to die a tragic death? After what seemed like an eternity, the train screeched to a halt. Everyone made their way to a group of very worried parents. And that was when Harry found out he was alone in the world. True, he had friends. Though, he knew they would never fully comprehend who he was. All he knew was that he needed to find those horcruxes.

He was not surprised that the Dursleys were in a sour mood once he got off the train. Uncle Vernon grunted and jerked his head toward the car. Indicating that Harry should come along before people noticed that he was with them. Vernon looked more irritated than usual as they pulled up in the driveway. Harry slowly got out of the car and dragged his trunk to the cupboard under the stairs to be locked away one more time.

He stormed up to his room after Vernon locked the cupboard. Grateful that he remembered to hide his wand in his sock underneath his jeans. As soon as he found himself in his room with the door firmly shut behind him, he fell back onto his bed, and there he let all his pent up emotions run free. Harry knew he would find no consolation from the Dursleys. He also knew that they only put up with him because they had to. Harry came down for the occasional meal. That was all they saw of him. Bidding his time, Harry pondered on where the last horcruxes were. Maybe just this once, something can turn out right in his life. True, he can't bring Dumbledore back. But he somehow thought Dumbledore would be better off if he killed Voldemort. As far as Snape goes, Harry figured he would deal with him in due time.

Once Harry turned of age he tiptoed downstairs in the dark of the night. He pulled out his wand and quietly whispered "alohomora" at the lock on the cupboard door. Grabbing his belongings he set out for his new piece of property. Wondering what his friends would think once they learned that he had abandoned them. They know it has to be this way don't they? Or else they would have never left me alone once I stepped off that train. This is my destiny. Or maybe a better way of putting that, it's my curse.

Harry trudged along dragging his heavy trunk behind him. Wishing that he had gotten more sleep before he set out. He was dead tired and couldn't think straight. He wasn't sure where his legs were carrying him. Or why he wasn't even worried about that. He just wanted to get as far away from the Dursleys as possible.

Somehow it never really dawned on him that he would be living at Grimmauld Place. The very thought brought back memories of Sirius. As he paused for a breath, exhaustion took over and he collapsed on the sidewalk. Sprawled across the ground, thoughts of Sirius swirled through his head. Causing him to drift into an unwilling slumber.


Sirius fell behind that veil because of me! Maybe the prophecy is wrong. Maybe I'm the evil doer. I've brought this to be. The atmosphere seemed to be abnormally dark. Harry thought twice about using his wand for light. He knew how foolish it would be. An enemy could spot him a block away if he used light on a night like this. Still it bothered him. There were no lights on anywhere. Only the moon and the stars lit the way.

It looked like a ghost town. Only the cars were parked instead of gone. Harry felt an air of uneasiness tighten around him. Unaware of how far he had walked to, he stumbled in front of Sirius' old house. Harry had no idea how he covered so much ground. It was probably the subtle quiet and eeriness that drove him on. He could feel the hair on his neck raise. It came with that uneasy feeling. The feeling that someone is watching you. Unable to sustain Harry yelled "LUMOS." Only he was facing the wrong direction. He could feel the tip of a wand jam into the back of his neck. "Not a smart move, Potter." Harry's heart jumped. How could this be happening? The person he least wanted to see had the better of him.

Snape pushed Harry into the house in case there were still those brave enough to venture. Harry was stunned to find that he wasn't even holding his wand anymore. He couldn't think straight. Overall he was just mad at the world and it's cruel intentions. Coming back…"YOU! You're a traitor! Dumbledore never should have trusted you! Tell me. Did you enjoy killing him? Did you get your precious bosses' approval?" Snape pushed Harry to the ground. "In case you haven't noticed, you're in no position to insist upon your arrogant little questions!" Harry didn't care if he died at that point. He wanted to speak his mind. "I hate you! You killed him! YOU KILLED HIM! How do you expect me to respect you for that? Go ahead, kill me for all I care! It doesn't matter anymore! We are all going to die anyway!"

Snape held his usual expression, but he couldn't hide the slightest layer of gloss over his eyes. It almost showed that he had a trace of dignity left in him. "Yes, I killed him. But maybe you are too arrogant to understand why. Have you paid any attention this year? Or do you rely on Granger to tell you everything? He was already dying!" Harry sat in confusion. He couldn't do anything else. He waited. Waited for some kind of justification. Some shred of knowledge that would fix everything. The little voice in your head that tells you everything is going to be alright. Snape simply said, "I had to." Harry felt like he had frozen solid and broken into a million pieces. This was supposed to make everything right? It's not real. It's an ever going nightmare. None of this happened….But the voice in his head told him otherwise.

Nothing seems right anymore. The world has changed drastically. What Harry didn't know was how much. Harry woke up in the middle of the sidewalk, tired and sore. It was all a dream. He should have known he couldn't cover that much ground in such a short time.


At least I finally got away from the Dursleys, Harry thought gloomily. As he set off once again, he remembered the old house elf that used to reside in the Black house. It had died sometime about a month ago. He was notified of course, and the house elf was taken away to be buried. Harry was kind of happy about it. It was a bad thing to be happy about, but he knew he was. He didn't have that to worry about it anymore.

Perhaps he would have been more alert if he could remember his dream. Despite the fact it was rapidly approaching daylight, Harry went on. The fate of the world is in my hands. Just one more gig in this hero business, and I'm free to go. It will all be over soon. I will get my chance to rest in peace. It took Harry a long time to find the way. He stopped occasionally to use a location spell. Similar to the Marauder's Map. Harry took out a piece of paper and used the spell "locus visoge." It was a spell he read in a book one time. It was a very simple design showing the streets as a maze. It had short little lines showing which way to go, and a blue dot that showed his current location. It reminded Harry of a video game Dudley once had.