The Finality of Things

After what seemed like an eternity, Harry recovered from the battle. Sometime later he decided that he would invite Snape to live with him once he had a house. A new house. The old house was just too depressing to stay at anymore.

Harry sighed as he packed his last belonging up in a box. He found the perfect place. Somehow he convinced Snape to at least come along and look at it with him. He delicately closed the lid of the cardboard box, hiding the newspaper clippings inside.

One of them was about Snape's innocence. The other was about both of them. It was like a broadcast to the world that they were a couple. Sure they never said that themselves, but it could be assumed. Snape was still furious about the article though. Harry couldn't really blame him. It did make it look like Snape seduced the young Harry Potter. True their relationship was practically taboo, but none of that really mattered anymore.

Harry watched out the window as Snape stealthily approached the door. He never really did look happy about anything. Harry supposed it was from hiding his feelings for most of his life.

Harry thought it was a shame that Hermione still didn't approve. He wasn't angry about it though. He knew the whole situation was wrong. But part of him loved being the rebel. And a larger part knew that he had to follow his heart.

Ron was okay with it. That is if there was no mention of any of it, and they all pretend it didn't happen. Sure he hated Harry for a few weeks, but that wore off. Harry was after all, Ron's first and best friend from Hogwarts.

One thing that annoyed Harry was all the blank stares he received in public. Half of it in awe that he beat Voldemort. The other...disbelief that he would pair up with someone much older than himself. Someone that happened to be a guy. It was alright though. In a few weeks everyone will be discussing the next big piece of gossip.

Harry went to open the door to find an impatient man on the other end. "I see you weren't too busy then?" Snape stood there with his usual solemn gesture. "I can spare a few hours." This caused Harry's mouth to spring into a grin. "See, you really do care about me." Which received a famous don't-push-your-luck stare. Which Harry took as, okay-we-should-go-now-before-you-change-your-mind.

It didn't take long to arrive at their destination. Which could be because they took a cab. It wasn't even twenty minutes away from his old place. What Harry loved about it was that there wasn't many houses around that particular area.

"So here we are, in the middle of nowhere." Harry smiled, "Yea, isn't it great?" "I could live with it." Harry beamed at those words. "So are you considering moving in?" "Let's look at the house first."

Upon further inspection, Snape announced that the place was acceptable. He seemed to regret the whole moving process though. Especially when it came to Harry. Harry was determined to keep that old couch from number twelve for some reason. Harry kept persistently arguing, "But it is where we really became involved..."

The world somehow seemed brighter now. Nothing could go wrong. Everything was a new experience. It seemed that after all the time Harry spent with Snape, he only knew a fraction of the person. The same was true about Snape knowing Harry. For instance, it took Harry forever to convince Snape that he really knew how to cook. While training for the war, Harry didn't bother with it. The whole thing was new to Snape.

About a year later, Harry put a book into its place in the little house. It still felt odd to see his name written in so many books. You would think he would be used to it by now, but each time his name seemed to stand out with more meaning than ever. He was after all the Harry Potter. A legend really.

And the more recent appearance in the books was none other than his beloved Severus Snape. Yes he beat the odds, and helped save the world. Death-Eater turned spy. Really it sounded like something that should be written into an action movie or something.

Harry placed the last book on his newly built bookshelf. He had to beg for weeks for Severus to help him. It was quite an interesting project. One of the many to come. Harry smiled as he examined his work. Their work. "So this is what they mean by the simple things?" Harry had always heard that the simple things in life could sometimes give the most pleasure. A sense of accomplishment. Snape approached Harry from behind so he could wrap his arms around the boys front. "Indeed." They both stood back to admire their handiwork.