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A Different Life, A New Family

Chapter Ten - The Red Train And The Sorting


King's Cross Station, 10:50 a.m.

"Come on, everyone! The platform is over here!" Remus yelled to the others behind him as he rushed towards the space between Platform Nine and Platform Ten.

"Damn that taxi service!" Ichigo grumbled angrily as he ran.

"Don't be too upset, Kurosaki-kun." Orihime smiled brightly. "At least we won't miss our train!"

"We won't get there if this crowd keeps getting in our way!" He yelled.

"Calm down, onii-san. Look. We're almost there." Haru pointed to where Remus stopped.

Everyone gathered around Remus and the brick pillar he stood next to. "Quickly everyone, through here." Remus indicated to the brick wall.


Remus smiled. "Don't forget. We're going to a wizarding school." And he put his hand through the brick wall. "Its just an illusion to keep the muggles from finding the entrance. Come on." He said as he passed through the wall. The other's hesitated but soon quickly followed the werewolf.

When they got through the barrier they soon saw a beautiful red train and a huge crowd of parents, guardians and students saying their goodbyes as well as a few aurors scattered around the platform, on guard. "Wow. There's even more people here!" Orihime said as she stared, wide eyed at the mass of people in front of them.

"Hurry, everyone. This way!" Everyone turned to see Remus's hand waving through the mass of people and they quickly followed, not wanting to loose their only guide. The group made their way through the mass of hugging parents and students until they finally got into the train. "I hope we can find some empty compartments." Remus said when they got inside the train. "Let's check the back." He said and made his way to the back of the train. Luckily, the group was already close enough to the back that it didn't take very long to find some empty compartments. Remus pulled out his wand and transfigured the compartments together then motioned for everyone to get inside.

The train soon left the station and everyone in the expanded compartment were already getting comfortable. Some of the still tired ones were already fast asleep while others were talking, or arguing in Ichigo and Renji's case, or they were playing some games.

It was getting close to noon when their compartment was intruded upon by some very unwanted guests.

"There you are, Harry!" The redheaded Potter girl said happily when spotting the younger Kurosaki playing go fish in the compartment with Hanatarou and Orihime. "We've been looking all over the train for you." Amelia (the younger Potter girl) made her way towards Haru, with one of her siblings close behind, when the compartment was, once again, rudely intruded. This time, it was a very tall, redheaded boy and a frizzy haired girl.

"We haven't found him yet." The girl said to the Potter quadruplets when she spotted them in the compartment, the redhead behind her just stared at the size of the compartment in surprise.

"That's alright." Joshua (the younger Potter boy) replied. "Harry's right here." He pointed at Haru who was ignoring the invaders and continuing his game.

"What the hell are you doing in here." Ichigo said angrily, finally spotting the Potters after getting out of Renji's headlock.

"We're here to get Harry so we can spend some time with him." Amelia glared at the substitute shinigami and turned to Haru who continued to play his card game. "Come on, Harry." Amelia reached to grab his arm but he quickly moved away.

"I'm busy now." He said, not looking at her as he put down a pair of cards. "Come back later."

Amelia frowned. "But, Harry, your my brother! You should be spending time with your real siblings!" She nearly yelled but she was loud enough to wake a certain someone who was taking a nap.

"BE QUIET YOU LITTLE BRAT!!!" The small, and very, very angry, pink haired shinigami yelled. Yachiru glared at the Potter girl whose screeching woke her up.

Amelia glared down at the little girl. "You shouldn't be saying things like that to your elders, little girl." She said as she waged a finger at Yachiru like a mother would at a naughty child.

Yachiru glared at the finger that was pointed in her face. "Your the one who should be respecting your elders, stupid brat." Yachiru growled and comped down on the girl's finger. Amelia screamed in pain as Yachiru bit down hard, almost tearing the girl's finger off. Said girl tried to get the pink, angry shinigami with little success. Even with the help of the red head boy, the frizzy haired girl and her other sibling, the little vice-captain didn't let go of her hold on the finger. After a while, Yachiru finally released the Potter girl's finger and booted the girl into the three unhelpful helpers. All four of them tumbled out of the compartment and the door was slammed shut behind them.

When that was done, Yachiru sighed since she no longer felt tired and decided to join Haru, Orihime, and Hanatarou's game of go fish.


Haru looked up at amazement when he saw his new school. "Wow! Its so big!"

Orihime clapped happily. "And its so pretty too!" She then noticed the carriages. "WAA!! Look at all the cute horsies!!!" She pointed to the thestrals then skipped happily towards them and petted the closest one. Everyone sweatdropped at her comment when they all caught a glimpse at the 'cute horsies' which didn't look very cute since they have sharp teeth and a skeletal looking body with leathery wings.

Once they managed to get Orihime into the carriage, the thestrals began pulling the carriage up the path to Hogwarts castle.


"Zimmer, Alanna!"


The last first-year was finally sorted and sat at her new house. Standing, Dumbledore smiled down at his students. "I believe that some of you have noticed a few empty seats here. But not to worry. You will still be having your Defense Against the Dark Arts classes also, there will be two new courses added to your schedules." There were many groans from this announcement and Dumbledore chuckled. "I am sure that you will enjoy them but first, we have a few new students from Japan who will be attending our school and will need to be sorted."

The doors to the Great Hall opened and the nine new students entered. Many of the girls were staring in awe at the new male students while most of the boys were staring at both Orihime, for obvious reasons, and Rukia.

Professor McGonagall unrolled a new and shorted piece of parchment and called out the first name. "Sixth year, Abarai, Renji!"

The smirking shinigami made his way towards the head table, winking a few times at the girls he passed who sighed and swooned. Sitting on the stool, McGonagall placed the sorting hat on his head, "A very cunning mind you have there, and you're very good at hiding your emotions most of the time. You should really fix that temper of ours. Well, I guess you should be in...: "Slytherin!"

All the girls in Slytherin clapped happily as the redhead made his way to the Slytherin table, girls from the other houses frowned, upset that one of the hot new male students was not in their house.

"Sixth year, Inoue, Orihime!"

Orihime skipped happily and sat on the stool, many of the boys drooled and stared at the cheery girl's chest area (perverts!).

"Ah! Such a loyal friend you are and what interesting tastes in food you have there. You'll be in..." "Hufflepuff!" The Sorting Hat shouted after a while. Orihime stood and quickly made her way to the Hufflepuff table, giving a cheery hello to the boy sitting next to her.

"Sixth year, Ishida, Uryuu!"

The young Quincy briskly made his way towards the head table, glancing distastefully at the Sorting Hat, and resisting the urge to take out his sewing kit, he sat on the stool.

"Don't even think about sewing me up, Mr. Ishida. I quite like the way I look now. Hmm, you're very smart and quick. You'd best be in..." "Ravenclaw!"

Ishida sat at his table, fingers still itching to 'fix-up' the battered looking Sorting Hat with some frills, sequences and maybe the Quincy cross.

"Sixth year, Kuchiki, Rukia!"

Rukia happily made her way to the stool. "Your a very courageous young one and will stand up to anyone in your way. Let's put you in..." "Gryffindor!"

"Sixth year, Kurosaki, Ichigo!"

The substitute shinigami walked quickly towards the head tabled, ignoring all the stared he was getting from some of the girls. He sat on the stool and glared at some of the students before his vision was covered from the Sorting Hat on his head.

"My, my, my… What an interesting mind we have here." The Sorting Hat tutted.

"What the fuck?!" Even thought they where told beforehand how they were going to be sorted by Remus, it was still surprising to talk to a talking hat.

"You should watch that language of yours." The Hat said sternly. "Hmm…Very interesting."

"Just sort me, you damn talking hat!" Ichigo said irritably.

The Hat chuckled, "That will be quite difficult considering you have a few different… hmm… personalities I guess you could call them that."


"I think he was talking about myself and that hollow part of yours, Ichigo." A familiar voice said from the back of Ichigo's mind.

"Zangetsu? How are you old man?" Ichigo asked. He hadn't heard much from hid Zampaktou since they were in Soul Society.

"I'm doing well but you better be sorted soon. You've been sitting for almost ten minutes."

"Well then. I better get onto my job." The Sorting Hat said. " Let's see. You'd do best in…"


"About time, damn Hat." Ichigo mumbled before yanking the Hat off his head, handing it to the transfiguration teacher and marching towards the Slytherin table to sit next to Renji.

"Sixth year, Potter, Harry!"

All the students and many of the teachers gasped when they hear Mcgonagall call out the Potter name. Many of the students whispered among themselves, all wondering why they have never heard of Harry Potter.

Haru frowned when he heard his old name being called out and made no move to sit on the stool to get sorted. He smiled and watched as his brother stormed towards the professor and snatched the parchment out of her hands. Ichigo then pulled out a thick black permanent marker and wrote angrily on the parchment before handing it back to the transfiguration teacher and stomping back to his seat.

Coughing uncertainly, McGonagall looked back down at the parchment and saw that Potter, Harry was scribbled over and beside it was, "Sixth year, Kurosaki, Haru!"

Haru smiled as he made his way towards the head table, ignoring all of the curious stares from the students and sat on the stool.

"Well, hello there, Mr. Potter." The Hat greeted.

Haru frowned mentally at the Hat. "It's Mr. Kurosaki, Sorting Hat-san, and you would do well to remember that."

"My apologies, Mr. Kurosaki. Now, to see where you belong…"

"I hope that the Headmaster isn't making you put me in Gryffindor." Haru said to the Hat with a hint of anger.

The Hat chuckled. "Don't worry about that, Mr. Kurosaki. The Headmaster asks me to do many things but then that would be breaking my promise with the famous four who made myself and Hogwarts."

Haru smiled mentally at the Hat. "Thank you."

"No problem. Now, to place you in…" "Slytherin!"

Haru smiled when he caught the shocked faces of the Potter seniors and children. Making his way to the Slythierin table he ignored the loud murmurings of the gossipy Hogwarts students and sat next to his big brother.

"Sixth year, Toushirou, Hitsugaya!" The young captain walked brisly towards the stool, blushing when all the girls squeeled at how so incredibly cute he is.

"Oh! You're quite intelligent for someone so young. You even deal with that lazy vice-captain of pretty well. I guess you should be in..." "Ravenclaw!"

"Sixth year, Yamada, Hanatarou!"

"Not very strong are you? But you're very loyal to your friends and a goold healer. You should fint in quite well in..." "Hufflepuff!"

"Sixth year, Sado, Yasutora!"

"You're incredibly strong for someone your age, you're also very loyal to your friends, especially to Mr.Kurosaki, and amazingly brave. You'll fit in quite well in..." "Gryffindor!"

Once Chad was seated beside Rukia, Dumbledore stood, "Before we begin dinner, I would also like to introduce our new teachers." He indicated to the four shinigami who began to enter the Great Hall through a side door and followed closely by the others. "Our new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor for this year will be Mr. Byakuya Kuchiki." Byakuya stepped forward an bowed. "We wil also be re-opening the duelling club, which will be overseen by Mr. Kenpachi Zaraki and his assisstant, Miss Yachiru Kusajika, and we will be having a new course called Spiritual Arts that will only be avaliable to fifth years and up an Mr. Urakara Kisuke will be teaching it." Zaraki just smirked at the students while Yachiru and Urahara waved happily. "Also, I am sure that you all haved noticed a few other additions with us. They will be guarding the school and they will also have the same privileges as a teacher so if they catch you in the halls after curfew they can take away house points or give you a detention. Please be kind to them and make them feel at home. Now," Food began to appear on the tables, "Let the feast begin."