Entry One Hundred Eight—

The next couple of entries don't concern me. They concern the adventures of GETYOURGAMEON BOY© against CAPTAIN DESTINY©…oh Jesus, WHAT? Angst? Whaddya mean angst? What is this, a soap opera?

Entry One Hundred Nine—

Ok, ok, sarcasm aside, here's the basic gist of what happened:

Aster Phoenix wasn't happy with his total pwnage over Zane so he challenged Jaden to a l337 duel between heroes and after revealing his ultra!lame destiny heroes and his omfgz0r!tragic past, he roxorz Jaden's boxorz and said boy in subject gets all emo on us 'cause Jaden is teh St00p1d. Alexis was also totally HAWT in her duel against love master Atticus, lololololol.

Pink was a manly color. And bathroom robes were the latest fashion.

Bro bro equals NO NO!

Entry One Hundred Ten—

So I'm writing in Leetness speakage. It's only because Jaden's problems are so conventional they bore me. It's not that I enjoy seeing Jaden in pain or anything, (Why, that poor boy in pain is like Alexis pole-dancing in a G-string!) it's just I'm annoyed at all the attention he's getting! Why does everybody's lives have to be so centered around that slacker?

Hoo-hoo. There he is. Moping. On a cliff. I'm going to try being nice for once and cheer him up.

Entry One Hundred Twelve—

Well. That didn't work out to plan. Gods, I'm an idiot! What was I thinking saying 'Get your game on'? I'm becoming soft! I'm becoming mushy! I'm becoming…



Insert girly scream here!

Entry One Hundred Thirteen—

"We were right after all! You're just sad because you care about Jaden!"


Wait. My creepy-villain-with-ugly-haircut dar tingles.

Entry One Hundred Fourteen—

Alright. Who called in Dracula? This guy's wacky appearance deserves the cuckoo-cuckoo spinny motion around my ear thing.

"I am known as Sartorius. I have traveled quite a ways to meet you."

Congratulations to you. Want a medal for that?

Entry One Hundred Fifteen—

"I have an idea. Let's duel."

I have an idea. Let's not.

Entry One Hundred Sixteen—

So why am I dueling you again?

"Because you wish to discover your true self and erase all the darkness that lurks within the depths of your soul."

Um, say what?

"You can be the pullout in the next Playgirl issue."

Hehe, now you're speaking my language. Come on, freakazoid…let's dance.


I heard that!

Entry One Hundred Seventeen—

"Armed Dragon LV10! Attack him directly with Static Orb Thrust!"

Aww yeah. Teh Chazz is teh win! I wanna roffle you for running a Viking-like raid towards me where you're not even looking at your cards. You suxxor.

"Do all youngsters talk in an irritating net speak?"

Oops, I forgot to write that on my forehead this morning. Oh well, better luck next time.

Entry One Hundred Eighteen—

Bad. Bad. Bad.

"Right side up or upside down? Chose wisely, Mr. Princeton."

Great. A game of luck. The hundred consecutive losses to Jagger in blackjack don't boost my confidence, needless to say.

Entry One Hundred Nineteen—

"Join me and stand by my side! Together you and I will walk into the light! You've come so close, you can't turn back now! Finish what you've begun! Don't you want to be strong? To conquer your greatest fears? To conquer Jaden? It's all within your grasp!"

Jesus, you're making it sound like my secret ambition in life is to be a male dominatrix. I don't want to 'conquer' Jaden, thanks for the suggestive thoughts. I just want to tear out his spinal cord and strangle him with it after pouring poison over his skin so he'll rip out his bare flesh with his own bloodied hands.

"You are a violent boy, Mr. Princeton."

And you're a freakshow with half a dick for hair. We're even.

Entry One Twenty—

"Join me."


"Join me."


"Join me."


"…you're oddly resistant to this method."

Entry One Hundred Twenty-One—

"Your two sides of your soul are struggling for control. Each one of us has two faces: One that's dark…and one can see the light! Embrace the light within! Come on! You're close!"

I swear that my 'pointless drivel' buffer will overflow very shortly.

"You can defeat Jaden with my help!"

You've just offered to bomb the holy hell out of Jaden for me. Hmm. How about no? The Chazz does shit alone and believe you me, Mr. Tall, Mean, and Gruesome, once I bomb the holy hell out of you I never want to see your ugly face on academy grounds again! So stay away from me after this! Away! Finite! Estrangement! Divide! Separation! Long-distance! Splitsville—

"I heard Alexis likes guys in white."

—WHAT? How do you even know Alexis? You stalker!

"I'm no stalker, Mr. Princeton. Alexis is currently dating one of my clients. Do you know a duelist named Aster Phoenix?"


"I told you she likes guys in white."


"No, I'm just reading what the script says."


"Now will you join me?"


"You can pose naked to fangirls nationwide."


Entry One Hundred Twenty-Two—



Entry One Hundred Twenty-Three—

Now about that pullout...


So then the Chazz joins the Society of Light, and forgets everything including the fact he has a diary tucked in a tree hollow because Sartorius's brainwashing powers leave an unfilled plothole for squirrels to fall into. This would be the end to the diary series if one Cyberdark duelist didn't stumble upon it sometime after Duel Academy was transported to the desert. Deciding that Chazz Princeton: Ramblings of a Suicidal Emo-Goth didn't suit his fancy, he promptly erased the former title and racked his mind for a new, more fitting one. Below are the fruits of his title-naming efforts...

Zane Truesdale: Interesting as paste in the first season; interesting as paste spilled in black ink in the second season; interesting as—oh wait, he's dead.

Zane Truesdale: Ramblings of a Paste-monster

Zane Truesdale: Would be married to Alexis if she wasn't currently dead

Zane Truesdale: Would be married to Alexis if they both weren't currently dead

Zane Truesdale: Would be married to Alexis if they actually had any screen time together in the past 75 episodes

Zane Truesdale: dead from coke

Zane Truesdale: dead from cocaine

Zane Truesdale: Not actually dead. Has gone to the shadow realm. Rly.

Zane Truesdale: So not inbreeding with his own brother

Zane Truesdale: So not having non-consensual mansex with his manager named after the One Piece protagonist

Zane Truesdale: Suffers from a dark knight templar going through a redemption syndrome

Zane Truesdale: Welcome to hell. Population: Us.

Zane Truesdale: Would be named Hell Kaiser if 4kids didn't prohibit references to Russian tyranny

Zane Truesdale: Has Aster Phoenix as his legal proxy if 4kids censors his cardiac arrest

Zane Truesdale: Because he's a juggernaut, bitch!

...he has yet to come up with a title.