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Winter with the Weasleys

I was incredibly excited. I never let myself show exactly how excited I was about this, but on the inside, I was dancing. School so far, had been incredibly difficult – even for me. I figured that I needed a vacation – all of us did. Winter break had never seemed more appealing.

I had just finished stuffing the last of my books into my trunk when the door burst open and Ginny came into the room, dragging her trunk behind her.

"Come on, we're going to be late," she said hastily, abandoning her trunk at the door and grabbing mine.

"I know I know, I'm coming," I replied, taking my trunk from Ginny and levitating both of ours down the stairs.

Ginny gave me an exasperated look.

"I didn't think of that," she said, watching our trunks zoom down the stairs.

I smiled and replied, "That's what I'm here for."

We both put on our jackets as we reached the bottom of the stairs.


My trunk reached the bottom of the stairs with a resounding thud, and I ran to catch up with it. Roaring with laughter, Harry send his trunk flying down the stairs with a flick of his wand, and Neville gave a startled cry as he jumped out of the way. The two of us met at the bottom of the stairs, and I gave him a pointed look.

"I didn't think of that," I said, turning my trunk right side up.

"That's what I'm here for," Harry replied with a smirk, and then looked up at the girls' staircase, "And here they come."

I looked up to see Hermione and Ginny's trunks floating gracefully down the stairs, with their owners close behind. My heart gave a not-so-alien jump as I saw Hermione come into view, zipping her navy windbreaker up to her chin. She stuffed her hands in her pockets, walked over with Ginny, and greeted us with a business-like smile.

"All systems go?" she asked, and the rest of us nodded.

"Brilliant," I said, and the four of us all levitated our trunks down to the Headmistress' office.


Professor McGonagall greeted us with a curt nod.

"Yes come in, come in," she said, hurrying us into the room, "I see you're all ready to go."

We all nodded, and she gestured to the fireplace, which roared to life.

"Miss Granger, you first, please."

I nodded, pinched some powder from the bowl McGonagall offered me, and threw it into the fire. I stepped in with my trunk, welcoming the sensation of warmth that crept up my otherwise cold, bare legs, and opened my mouth.

"The Burrow!" I said in a loud, clear voice, and I was whisked away.

I stumbled out of the fireplace with my trunk, but managed to keep my balance. The plump, motherly figure of Mrs. Weasley greeted me with a comforting hug.

"Hermione, so good to see you dear," she said, pulling my trunk out of the way as Ginny appeared in the fireplace.

Ginny stepped gracefully out of the fireplace with her luggage and dusted off her robes. Mrs. Weasley turned to dote upon her only daughter. I heard another whooshing sound, and stepped out of the way in time for Harry to come sliding out of the fireplace. He was covered I ashes, and his glasses appeared to be broken.

He stood up stiffly and dusted himself off, mumbling something that sounded like, "I hate floo transport."

Mrs. Weasley turned to deplore how thin Harry had become and repaired his glasses with a wave of her wand.

"There's no meat on you, dear," she said, dusting off his robes in a motherly way, "Go into the kitchen and get some soup."

Harry nodded gratefully and as soon as Ron appeared, just as gracefully as Ginny had, from the fireplace, the five of us marched into the small kitchen. I was hit with the smell of hot chicken soup, and no later had I sat down then a bowl was being pushed in front of me, and I was being encouraged to eat second helpings.

I looked across the table at Ron, who had a long noodle dangling from his mouth. When he looked up and saw me, he jumped slightly in his chair and slurped it up quickly. I put a hand to my mouth and giggled. He smiled back, his ears turning a slight shade of red. I had a swooping sensation in my stomach, one that did not seem all too alien to me now. After having a second helping of soup, I excused myself from the table to settle myself in for the week.


I watched her leave to room out of the corner of my eye, and then I turned to Ginny. She gave me a look of knowing and I focused my attention back on my soup. One serving. Two servings. Three servings. I belched loudly. My mother shot me a glare, but all the same asked me if I would like some more. I groaned, declined, and stood up, slouching slightly due to the fullness of my stomach. Harry got up also, thanked my mum, and together we left the room. I had decided upon seeing Hermione leave that I would have her before the end of vacation, if possible. Not in a sexual way or anything, I just want to date her, and maybe kiss her…

Harry and I chatted nonchalantly as we unpacked; about Quidditch, Vol – You Know Who, homework. And finally… Hermione. I talked about her as if I found nothing special about her, but I knew Harry wasn't oblivious. I also knew that he was slightly uncomfortable with the whole thing, and I couldn't exactly blame him. Unfortunately, I felt that I also needed his blessing to date his best friend, seeing as he was – erm, polite enough to 'ask' if he could further snog my sister.

"You know, I erm, don't mind," Harry said, obviously trying to keep calmness in his voice.

"Huh?" I asked dumbly, standing up from my trunk with a pair of boxers in my hand.

"If you… I mean, I'm not saying that you do… but if you do fancy Hermione, don't let me stop you from dating her."

"Oh," I said, not quite knowing what to say, "Thanks… I think."

Just then, the door burst open and Hermione came in. her eyes fell upon the undergarments in my hand, and I hastily shoved them under my pillow.

"Would it kill you to knock?" I said angrily, and Hermione looked taken aback for a moment.

Then she put on her dignified face and replied, "Well, it's not like you're naked or anything!"

"I very well could have been!" I snapped.

"Well, then Harry wouldn't have been in here with you, would he?" she snapped.

I stood with my mouth slightly ajar for a moment before turning back to my work. Hermione stepped further into the room and shook the hair out of her face.

"Well, I came in here to ask if you lot would like to go ice skating with me later. The twins might stop by in a bit, and they said they'd be delighted." She said in a hard voice.

Harry perked up.

"Sounds good!" he said, but I just stood there.

"Ice skating?" I asked.

Hermione turned to me, and when our eyes made contact, I could have sworn that I felt something strange between us.

"You know, ice skating?" she repeated, but when she saw the look on my face she added, "I guess not. It's like roller skating, kind of. But I don't suppose you know what roller skating is, either?"

Hermione looked as if she weren't sure how to explain it. So, she transfigured a pair of my socks into what I presumed to be a pair of ice skates.

"Well, look here," Hermione said, coming closer to me with the 'ice skates'.

She pointed to the blade.

"You put these shoes on and you go out and kind of, well, slide on the ice with these."

When she saw my doubtful look she hastily added, "It's fun, I swear it."

"Alright, I'm in," I said, and Harry agreed.

An hour later, Harry, Hermione, the twins, Ginny, and I were trekking through the shallow snow with the skates slung over our necks. Before long, we reached the lake, which seemed to have gotten smaller since my last visit. Or maybe I had grown.

The sunlight reflected off the snow, but the air was cold.

Anyway, we tied on our shoes and I stepped out onto the ice for the first time. I fell almost instantly, and the twins, who were still on the sturdy ground, roared with laughter. Then, they stepped out onto the ice. George slipped, grabbed Fred, and both went tumbling to the cold ground. I laughed.

"Hypocrites," I said as Hermione skated gracefully over to help me up.

She grabbed my upper arm and helped me to my feet. I felt a swooping sensation again, and managed to hold back my desire to kiss her long enough for her to teach me how to skate. She was wearing a large green coat that looked awfully heavy, and I wondered how she could move. Harry and Ginny didn't seem to be having much problem with the whole skating thing; Harry was particularly good. I had a feeling that he just possessed a talent and grace for sports in general. Finally, after about twenty minutes, the whole lot of us were all able to skate all right, or at least stay up and move around.

Hermione conjured up six bent-looking sticks and a flattened ball, and proceeded to tell us about a game called 'Hocky.' After a brief explanation of how it was played, we tried it. None of us were much good, and the space that we were playing on was far too small.

"I know," George said, holding up his 'hocky' stick, "Let's go to the river!"

Ginny and Fred's faces lit up, but I could have sworn mine darkened. We weren't supposed to go to the river when it was frozen, especially with the intention of walking on it. However, my word meant little to nothing to the twins, and so we started off for the river, 'hocky' sticks and the puck in hand.


I could tell by the look on Ron's face that the river was not a place that was ventured to often, and that molly would probably have a protest if she'd heard about it. I opened my mouth to say something, but decided against it. It couldn't be that dangerous, after all.

Without bothering to remove our skates, we got off the ice and started walking to the river. We first stumbled though the woods a bit until the Burrow was no longer visible, and when we finally reached a clearing, it looked like a snowy opening of land. However, I knew from the sound of rushing water, that underneath the half inch of snow was ice; Ice probably as hard as the ice of the lake.

"Here we are!" Ginny announced, and rested her hands on her knees, for it had been a long hike to take in ice skates, and we were all winded.

"How do we know if it's safe?" Harry inquired.

Fred and George shared a look before hoisting up a surprised Ron by the armpits.

"Hey! Put me down!" Ron yelled in protest.

"Like this," Fred replied, and the twins flung Ron out onto the ice.

Ron landed on his front with a thud, slid for a few feet, but was otherwise okay. My expression was scandalized.

"He could have fallen through!" I exclaimed in shock.

"That was hat the test was for, Hermione," George explained, "if the ice was too thin, he would have fallen."

"But he didn't," Fred continued.

"So we can resume our game," George finished, and everyone stepped onto the ice.

Harry skated over to a grumpy looking Ron, who withdrew his wand and seemed to be deciding the best hex to use on his brothers. Harry whispered something to him, and Ron seemed to reconsider his thought and pocketed his wand.

We enjoyed our game of hockey on this vastly bigger surface area, and though I'm not much good at sports of any kind, I still had fun. After about an hour, patterns had been criss-crossed all over the snow-covered ice, and the twins, along with Ginny, seemed to want to retire.

"I'm going in; I cant feel my toes," Ginny stated.

"We're coming too," George said, "I can't feel my legs."

"Or my fingers," Fred added, skating to the river's edge and removing his shoes before putting on his boots.

"Blimey, how much did we fall?" George asked.

"Enough," Harry finished.

After the twins and Ginny had put on their proper shoes, Ginny turned to face Harry, Ron and I once more.

"You guys coming?" She asked.

I looked over at Harry and Ron, who were not looking as if they wanted to retire.

"Naw," Ron said, "We'll be back in a bit."

Ginny shrugged, waved goodbye, and left with the twins. When they had disappeared, I took a glance at Ron. His face was windswept and reddened. His maroon sweater and scarf clashed, as usual, with his hair, and his jeans were wet in the places where he had fallen. Harry also looked windswept, and his hair was untidier than usual. Both of them, however, were smiling and looking like they were having a good time. I myself was wearing an incredibly heavy jacket that my father had given me before I went to school in the fall. It was not an attractive jacket, but I was at least warm.

We passed around the puck for a while, and soon enough, we were firing it at each other mercilessly. Once, it almost hit Harry in the nose, and I had been hit in the shin badly enough to wonder if I was sporting a bruise. I was, however, happy that my jacket offered me such protection, as the puck hit me once in the stomach and bounced back off. The boys had stopped laughing, expecting me to double over, but I merely laughed.

"You can't beat me," I said in a voice unlike my own, and they charged at me again.

I didn't care that I was letting lose; I was having actual fun.

I was laughing and talking with the boys when Ron sent a particularly fast shot at me, and not knowing what else to do, I ducked. The puck flew over my head and way far off to the south, down the river a bit into an untouched spot of snow.

"I'll get it!" I said breathlessly, and began to skate over to where the puck was.

I had only reached the puck and was about to pick it up when I heard a strange sound. I paused, and then with horror, realized that what I heard was ice cracking. My heart jumped, and I whipped around to locate the source of the sound. I hear the loud, penetrating sound again, and looked down at my feet to see a line forming in the ice.

"No!" I said, and started to skate away when the ice completely gave way beneath me.

I thought vaguely of my heavy jacket, and that I wouldn't be able to swim with it, and then the currant pulled me under. The last thing I heard was Harry and Ron, screaming my name before I was pulled into the icy depths.

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