Angels Watching Over Us

By: Demongirldog

(Author note: Here is part two, Chapter 1 to Odd's Feelings. I don't own Code Lyoko or any of the Sailor Moon songs, but I do own the new student. Odd met a girl online after Sam left him. XANA has been sleeping for about three weeks after he tried to kill the gang. If you don't know what I am talking about. It is in Odd's Feelings.)

Chapter 1- The new girl

Mr. Delmas and the new student walked up to Mrs. Hertz's room. She had long, blonde hair that was in the middle of her back. She wore a Japanese's school uniform. She been at Kadic only for a few days. He knocked on the door, and Mrs. Hertz opened the door. She let him and the new student into the classroom.

"Sorry to bug you, but I would like you to meet a new student. This is Laura." Mr. Delmas said to Mrs. Hertz.

"Nice to meet you, Laura." Replied Mrs. Hertz.

"She is from Japan. Her old school said that she is a straight A student. I must go. Have fun, Laura." Mr.Delmas said as he left Mrs. Hertz and Laura.

"Come in." Mrs.Hertz said as she closed the door behind Laura.

"Thank you." Said Laura.

"Class, this is Laura."

"Hello, Laura." The class said together.

"Laura, why don't you tell us about yourself?" Asked Mrs.Hertz.

"I am fourteen. I like to work on computers, draw, sing, make my own music, and mix different kinds of music."

"Is there anything else, Laura?" Asked Mrs.Hertz.

"No, mam." Laura replied.

"Why don't you sit next to Odd? Odd, please stand up." Mrs. Hertz said as Odd stand up. Laura took her seat next to Odd. Odd sat down and started thinking about Yumi. He still loved her, but he was looking at Laura. He notice how beautiful she looked in the sun. He started to blush a little.

"I have seen her around. Maybe she is the one for me?" Odd thought.

Class went on until the bell rang for lunch. Everyone left for lunch. Odd, Ulrich, Jeremy, and Aelita went out to their favorite bench. They were talking about XANA, when Yumi walked up to the group. She saw Laura sitting under a tree.

"Who is the new girl?" Yumi asked.

"Her name is Laura. I guess she just transfer here." Odd replied. Then Sissy walked up with Herve and Nick. (A/n: This how they spell Herve name.)

"Can you believe it? She is staying at this school. She must get kicked out of her old school." Sissy said to Herve and Nick.

"Sissy, that is not very nice." Ulrich said.

"She doesn't belong here."

"You are rude. She belongs here just like a snob like you." Odd said. Sissy stuck up her nose and walked away with Herve and Nick following her.

"I am going over there to say hi. She needs a friend." Said Yumi as she started too walked over to Laura.

"Wait, Yumi. I will come with you." Ulrich said as he walked up to Yumi. The rest followed them.

"Hi, my name is Yumi, and this is Ulrich, Jeremy, Aelita, and Odd." Yumi said as she reached Laura.

"Hi, my name is Laura." Laura replied.

"Why don't you join us?" Asked Jeremy.

"Thank you."

"No problem." Odd said.

"So, how do you like it here?" Asked Aelita.

"It's ok." Laura replied.

"Why don't you tell us about yourself?" Asked Jeremy.

"Well, I was born in Japan. I lost my parents when I was only five. I stayed in a foster home until a couple months. Then I moved into a foster home. My new parents wanted the best school for me, so they send me here. I guess my foster dad went to this school."

"It sounds like you been through a lot. Do you miss your old school?" Asked Jeremy.


"Did you have a lot of friends?" Asked Ulrich.

"No. I was an outcast."

"Well, we will be your friends." Said Yumi. Laura looked up at her and smiled. (This is a first time she had smile since months.)

"Well, I hate to run off, but class will start in two minutes." Said Odd. He hold his hand out to Laura. She grabbed it, and Odd help her up off the ground. They felt a little shock go through them. (A/n: You know when you are falling in love.)

"What class do you have next?" Asked Aelita.

"Gym." Laura replied.

"Great." Odd said.

"It is swimming today." Ulrich said laughing a little.

"Swimming, well. I hate running around the track."

"Odd likes video games more." Yumi said to Laura. Laura smiled. First time she got to smile in a long time.

A couple days later. It is the beginning of a four day weekend. Laura walked up to the gang who was sitting on the bench.

"Hi, Laura." Odd said.

"Hi, guys." She replied.

"How do you like school today?" Asked Aelita who was doing her homework.

"It was ok." Laura said.

"That is what I liked to hear." Yumi replied.

"Oh no, trouble coming." Said Odd. Ulrich got ready to protect Yumi.

Then William showed up.

"Hi, Yumi."

"Hi, William." She replied.

"Who the new girl?"

"Her name is Laura. She just transferred here." Yumi said. William walked up to Laura who was now sitting next to Odd.

"Hi, my name is William."

"Hello, William. My name is Laura." Laura replied back.

"Where are you from?" He asked.

"I don't want to say where I am from."

"Oh, but would you like to hang out sometime?"


"Well I got to go, but I will see you around. Bye Laura." William said as he began to walk away.

"What was that all about? Is he finally giving up on Yumi?" Asked Ulrich.

"Well it looked like it." Yumi said.

"Well, what do you want to do Laura?" Asked Jeremy.

"See the town." Laura replied.

"Ok, we will show it you." Odd said as he got up. His hand brushed Laura's hand. He started to blush a little. Laura smiled at him. He help Laura up. The rest of the gang got up. Ulrich helped Yumi and Jeremy helped Aelita.

"Let's go." Odd said.

By 6:00, they gang returned to the school. They headed to the lunch room for supper.

"That was fun. Thanks." Laura said after she got her food.

"No problem. It was nice to get out once in a while." Aelita replied. They ate their supper. Then Sissy showed up.

"Hi, I am Sissy."

"Hi, Sissy. My name is Laura."

"You are new here. Let me show you around."

"Sorry, Sissy. We already did." Said Odd.

"I wasn't talking to you, loser."

"Well go back and hang out with Herve and Nick." Ulrich said.

"Laura, why do you hang out with these losers? Come and sit with the coolest girl in the school."

"You mean the iciest girl in the school." Odd said. Sissy put her noise in the air and left.

"Who was that?" Laura asked.

"That was Sissy. She is the principal's daughter. She thinks that everyone likes her. She has the biggest crush on Ulrich." Said Jeremy.

"But she doesn't like the fact now that Yumi is with Ulrich." Aelita said.

"Oh. I get it. Thanks. Hey come back to my room, and I will show you all something really cool I am working on." Laura said as she went to put her dirty dishes away.

By 6:45, the gang was done with dinner and was heading to Laura's room. Laura open the door. The gang looked shocked. Laura's room was big. (It was for Sissy, but she turned it down.) It has dark blue walls with a big window that had two beautiful softer dark blue. The bed was by the left wall. It was big.

"Wow. This room is wicked cool." Odd said as he went to sit on the bed.

"This is your room?" Asked Aelita.

"Yeah. It was for Sissy, but she turned it down. I got it now." Laura replied.

"This is so cool." Ulrich said standing by the window.


"So what do you want to show us?" Asked Yumi. Laura started up her laptop computer.

"This." Laura said as she open up her music folder on the computer. She plugged in the mic and got the right song ready.

"What are you doing?" Asked Odd.

"I am going to sing a song that I wrote. It is call Nothing At All. It took me a couple weeks to do, but I think it is done." She replied.

"Ok. Sing it." Said Yumi. She sat down on the bed next to Ulrich. Jeremy and Aelita sat on the floor. Laura started the music. She started to sing.

You've been there for me no matter what the cost

My best friend since we believed in Santa Claus

You always stood beside me

And I want to let you know


I'll be the one who hears your prayers

Don't have to ask me, I'll be there

I'll be a friend you'll never have to do without...No

When you have nothing at all

You'll still have nothing to worry about

Oh nothing at all

When I was lost inside, a forest of dismay

You always knew just how help me find my way

In a world that's so uncertain

I will promise this to you


I'll be the one who hears your prayers

Don't have to ask me, I'll be there

I'll be a friend you'll never have to do without...No

When you have nothing at all

You'll still have nothing to worry about

Oh, no when you have nothing at all

You'll still have nothing to worry about

Oh nothing at all, Oh

Laura stopped the music and looked at the gang.

"WOW!" Said Aelita.

"That was outstanding." Ulrich said.

"You did that?" Asked Odd.

"Yeah. I hope you all like it." Laura replied.

"Like it? We love it." Yumi said as she got up.

"Thanks." Laura said. Then they heard clapping from the doorway. Everyone turned to see the Principal, Jim, and half of the school standing out in the hallway.

"That was cool." One kid said.

"Where did you learned to sing like that?" Another one asked.

"Do you have anymore songs?" Asked Mr. Delmas.

"Yes, sir." Laura replied.

"Good. How would you like to sing at the dance next week?" (Back to school dance.)

"I would love too. Can my friends sing with me?"

"Sure. I can't wait until next Friday. Bring me a copy of the music, and I will get everything ready." Mr.Delmas said.


"Now everyone, back to your rooms. Yumi, Aelita, Jeremy, Odd, and Ulrich not you. Please help Laura." Mr.Delmas said as he left Laura's room. All the students left for their rooms. Only ones left were the gang.

"Well do you want to help me?" Asked Laura.

"Yeah. Let's start on the music tomorrow." Said Jeremy.

"Laura, get some rest, and we will meet you here after breakfast. Ok?" Asked Aelita.

"That will be perfect. See you all tomorrow." Laura said after everyone left. Odd stayed behind. (A/n: Laura was the online girl Odd was talking to.)

"Laura, can I ask you something?" Odd asked.


"I know that I only met you, but it feel like that I know for my whole life. When I look at you, I get weak."

"I feel the same way about you. When I first saw you, I know that you and I belonged together."

"Does it mean that you will go out with me?"

"Yes I would."

"Tomorrow, we tell the gang." Odd said as he walked up to Laura and gave her a big kiss on the cheek.

"I glad that is over."

"Well I let you get some sleep. I will meet out in the hallway for breakfast."


Over night XANA woke up. XANA mess up the super scan, so it couldn't pick up any activated towers. XANA possessed William.

Next day, the gang was down at breakfast.

"Where is Laura and Odd?" Asked Aelita.

"Yeah. It is not like Odd to miss breakfast." Ulrich said.

"Here they come." Jeremy said as Odd and Laura went to get their breakfast. Laura and Odd sat down by the group.

"Where were you two?" Asked Yumi.

"I was walking with Laura." Odd replied.

"What were you talking?" Aelita asked. Laura looked at Odd, and he looked back to her with should-I-tell-them-or-you look. Laura gave him the let's-tell-them-together look. Odd grabbed Laura's hand under the table.

"Well. We are waiting." Ulrich said.

"We are going out!" Laura and Odd said together.

"WHAT!" Jeremy, Yumi, Aelita, and Ulrich yelled. Laura and Odd started to laugh.

"Is that why you returned late last night?" Asked Ulrich.

"Yep. I was asking her out." Odd replied.

"But you only know each other for about a week and what about the girl online?" Yumi asked.

"You are looking at her." Laura said.

"You are the one he talks to online." Aelita said shocked.

"Yep. That is how I knew him when I first came. Odd and I have been talking about two weeks now online, and I told him that I was coming to Kadic."

"So you and Odd knew each other before you even got here?" Asked Jeremy.

"Yeah, but I didn't want to tell you all until I was certain that she was the one I was talking too." Odd replied. Then William showed up. He grabbed Laura's arm, and pulled her to him. He started to go outside with Laura in his arms. The gang got up and followed William outside. William shocked Laura, and she passed out. Odd, Ulrich, Aelita, Yumi, and Jeremy blocked William, so he shocked them. William started run to the factory. The gang got up.

" Looks like XANA woke up." Said Ulrich while helping Yumi up.

"Yeah, but why didn't the scan picked up anything? Wait! XANA messed up the super scan." Jeremy said as he helped Aelita up.

"But, why is he after Laura?" Asked Yumi.

"What if it a trap?" Aelita asked.

"Still, Laura is in trouble. XANA is going to pay for taking Laura." Odd said as he head for the park. The gang followed him.

Meanwhile, William put the knocked out Laura in the scanner. He went up to the supercomputer. With XANA's help, William sent Laura to Lyoko. The gang showed up to see William at the supercomputer.

"William, what did you do with Laura?" Asked Odd. William didn't answer. He got up and started to attack the gang.

"Odd, Yumi, and Aelita go to Lyoko. I will take care of William." Ulrich said as he lead William up to the bridge. Jeremy got to the computer and found Laura. He notice that the computer program as a member of Lyoko. He transferred Aelita, Odd, and Yumi.

"Guess what! It looks like we have a new guardian of Lyoko. The computer says that Laura is one of you now. She has a bow and arrows. Go find her." Jeremy said.

"So you mean she just like us?" Asked Aelita.

"I guess so. I don't think XANA did this." Jeremy replied.

"But how?" Yumi asked.

"I don't know, Yumi. I am sending you the overwing and the overboard. Please hurry. XANA's monsters are protecting her."

"WHAT!" Yumi, Odd, and Aelita said at the same time.

"XANA wants Laura for something."

Meanwhile, Laura woke up in Lyoko. She was in a hole in the polar sector. She looked at herself. She was dress in a dark blue kimono that stopped just above the knees. (Kinda like Yumi's.) Her hair was down. She had a bow hanging on her shoulder, and arrow pack on her back full of arrows.

"Hello, anyone there?" Laura asked.

"Laura, can you hear me?" Asked Jeremy.

"Jeremy, where are you? Where am I?"

"You are in a computer world call Lyoko."

"Ok. How did I get here?"

"You get scan. Then you transported there."

"How do I get out of here?"

"Only if you loose all your life points, or I bring you. I can't right now. XANA putted a bug in the program. "

"What do I do?"

"You help Aelita to the activated towers. Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi are her guardians."

"You mean they protect her until she gets to the tower."

"That is right. Odd, Yumi, and Aelita is on their way."

"Good. How do I get out of this hole?"

"Fight the monsters, but their are too many just for you."

"Just perfect."

"What wrong?"

"I knew this was going to happen."

"What are you talking about, Laura?"

"When I was younger. I had dreams about a place that was in a computer. I thought I was just having weird nightmares, but just a few years ago. Everything became real. I knew that I was going to Kadic."

"You mean you knew about this place before you got here?"

"That is right. I knew about meeting Odd. I know about XANA."

"How much do you know?"

"A lot. Are they coming?"

"They should be there in two seconds."

"I can't wait."

"Should I tell the others?"

"I will. I see them." Laura said. Odd went down to her.

"Need a taxi?" He asked. He held out his, and Laura grabbed it. Odd help her on the back overboard. Yumi and Aelita was having trouble with the crabs. There were only two left.

"Looks like Yumi need help." Laura said.

"Let's go." Said Odd with Laura on the back of the overboard. Laura grabbed her bow, and she got one of the arrow ready to shoot.

"Odd put me right on top of the crab." Laura said as she pulled the string of the bow back. When Odd was just a few feet above the crab, Laura shot her arrow.

"WOW! That was great shot, Laura." Said Jeremy.

"Thanks." Laura replied.

"How about us?" Asked Odd.

"You all are great. Hurry. Ulrich is having trouble." Jeremy said.

"Forget the crab, let's go to the tower." Laura said. They started to go to the tower.

"Can you see the tower?" Asked Jeremy.

"Yeah, we see it. There are three crabs." Aelita said.

"Let Odd and me take care of two of them. Yumi, take out the last one." Laura said as she got another arrow ready. Odd got just a few feet above the first crab, Laura shot her arrow.

"Bulls eye." Yelled Odd. He shot the other crab.

"Yumi, how are you doing?" Asked Laura.

"I need help." Yumi replied.

"Odd and I are coming. Where's Aelita?"

"Behind me." Odd and Laura made in time and killed the last crab.

"Aelita, the tower is ready for you." Jeremy said. Aelita enter the tower, went to the middle floor, and typed the code in.

" Return to the past now." Jeremy said. They returned to the back to the lunch room before William was taken over by XANA.

"What happen?" Asked Laura.

"We returned to the past." Aelita said.

"It is a program the lets us go in the past." Jeremy explained.

"Oh." Laura replied.

"Don't you have something that you want to tell the gang?" Jeremy asked.

"Well. I have something to tell you all." Said Laura.

"Tell us, what?' Odd asked.

"Well, I knew about Lyoko before I got there." Laura explained.

"How?" Yumi asked.

"Where I was younger, I use to have string dreams. I dream about Lyoko, XANA, and you all."

"But how?" Asked Ulrich.

"I don't know. Don't be mad at me." Said Laura while she started to cry.

"Why would we be mad at you? I think it is cool." Said Yumi.

"Really." Laura said. By now she had stopped crying. Odd had his arm around Laura.

"Yeah. Now we know more." Said Jeremy.

"We better start working on the music." Aelita said.

"I forgot about that." Laura explained.

"Let go to Laura's room." Odd said. Everyone laughed.

In Laura's room, the gang was working on the music. Jeremy was on the computer. He looked the files of music Laura had done.

"Which songs?" He asked.

"Well, I was thinking something like Rainy Day Man, Nothing at all, The Power of Love, and Oh starry night. Who is going sing with me?" Asked Laura.

"How about the girls, and we will get the music ready." Said Ulrich.

"I could sing too." Odd said.

"I heard you sing, Odd." Ulrich replied.

"Very funny." Odd said laughing. Aelita, Laura, and Yumi looked at each other. Odd went to Mr.Delmas office, and he gave Mr.Delmas the cd. When he returned he heard Laura singing. After she got done singing, he walked in.

"That is perfect, Laura." Odd said while walking in the room. Odd grabbed Laura's hand and gave her a big kiss on the lips.


It was the day of the dance. Everyone was getting ready for the dance. Odd, Jeremy, and Ulrich was setting the gym up. Laura, Aelita, and Yumi was getting dress. Aelita wore a pink, summer time dress. Yumi wore a black dress that ended just above the knee, and her hair was in a sloppy bun. Laura wore a long dark blue dress, and her hair was put in curls.

"Are you ready?" Asked Aelita.

"No." Yumi replied.

"Relax, you two. It is only a few songs. Plus you are singing back up." Laura said. Knock on the door made the girls jump. Aelita open the door to see Mr.Delmas standing there.

"Are you all ready?" He asked.

"Yeah. Lets go." Yumi said. The girls followed Mr.Delmas to the backside of the gym. He open the backdoor to the stage for the girls. He walked on to the stage. He grabbed the mic and talked into it.

"Now please give a warm welcome to Aelita, Yumi, and Laura. They are going to sing a few songs tonight." He said as the girls walked out on the stage. He handed Laura the mic.

"Jeremy, can you put the music on?" Laura asked. As the music started to play, Laura started to sing. The school watched Yumi, Aelita, and Laura sing. After the girls got done singing, they went backstage where they met the boys.

"That was outstanding." Ulrich said as wrapped his arm around Yumi's shoulder.

"You should sing more." Said Jeremy as he hugged Aelita. Odd grabbed Laura's hand lead her outside. He lead her to a clearing in the park. He turned to her.

"I am glad I met you. I was lost inside before you came. You were outstanding on the stage that I had it video taped. You are the only one for me." Odd said as he pulled out a box. He opened it, and inside it was heart shape locket. Laura was shocked.

"For me?" She asked.


"Oh, Odd. I don't know what to say. I love it."

"Does it mean you will be my girlfriend no matter what?"

"Yes I will." She said as she hugged him. She let him go. He put the chain of the locket around her neck. Then he kissed her. When they broke, he grabbed her hand, and together they looked at the stars. His whisper in her ear," I love you, now and forever."

Little did they know that someone was watching them?

"You might have her now, but she will be mine." The stranger said.

( Author Note: No flames please. This only chapter 1 of this set. Who is this stranger, and what does he want with Laura?)