TITLE: What Hodgins Saw
SPOILERS: "Two Bodies in the Lab" (or what I like to call... THE BEST FREAKIN' EPISODE EVER!)
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Expect lots of fic ideas to stem from this episode as it is the best one ever. Seriously. I'm still having a party inside my head about it. Here's one vignette, from Hodgins' POV. I didn't re-read this one, or proofread, so any mistakes are mine and I don't feel like taking the time to correct them. I'm off to write more fics now...

At first, all I can think of is the fact that I'm actually wearing a Kevlar vest -- me! In a Kevlar vest! It's beyond surreal. Then, as we wind our way through the warehouse and I watch all the officers and Booth (who is slightly crippled at the moment) check every corner in front of me, my mind starts to drift toward Doctor Brennan -- whether or not we'll find her alive. I hope to hell that we do, and not just because she's invaluable to the Jeffersonian, but because there's this odd, obviously feminine part of me that can see she's more invaluable to Booth.

Why else would he have forced his way out of a hospital bed when he can barely stand up? Why else would he have spent five minutes arguing with the nurse about why it was imperative that he check himself out early. Booth has a thing for Dr. Brennan. The jury's still out on where she stands, though. If I were to consult the resident expert on Brennan's love life -- Angela -- she would tell me that there's some definite emotional reciprocity.

We round another corner and suddenly there she is. Her hands are tied and hooked to some sort of... well, hook... and raised above her head. That FBI guy we'd worked with is there, pointing his gun at her, ready to shoot. Suddenly, Booth must find some sort of hidden strength in his crippled arm and takes one shot -- and the guy is knocked over. I can't believe what I see then. I almost wish Angela were here to bear witness...

He rushes over to her and tries to get her hands free, but with his crippled arm it's too hard for him. So what does he do instead? He slips his head between her bound wrists and lifts her up, and her hands are free... but still locked around his neck. And this is something I thought I would never see--she collapses against him and wraps her arms tight around him, hanging on to him for dear life. He does the same. It's unbelievable to watch.

Sure, I can be chauvinistic... insensitive... say what you will. But that doesn't mean I can't recognize displays of raw human emotion.

She clings to him tightly and he holds her, telling her that he's got her, that it's alright. I've never seen her behave this way, ever. Him either, but then again, I don't know him very well. But her? Showing dependence on somebody else? That's practically unheard of.

Booth pulls away and I can't hear what they're saying to each other now since the damn officer next to me is barking into his walkie talkie... but before long, they're grinning at each other with tear-filled eyes, and she's in his arms again. It hits me full-force.

Holy shit, they're in love.

I back into another room and quickly whip out my cell, speed-dialing Angela to update her on the situation. She's relieved that Dr. Brennan is okay and so is Zack, of course. I peek back inside the room and they're still holding each other. Man.

"And just so you know, the good doctor is currently wrapped very tightly around the Jeffersonian's resident G-man, so those matchmaking skills you're so proud of? Put them to work, pronto." Angela shrieks loudly in my ear and I cringe, hanging up the phone.

Well, at least I could assist in the matchmaking efforts before I went deaf.

And I'm still in Kevlar. That is so cool.