They all had a feeling that it was going to happen; it was more of a matter of when it was going to happen. The north had been ravaged by the super cells, and it was only a matter of time until the southern hemisphere would suffer the same feat. The one thing that differed between these to areas of the world was the preparedness. The northern countries were used to snow; the southern countries barely knew what it was. The storm was going to be much worse than ever predictable, not by intensity, as some thought.

"When do you think it's gonna happen?" many people were heard to ask.

The people in southern countries may have heard about the events that took place in the north, but they were so sure that it would never happen to them, so they were completely unprepared when it happened. People screaming everywhere, not knowing how to handle them. The homes had no fireplaces to keep warm with, so any help that arrived, did not do any good.

Sam wanted to know the same. He felt that if there was going to be another storm, he wanted to go, and help people before it came. He changed to be a more caring person who now understood that he was not all important.

Laura and Brian had heard him ask his dad if when he went to Brazil, if he could go with him, to warn them about the approaching storm. They wanted to go along as well. And to their surprise, they were able to go.

The only thing that was a problem was that fuel froze before warming of the pipes, helicopters were not usable. The only usable transportation was by car. And that would just barely do the job.

They had arrived too late to help most, if not all in the city they arrived in. There was only a single building that had any sort of heat at all, and the generator was starting to go. It wasn't nearly large enough. Thousands of people were huddled together, just trying to keep warm. Anyone found near the door, or even windows had frozen to death, even if they had warm layers, or others keeping them warm. They all barely had a chance.

They didn't. Suddenly, out of the blue, a sudden burst of sub-zero degree air, snow, wind, and hale struck, any one that it could get its fists around. Only those, like Sam, Laura, Brian, and Jack even had a chance to survive because of the arctic gear they were wearing. Everyone around them perished, they had no exit. They were trapped, with barely enough food. And no boat that would have a mess hall where they could find any. They had to manage to try to survive on frozen food until anyone could be sent for them without themselves falling victim to they storm. Like before, they had to avoid windows and doors. They even had to make a fire pit to not find the fate of the others. It seemed that they were at the last straw. They were forced to survive of off less than a candy bar a day. They were doomed.