Just being the three of them, they had no adult to help them when they are put into a situation that they had never faced before. And they had not seen the mountain lion since the encounter, and they were glad for that. They know another would go if it returned. They were in no condition to fight anything off. And now they weren't even trying to really navigate, just hope that they were going in the right direction. And they had.

"What's that over there?" Laura questioned.

"I think it's the EotUSoA." Sam replied.

They didn't want to get their hopes up like before. It could just be another mirage. They told Brian to throw a rock at it to see if it was sold. But he tried and missed completely. So this time Sam tried, and he hit something. They walked up to it and found that it was what they had been searching for, for more than 3 weeks.

They walked in, and everyone just stared at them, in amazement that they were alive. Some little kid poked Laura, to see if she was real, or if they were all going crazy. They saw Lucy come out of the crowd. She was ecstatic to see they had survived yet another storm. She just couldn't let go of Sam, and everyone could tell he just wanted to sleep more than anything. But then a sudden look of distraught came over her face.

"Where is your father?" She asked, mostly directed to Sam.

But it was Laura who replied. "A mountain lion attacked him. He was immediately killed and all of the flesh a muscle was ripped off and served as that animal's first meal in maybe months."

Everyone was completely silent when they heard this news. Then some one in the crowd broke out in tears. They weren't sure who it was. Still, most where to stunned to do anything, at all.

Eventually everyone went back to business but it was easy to tell they were still in complete shock. Sam showed his mother the cut in his leg, and had doctors come to him, so he could rest. They discovered that the infection that he had had was usually one that leaves people paralyzed without immediate attention. But some how, he didn't need it. All three of them received medical attention. Brian, who had a concussion, had only minor bruising in his neck and back. Laura didn't look like she had any impalements, but she had severe mal-nutrition more then the other two. She was the only one who had not had a traumatic event happen to her, so her body had needed more food and water than Sam and Brian.


Two years had now passed, and the three of them had become closer than they were when they were alone, fending for themselves in unknown territory. A memorial was set up in honor of what Jack had done when the United States was in trouble, and then when other countries were about to face the same conditions. They had found that only about 3,000 people in South America survived the storm. And the United States was able to welcome them, as though they were citizens of the country.

What they lived in was the same, army barracks, but it looked more like a home than some had ever lived in before. And complete strangers were now the best of friends.

Sam and Laura had gotten married. And even Brian had found someone he was "involved with".

Something really unexpected had started construction. They were building an amusement park so that the kids and adults could have something to do other than sit and read, or draw, or other things kids would do. Nobody expected that. They said that in "a few" more years it would be complete. And that really made everyone confused and anxious. Not such a great combination in such an area.

"When do you really think that it's going to be finished?" Sam asked. Everyone could tell he is really waiting the finishing of the park.

"I would say two to three years." Brian pondered.

In years full of horrific surprises, trauma, and in times of sheer amazement, nothing was ever expected. The saying "Expect the unexpected." was taken to heart and everyone was following it. But something once again, was happening to the trio. Brian was getting married, to a woman that he called Cleo, because her real name (Cleotriaronisha) was simply to hard for him (or her as a matter of fact) to say.

"Sam, I'm scared." Laura said.

"What for?" Sam asked

"For what is going to happen next." She said

"I have no idea what you are talking about." Sam responded

"The storm, it happened twice. What's saying it won't happen again? Laura said