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More than life itself

Everyone looked on in horror as they located Jaina and Zekk after the war with the Killiks. They weren't close enough to see what was happening but they could feel Jaina's anguish through the Force. They walked forward till they stood a few feet behind the grandaughter of the Chosen One. Jaina was holding Zekk's limp form to her as she cried out in anger and sadness. Leia walked forward and put her hand on Jaina's shoulder while Tesar and Saba tried to take Zekk's lifeless body from her.

"No!" she screamed shooting dark lightning at the Barabels as she held him tighter her. "No!"

"Jaina please you have to let go, he's with Anakin now." said Leia as she tried to get her daughter from the boy

"No. No. No." was all Jaina could say over and over again.

Luke and Mara looked on with tears in their eyes at seeing their niece so sad. Luke put Jaina in a forced sleep using the Force and the Barabels took Zekk's body to the ship. Jacen knelt down next to his sister and picked her up and cradled her in his arms.

"She loved him more than life itself, and didn't realize how much until it was too late." said Jacen before taking his sister to the Falcon.

The others followed them, sadness so thick you couldn't cut it with a lightsaber. Once they reached Ossus, the Solos took Jaina to her room while the Barabels prepared to burn Zekk's body as the Jedi tradition holds. After the makeshift funeral the others sat down to eat. No one was really hungry and everyone was silent until they felt something strange in the Force. Cilghal came over the comm system telling them that for reasons unknown Jaina was dying.

"Just like mother." said Leia as she looked at Luke "My daughter's dying of a broken heart." with that said Leia cried in Han's arms knowing there was no way to save he daughter.

Everyone was very still and had tears in there eyes that didn't come out until they felt the Force leave Jaina completely as she entered the afterlife. They gave her a Jedi funeral and buried her ashes next to Zekk's before Jacen made a marker to tell the tale of two love stories and the tradgedies that caused the two Jedi knights to die. The marker bore in big letters at the top under Jaina's name "She loved this man more than life itself".


AN: wow i've never written something so sad! I've been re-reading Star by Star so I guess that's where I got the Inspiration to write a death fic.