A/N: My first and only Count of Monte Cristo fanfic. It's a drabble, but I'm proud of it.

She's so tiny. So small and frail. As I sit here next to her mother I marvel again at how a wretched man like me was ever able to win her heart. Then I remember that there was a little help from Providence and Haydee's feelings for me.

Our daughter is so small, and yet so perfect. I love her, my little Delphine, and my Haydee with so much love I feel none of the man I was before. My hate and contempt for those that once plagued my dreams is now gone.

"Have I pleased you?" my beautiful Haydee asks, her hair soaked with the sweats of her labor, her face shining, her body as beautiful as our wedding day.

I smile at her, the woman who I would have my wife and the mother of my children. Not my first love, but my last. "Yes, my dear. Look at our little girl."

I see her smile down at the sleeping bundle in my arms, her face aglow with love. "She's perfect, my Edmond." Her eyes trailed up and met my own, love even evident in their depths, as she lay on our bed, weak from her labors.

"She looks like her mother," I whisper in reply. "I wonder how I shall ever learn to say no to such a pretty face."

My Haydee smiles again. "You will learn. I love you, my Edmond."

"And I love you, my Haydee. Here is a daughter to prove it."


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