A/N-hey. This is just a little drabble that I wrote about how people often shun God's forgiveness until it's too late…thanks to xAdenX for betaing this story

Too Busy

"My child.."


"But I want you…"

"Not now, I'm too busy"

"Ok. When?"

"Soon Lord"

The next day

"My child are you ready for me now?"

"God, I have to do my homework, I'm scheduled to work, I need to go

shopping, and countless other things. When I'm ready, when I have time

I'll come to you."

The day after that

"My child...please"

"Leave me. I'm too busy. Can't you see I have no time right now?"

The 3rd day

A crash. Then an inexpressibly bright light.

"Jesus, Lord please...I'm ready for you now..."

A sad look filled His eyes. He turned away, saying,

"Away from me...I tried...you were always to busy to let me in... To

Become my friend...I don't know you."

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