A Hero's True Redemption

A Post-Final Fantasy VII/Advent Children Story



Legal Disclaimer: I do not own anything related to Final Fantasy VII or the CG Picture Final Fantasy VII – Advent Children. All characters and other story related topics strictly belong to Square Enix.

Author's Preface: This story takes place after the events of Final Fantasy VII – Advent Children. The story is tweaked a little bit, in that some characters from AC will be returning. Also, language is vulgar in some scenes for some characters. Hope you all like it! Please READ & REVIEW! Thanks in advance,


Chapter One

Is it finally over?

Can she finally rest?

Is he gone…for good this time?

I...am…okay now…Aeris.

"Cloud…CLOUD!" shouted Tifa. "What are you staring at? We did it! I mean…you did it."

"Sorry Tifa…I was just looking over the children. Is Denzel alright?" asked Cloud.

"He's fine now Cloud, thanks to you." Tifa assured.

"Thanks to her, Tifa."

"Right, thanks to…Aeris." She said. "Cloud…lets go home."

"Okay Tifa, lets go home."

"YAY!" Marlene exclaimed. "Did you see her Cloud? She looked so beautiful! Well did ya Cloud? Who was that man she was with? I bet it was her boyfriend! But I thought you were her boyfriend, Cloud? Did you see the flower girl?" she asked.

A single, icy tear ran down Cloud's right eye. "Yes Marlene, I saw her."

I don't want this big baby here!

How unlucky. She's saying there's no room for you here.

Cloud was remembering what Aeris and Zack had said to him just after Yazoo shot him through his heart.

Why didn't she let me stay? Cloud thought.

It had been two years since Cloud last saw Aeris. Two long, lonely, and painful years. Two years since he, along with everyone's help, defeated Sephiroth. Now, after Cloud had destroyed the enemy of this planet for the second time, he finally received the closure he was so desperately seeking. There was no need for Aeris to forgive him. Her death was not his fault. He only needed to forgive himself, and Aeris had finally helped him do that. Zack had helped him too. Even after all this, Cloud still longed for her. His gut curled up when he laid his mako infused eyes on her spirit in the church. There were so many things he wanted to say to her. He wanted to love her. He wanted her desperately, but she walked out of the church and back into the lifestream with Zack. There was nothing Cloud could do to love her.

Did she know? Does she even want to know? He thought.

Little did Cloud know, everything he ever wanted would soon be granted. Cloud would finally receive his heart's redemption.

Author's Notice: Well I hope that everyone liked the first chapter. I know that it is a little on the short side, but I just needed to introduce Cloud and his feelings. Much will be explained in the next chapter and I am going to try and keep this story somewhat serious and somewhat realistic (realistic in the 'Final Fantasy' world). I really wanted to do this story because I had to do it for myself, no other game has affected me this way and I need to see Cloud and Aeris together…this is the only way…ANYHOW, please if you are going to take the time to read the story please review it. Thanks,