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Ok, this is another run of the mill AU, Teen Titans regular school kids with no powers trying to survive the veritable hell that is High School. Um, I just fell in love with the concept and decided to try my hand at it. I hope I do it justice.

Uh, this is mostly from Rachel's point if view, though I might occasionally slip into other's points if view, but only if absolutely necessary, and not very often or for long. This will eventually be a ReaxBB (only RachelxGar) and StarxRob (KorixDick) fic, centering on ReaBB. Umm, I really like JinxxKF pairings, and like CyxBee, but let me know who you want Cy (Vic) to be with. It can even be an OC if you tell me about them thoroughly enough (I am NOT having another Darth Vader incident I tell you! It will NOT happen!)

So, on with it! Enjoy!

Rachel Roth slammed the snooze button on her alarm clock, trying to remember why she set it in the first place. Nine minutes later the alarm sounded and she turned the volume down to listen to the radio.

"Good morning, Jump City! Rise and shine, it's a beautiful day! And that means you too, kids! That's right, mothers every where, rejoice (1)! It's the first day of school here in Jump City! So lets start the morning off right with this song from…"

'Damn.' Rachel thought. The first day of school. Still, it had to be better than being home. She threw her covers to the foot of her bed and dragged her self out. She took a quick shower and got dressed in jeans and a gray tee shirt. She ran a brush through her black hair and took a blow dryer to it. As she brushed her teeth, she looked critically at her bruises and the small cut on her lip, the result of her father's anger. She covered the bruises on her face, hands and lower arms with make up and deemed the small cut to be small enough to ignore. She went to her room put on her black hooded sweatshirt and her socks and shoes.

She crept down the stairs as silently as possible, peeked into the living room and found her father passed out in the couch, beer cans and Jack bottles surrounded him and littered the floor. She slipped into the kitchen, popped some bread in the toaster and made a small lunch while it toasted. After the toast popped, she grabbed it, and went out the back door.

She walked up to the bus stop and waited for the bus to get there. She glanced at the others waiting for the bus with her. They were all excited about a new year, talking about what classes and what teachers they had, who they were looking forward to seeing and what rumors they had heard over the summer. She rolled her eyes and stood in silence.

As the bus rolled up, the waiting students formed a line of sorts. Rachel was about to step on when a girl with long black hair barged in front of her.

"Watch it! I'm walking here!" the girl called.

"Well sorry!" Rachel said sarcastically.

"Many apologies." a girl with equally long red hair and green eyes said, "My sister can be a glemplork at times (2)." The girl was a good deal taller than Rachel and her hair ran halfway down her back. She was slim, but athletic.

"Forget it." Rachel said as she boarded the bus though she had no idea what a glemplork was.

She found an empty seat at the back of the bus, sat down and took a book that she was reading out of her book bag. She was about to open it when she realized that the red headed girl was looking at her.


"May I sit with you?" she asked.

"What ever." Rachel said as she scooted closer to the window.

"Thank you very much." the girl said, "My name is Kori Anders. What is your name?"

"Why do you care?" Rachel asked.

"I wish to know the name of my new friend." Kori said simply.

"Your new friend?" Rachel asked, "You want to be my friend?"

"Yes. Very much." Kori replied.

"Why?" Rachel questioned, immediately suspicious that this was some prank (3).

"I am new here and have no friends yet." Kori simply said.

"But why do you want to be my friend? You can do better." Rachel said as she turned to her book.

"I do not wish to do better." Kori said sincerely.

Rachel looked into Kori's eyes, searching for some evidence of a lie. But she found none. This Kori really wanted to be her friend. "Rachel." she said, "Roth."

"Pleased to make your acquaintance, new friend Rachel!" Kori said.

"Yeah, sure." Rachel said, "You too."

Rachel was at her locker getting her book for her next class when her locker door shut.

"Hello, Rachel." a sickeningly sweet voice said.

"Malchoir." she said by way of greeting. She reopened her locker and finished getting her stuff.

"What? Not going say 'hi'?" he asked her.

"No." she said.

"Well how about a kiss?" he asked.

"No. Now go away." she said, venom in every word.

"Not until I get my kiss." he stated.

"Well then you're gonna be hanging around by locker for a while because you're not going to get one." she said.

He pinned her against the lockers, "Well then so are you." he said.

"Hey!" a voice called, "She said to leave her alone."

Rachel looked over and saw boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. He looked to be a little taller than her and slightly on the scrawnier side of things.

"What are you going to do about it?" Malchoir asked him, moving away from Raven to confront him.

"Just forget about it." she said in a biting tone, using the time that Malchoir was focused on the boy to break free of his grip. She turned and started down the hall way.

"I'll see you later!" Malchoir called after her.

"Maybe in hell!" she yelled over her shoulder.

She walked along the hallway trying to get to class as quickly as possible to avoid all the people staring. She turned a corner into a nearly deserted hallway. She was about halfway down when she heard someone running behind her.

"Hey! Wait up!"

"Go away." she said, "I'm running late for class." she said. 'Lame excuse.' she thought.

"Well, where ya headed?" he asked.


"Cool! Me too! I'll walk with you." he exclaimed.

"Well, goody." she said, sarcasm dripping from her tongue.

"Well you don't have to sound so disappointed. What's your problem any way?"

"Look. Thanks for back there but I could have handled it on my own." she said, turning to face him.

"Oh, yeah. Sure you could have." he bit back, "What was I thinking trying to help? You didn't need any help. Nope."

She gave a huge sigh, "Look. Thanks for your help. Really."

"Sure." he said, lightening up instantly, "My names Gar by the way."

"Rachel." she said, thinking 'Two friends in as any hours, alert the press.'

They walked into the class. She instantly headed to the back of the class. He followed.

"Wanna be lab partners?" he asked.

She looked at him for a minute, studying his features, trying to read his features. "Sure." she said, "Why not?"

Kori found her at lunch that day. They had no more than sat down when Gar and another boy came up to their table.

"Hey Rea." Gar said.

"Don't call me 'Rea', Garfield." she said.

"Sorry, Rachel." he apologized, "But can Vic and I sit with you?" he asked indicating the African-American boy next to him. Vic was tall, very built and bald. Rachel knew him to be the best defensive line backer on the football team, not that she cared about football or school spirit. He was also an all-star wrestler and the best shot-put thrower on the field team (4). He had "Future Olympian" written all over him, if the college scouts didn't get their way with him first, to be a junior and already have all the big schools looking your way had to be an ego booster. She gave a non-committal shrug. Kori, however, spoke up almost immediately.

"Greetings!" she said in her ever-so-lovely voice that Rachel couldn't help but give a slight cringe to, "My name is Kori. Tell me, what is yours?"

"Well, I'm Gar. And this is Vic." Gar said.

"Wonderful! I assume you have already met friend Rachel."

"Pleased to meet you." Vic said to Rachel.

"Same." she replied, barely looking up from her book.

"Rea-chel and me met in biology. Well, shortly before, but who's being technical." Gar said, taking his lunch out of his bag.

"Man, how can you eat that nasty stuff?" Vic asked Gar, indicating what looked like a glob of white stuff to Rachel.

"With a clear conscience. No animals died to feed me." Gar retorted.

"Yeah, well, no testers died making sure that my food was fit for human consumption." Vic said.

"Nobody died eating tofu! It's healthier than what you're eating!"

"What ever. At least this is real food."

"This is made from soy beans. Soy beans are real food."


"Do you know that a study done on some of the bodies of the soldiers that died in World War II found that half, if not more, of them died from clogged arteries and related things from a diet to rich in fat from all the meat they ate?" Rachel asked, not looking up from her book. The others stared at her for a while.

"Ha! That proves that this is healthier than your food." Gar triumphed.

"Another study on people that ate a lot of tofu and other soy bean based products showed that they had increased intestinal problems from all the gas they got from eating the bean based product, much of which led to incontinence or extreme blockage or, in three cases, internal combustion." Rachel said (5).


" So Gar's gonna explode?" Vic asked.

"He might." Rachel replied, turning a page in her book.

"Dude! Who's side you on anyway?" Gar asked her.

"I'm on my side."

Following lunch, Rachel had Home Ec. She arrived in class to see her lunch group already there. 'Great.' she thought as she headed over to them.

"Friend Rachel! You are in this class of the Economics of the Home too?" Kori asked, excitedly clapping her hands.

"Obviously." Rachel replied.

"This is awesome!" Gar said.

"Yeah." Vic echoed his friends sentiments, their lunch fight forgotten.

A boy with black hair stuck up in spikes with too much gel came over. He wore a red shirt and sunglasses. He apparently knew Vic and Gar because he addressed them. "Hey, Vic. Gar."

"Hey, Dick." They greeted him. Kori was stuck dumb by him. She stared at him in such a way that, had it been a cartoon, Rachel was sure that her eyes would turn into hearts and float about. She gave a chuckle at her friend.

"Oh, Dick," Gar started, "this is Rachel. ("Hey.") And this is Kori."

"It is glorious to meet you." Kori said, finally overcoming her shock.

"You too." Dick said, he too looked smitten. Raven chuckled to herself and Gar and Vic exchanged knowing looks.

"So, you wanna join our group or what?" Vic asked, nudging Dick in the side to snap him out of staring at Kori.

"Yeah." he said, "If its ok with you guys." he added, staring at Kori again.

"It would be most pleasant." Kori said, staring back at him. Rachel wanted to grab a spoon from one of the kitchen areas' drawers and gag herself with it. Fortunately, the teacher called their attention, sparing her the trouble of dying on an unsanitary community spoon.

"Class! Class!" the teacher called their attention. She then went into a lecture about the importance of Home Ec. She then explained that she originally wanted to be a world class equestrian champion, but the Holy Spirit told her to sell her horse and move back to Jump City (6). By the time they finished hearing about this and the amazing potential she had in the equestrian world, they only had five minutes left in the class.

"Oo-kay." Vic said, "Well she's crazy."

"Tell me about it." Rachel agreed.

The spent the rest of the five minutes talking about the different projects that the teacher said would be assigned to them.

"The sewing is going to be hard!" Gar said, "And it's not like we're going to be using it in real life."

"Then why are you taking the class?" Rachel asked.

"Easy A." Gar said.


"Me too." Dick added, "How 'bout you, Vic? In it for the easy A?"

"Partially. But I'm also here for the cooking." Vic answered, "Kori?"

"I am interested in the course as a whole." she said, "Friend Rachel?"

"I need to learn how to cook sometime." Rachel answered.

"Why don't your mom teach you?" Vic asked.

"She skipped out on my dad and I a while ago." Rachel said with a shrug, acting as though it was nothing. 'Not that I blame her.' she thought.

"Oh. Sorry I brought it up." Vic said.

"Eh, no worries." Rachel said. But an uncomfortable silence fell over the group who was relieved when the bell rang.


1) Ya know they do.

2) Yeah, I think I might have heard "Glemplork" before, but I can't remember where, I was just trying to think of a word and it came to mind, so I have no idea of it's meaning ( and fully apologize if I got it wrong) and give all credit for the word to some one else….who ever that may be.

3) She sounds a bit paranoid, I know, but the "popular people" at my school once did this to a girl they didn't like. It was rather mean and everybody was torn between feeling sorry for her and wanting to laugh at her because nobody liked her ( that girl was ANNOYING! ). But for a while after that, nobody wanted to make friends with people from a different "group", especially if the group was "higher" up than they one they belonged to.

4) Ok, so I don't really know what position Cyborg played when he was an athlete, or what a defensive line backer really does, but he looks like a lot of the guys that the sports casters say play that, so I figured that is what he'll play. For wrestling, he looks like a wrestler. Same with shot-put. Sorry if you disagree, or know for sure that he did something else. And, yes, I do know that a lot of people put him as QB, but I don't think he looks like one, at least none of the ones I've seen, they're built a lot smaller than him, being slightly more built that Robin. But, eh?

5) Yeah, the WWII study is for real, but the tofu study is a figment of my imagination, just wanted her to have a reason to prove both right and wrong really.

6) I know that this sounds random, but my art teacher seriously spent the whole first class talking to us about the importance of art class and that the only reason she was back in the area and not off somewhere being a world class equestrian champion, was because the Holy Spirit told her to sell her horse and go teach art (Gotta love the crazy artsy people of this world)! I changed it to Home Ec because it offers so many more comical opportunities, though I think Rachel will be in an art class…I just haven't decided yet.

Ok, so they are all introduced! For those who, for what ever reasons, aren't sure as to who's who:(in order of appearance)

Rachel -- Roth Raven

Trigon Roth (the sleeping/passed out father) -- Trigon (original there, wasn't I?)

Mandy Anders (the black haired girl and Kori's glemplork of a sister) -- Blackfire

Kori Anders -- Starfire

Malchoir -- Malchoir (that was oh-so-hard to figure out, huh? never would of got it with out this note, huh?)

Garfield "Gar" Logan -- Beast Boy

Victor "Vic" Stone -- Cyborg

Richard "Dick" Grayson -- Robin

Umm... I have some ideas for what I want to do with this, but let me know if there is anything you want to see. I'm very open to suggestions. Uh, review please. Try not to flame, but if you find it absolutely necessary I guess tea sounds good.