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They were at the pizza place celebrating a number of things. A successful opening night, a great performance, and the fact that they were still alive after messing with Rachel's life (1). They were laughing, even Rachel was smiling slightly.

"Come on, Rachel, you have to admit that I called it!" Jenny said.

"I'll admit it." Rachel said, thinking back to that day in school, "But you have to admit that it looked unlikely then too."

"Why?" Gar asked, they were sitting next to each other and he had his arm around her waist. She made sure it was under the table, even though the entire group knew they were dating, she still wasn't quite comfortable with the whole concept of "PDA" (2).

"We were fighting." Rachel said.

"About?" Gar asked, still not knowing just when to let something drop.

"You staying out of other people's business." Rachel said, trying to ease some of the tension that had built up. The other's instantly knew when she was talking about it and dropped it.

"Hey, you guys never did tell us what Red knew." Dick said, still slightly put off he didn't know.

"And we never will." Rachel said.

"Even though it is clear that it was about the two of you and you two are now doing the dating?" Kori asked.

"Yep.' Gar said, squeezing Rachel.

"I'll get it out of him." Jenny said.

"Dude, or dudette," Gar corrected himself, "I highly doubt that."

"And just how would you know?" Wally asked. Wally personally believed that Jenny could do anything. After all, she was Jenny.

"I know the price he set." Gar said, "And it ain't never gonna happen."

"He has a point." Dick said.

"And the tofu becomes the main course." Vic said. He, Dick and Kori laughed and Rachel gave an appreciative grin. Gar, on the other hand, didn't look pleased.

"What the- what is with you guys and calling me tofu?" he demanded. They had never explained the origin of "the tofu" and had only used it enough to anger him, but never have to explain it.

"Long story." Vic said, as always.

"One of these days, I'll turn it into a short story for you." Rachel assured him.

"Then what would be the fun in it?" Dick asked.

"She can't not tell him." Aggie said.

"She has not had the need to tell him previously." Kori said.

"Yeah, but she wasn't dating him then." Jenny said, "This makes him think, and we don't want him straining his brain. His pretty little head might implode."

"See how they treat me?" Gar demanded of Rachel, humor in his voice, "Are you gonna let them talk about me like that?"

"We'll plot in secret." Rachel said, the table going quiet, "We still need to get them back for playing match maker behind our backs." Gar smiled at his girlfriend while the other's paled.

"Or you could just thank us." Dick said.

"But what would be the fun in that?" Gar asked, smirk in place.

Line thing.


1) They were also celebrating the fact that I finally got to writing this. I swear I hate writer's block. Especially when there's only one chapter left! It sucks, kinda like this ending, but at least this ending it here.

2) PDA. For those of you who do not know, though I imagine all of you do, PDA is Public Display of Affection. It is a big no-no in schools across the globe, and I personally wish that it was a bigger no-no in some public places, some people just get icky with it. shivers

Ok, so I'll be the first to say that that was a crappy ending. But, as I said in the notes, at least it's here. I swear that I stared at my computer screen for hours (four hours and thirty-five minutes to be exact) trying to think up what to write. I did get another idea as to what to write, though. smiles at idea It just mad me so mad knowing that I only had the one chapter, the finish, the ending, and I couldn't think of anything. AGH!

I want to thank everyone who has read and especially everyone who reviewed. I love all the kind words you guys gave me! They made me feel all warm inside, like hot cocoa. So Thank you a bunch!

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