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Part 1 of 3



He had no idea what had caused it, they were so happy together.

Well at least he thought they were, obviously she didn't. Otherwise she wouldn't have dumped him half an hour ago.

What had caused it?

Had he done something wrong?

Sitting on his bed he began looking through the box he had pulled out earlier. It was a box of mementos that he had put together over the time that he and Hermione had been together.

There were photos, things that he had taken that had importance to their dates they went on. And then there were the newspaper clippings of Hermione when she made Head Girl, with that git Malfoy as Head Boy.

He went to put it aside when it caught his eye again.

They were standing really close to each other, but that was to be expected with Fudge and Dumbledore crowding on either side of them.

It was what Draco was doing that made Ron look again. He had his arm around her.

And Hermione was making no move to take it off.

He was whispering in her ear, and she was blushing.

Ron couldn't remember the last time Hermione blushed.

Why was she blushing? And why wasn't she making any move to take his arm of her hip?

Something was very wrong here, very wrong.


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