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Part III of III


"I don't think so Ron."

"You weren't there, you didn't hear the way they were talking." Ron said vehemently. "Or the way they were looking at each other."

Harry shook his head in exasperation. "Look Ron, I know your upset about breaking up with Hermione. But I don't think she would take up with Malfoy, she just wouldn't."


"No Ron, it's just not something Hermione would do. He has been an absolute prick to all of us for nearly seven years, do you really think she would? He has been meanest to her, called her a Mudblood for six of those – have you forgotten the teeth?" Harry sighed, "It's just not likely at all."

"Ok Harry," Ron nodded his head. "I think I'm going to have an early night, I'll see you in the morning. Night…" Ron started up towards the seventh year dorm.

"Night mate…"

"I think you're wrong," a voice interrupted Harry's thoughts.

"Yeah, me too…" Harry replied turning to Seamus.

"The way they were talking to each other, I don't think I ever heard Hermione talk in that kind of voice to Ron."

"So you think they're together?"

"I reckon they will be – sooner, rather than later…if Malfoy has anything to do with it."

"What makes you say that?" Harry enquired.

"He wants to talk, I'm guessing that's what its about. Malfoy doesn't seem the type to do things by half, if he wants and or has Hermione, he wont want to keep it to himself – he'll want to tell the whole world that she's his girl…"

Harry nodded his head, at that moment the portrait door opened; it was the fifth-year prefects coming back from their patrol. He nearly turned away but then they stumbled like they were being shoved out of the way by some invisible force.

"Bloody hell…" Harry said, before jumping out of his chair and racing to his room.


Ron was currently hurrying through the corridors, trying to find the Head students who were always last to finish patrol. He needed to see them when they thought they were alone, it was the only way he could know for sure.

Finally he found them on the third floor. Ron hid behind a statue. He wasn't taking any chances, even with the invisibility cloak on.

"I think everyone's in bed," he heard Hermione say.

"Time to chat I think," Draco said. He could hear Hermione protesting, "No – you've been putting it off all night, we need to talk about us."


Hermione must have signalled to continue, "Where are we? Because I really want to give you and me a go, and now that we both are single. I think we should."

Then Hermione should the words that broke Ron's heart in two, "Oh I do too." Ron had to hold back the sob that was sitting in his throat. "I just think we should wait till we are a couple, out of respect to Ron."

"Respect to Weasley?"

"How's it going to look? His girlfriend breaks up with him, and then two days later she's in love with his enemy…"


"You love me?" Draco asked with a very pleased tone to his voice.

"Yeah, it's been coming for a little while. That's why I couldn't keep seeing Ron, it just wasn't fair to any of us."

"Mmmhm, you know I love you too?" Ron heard Draco say, and then all of a sudden it was quiet. Ron didn't need to know what was happening, he had a fairly good idea. So it came as no surprise, when he peeked around the statue to see them standing in the middle of the corridor kissing, in an insanely tight embrace.

Ron sank behind the statue.

He couldn't believe it, he didn't want too. But the proof was right there. She loved him, she didn't love him anymore.

He wasn't sure how long he sat there, till the cloak came flying off him, into Harry's outstretched hand.

Ron looked up, "Piss off Harry."

"I'm sorry mate…"

"Where are they?"

"I think they're back in their dorm." Ron could see the Marauders Map in his other hand.

"I was right," Ron said dejectedly, furiously wiping the tears from his face. "She loves him…"