Ok this is my first bones fic ever, so please tell me if I have a future in this category, I'm not sure of the name, but it was the episode from 3-15-06, the one where she gets kidnapped, I forgot to check the title, how horrible of me, well I just wasn't happy with the ending. So I made my own.

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Dr. Temperance Brennan walked back in Booth's room in the hospital; she carefully tucked her cell phone back in her pocket and walked up in front of the TV Booth was watching.

"I decided to reschedule. My head still hurts." She lied smiling at her partner and friend.

"Wanna watch TV?" Booth asked as Bones made her way back to the chair she had only occupied moments ago. Bones sat down and rested her head on her arm which rested on the bed.

"Bones?" Booth mumbled feeling a pain run through his shoulder. Temperance moved her arm away from him and continued to watch TV.

"Where ever there is a man getting beat up by a cop, I'll be there." A man on the TV spoke. Bones looked to her side and locked eyes with Booth, the look he had was so sincere she knew at that moment she couldn't hide her feeling for him, she had to admit to herself how she really felt about this man.

"Thank you." Bones whispered.

"For what?" Booth asked looking her in the eyes, confusion written all over his face.

"For saving my life." She said a little louder for him to hear.

"It was nothing; I would have felt horrible if something ever happened to you."

"Why?" she asked confused.

"You still owe me a dance without any interruptions." He joked.

"What are you talking about?" she asked not sure what he meant.

"I want a dance from you, without any phone calls." He said hoping to jog her memory of when they had been dancing in her living room.

Bones gave a small smile at how they had both been "rocking out?" was that the term? She had heard Angela use it once or twice before, but wasn't sure if she was using it right.

Bones looked back to the TV and watched as the man was now kissing a young woman passionately. Lowering her head, bones could feel a smile blush make her way across her cheeks.

A low ring could be heard and she was pulled out of her thoughts at Booth's voice. "Bones, you phone is ringing."

She dug in her pocket and pulled out her cell phone. "Brennan." She stated simply as all ways, one of the simple things Booth come to love about her. He didn't know why, but something told him he needed to stop playing around and just tell her how he felt. A small smile crept along his face as he thought about how she had reacted when he told her he was going to stay with her over night and sleep on the couch.

"That was Angela; she said Parker and her should be here within the next 20 minutes." Bones informed him after she had hung up, pulling him out of his thoughts.

It had been Bones idea to have Parker come and visit his dad in the hospital. She had said that when her mom had gotten really sick and was in the hospital, when she was just 6, she had begged her dad to let her see her mom, but her dad had said 'no'. She continued to talk about how seeing her mom would make her feel better, then just waiting for her, eventually when her mom came home she spent hours on end with her. It had been one of the few things she spoke about her parents so Booth was given no choice, but to let his son come and visit him.

20 minutes later, as planned, Angela and Parker walked through his door. Booth was lucky to have Angela a good friend of Bones; otherwise he wouldn't be looking at his son right now. His ex-girlfriend and the mother of Parker didn't even want him to see his son, but luckily Angela talked her into letting her bring him here.

"Are you ok daddy?" the young boy whispered.

"Yeah, buddy, I'm fine." Booth answered trying to sit up and placed his hand on his son's head. Parker smiled and looked to Bones.

"Hi, again." He spoke up and smiled.

"Hi, how are you?" she asked looking at how strong the kid was, had she'd been his age and Booth been her dad she'd be in hysterics at how much pain he was in.

"I'm fine, you?" he asked keeping the politeness his father had instilled in his head.

"I'm fine."

An hour later Angela walked out of the hospital door with Parkers hand in hers, he was given strict orders to go to sleep when he got home, seeing as how it was almost 9:00 on a school night.

"Well I better get going." Bones said getting up from her chair and started towards the door as well.

"Thank you." Booth said never loosing eye contact with her,

"For what?" she asked not seeing what he meant.

"For talking Angela into talking Parkers mom into letting him come, I hardly ever see him anymore." Booth said smiling at her.

"It was nothing; I would have wanted the same thing too." She said and turned to leave.

"Wait!" Booth called before she left. Bones turned around and looked him in the face.

"Yeah?" she asked.

"Before you go, can you hand me that pudding?" he asked pointing to a butterscotch pudding cup 5 inches out of reach from him.

Bones smiled, walked over to him and handed him the cup. Her skin brushed against his and instead of taking the pudding, Booth instead took her hand and placed a gentle kiss on it. After that he gave her arm a slight tug and pulled her closer, gently kissing her lips.

Bones pulled away and looked Booth in the eyes, confusion disrupted her thinking, did they just kiss? She thought.

Well I really don't think that was one of my best, but I felt the story needed a better ending then what they gave us. If you like it great if not then I'll probably get rid of it. Please review and let me know what you think. Thanks.