Cosmo held a hand to her mouth in astonishment. Rouge just chuckled.

"You mean he got down on one knee and everything?" She asked.

The bat nodded before gazing out at the blue sky. The two of stood in the Blue Typhoon's green house, relaxing in the arm sunlight coming through the shattered glass ceiling. This had once been the bridge of the ship and Tails had converted it, allowing nature to creep in with vines and creepers. Cosmo then set to work planting seeds in the soil. Small sprouts of the beginning of a beautiful garden were already beginning to push their way up towards the light.

"I didn't actually expect him to do it." Rouge admitted. "I knew he wanted to but I doubt he would have the guts. I was going to wait for a leap year and then propose myself but then he surprised me with that ring." She held up her hand and the sunlight glinted of the small golden ring wrapped around her finger. It had a soft glow to it that had nothing to do with sunlight and at the top; a small cut diamond was fitted into a silver holding.

"Oh it's beautiful." Cosmo said, staring at it in wonder. "Does Knuckles wear his?"

Rouge hesitated.

"He has to have one specially made for him." She said and Cosmo looked up with a look of confusion on her face. "Have you seen the fingers underneath those gloves? He has cloven hands in there and a ring for a finger that large has to be specially made."

She shrugged.

"It should be ready in time for the wedding." Rouge smiled and then looked slyly up at Cosmo. "I was wondering if you might be interested in being a bride's maid."

Cosmo raised her hands to her face and gasped.

"Oh I'd love to."

"Wonderful. I'll be putting out the invitations to all of our friends as soon as…" She faltered.

"As soon as the funeral's over?" Cosmo offered.

"Yeah. "Rouge sighed. "I wouldn't do to start a celebration right after that would it?"


"This land is clean, fresh and young." Jack said with a note of approval in his voice as he looked out over the crisp white snow. "Our people will prosper here." The Miracle Planet, now in orbit around the Earth, had become the next home of the Felines and they wasted no time in settling themselves into the north of the planet. It was a small world but large enough to house them all with plenty of space left over for farms and settlements.

The artic circle of the small planetoid had expanded and now the north was far colder, meaning that winter lasted longer and the snow piled up high. But the felines loved their environment and set to work constructing a new castle on the top of a cliff. From here they could see over the planet's ocean and they were in sight of what they had dubbed the 'world tree', the massive plant that had grown to cover the ruins of the Nexus Gate. It was there the Seedrians had made their home and the blinking lights of their forest city could be seen in the distance.

Blaze stood upon the newly constructed battlements of this castle staring out to sea, her arms folded in front of herself.

Once again she was the queen of her people and felt completely happy here now. Her honour had been restored with the destruction of Loki and the foiling of Ragnarok and now she could finish her fathers work finally and led her people back to greatness.

That should make her happy.

It should.

But a part of her was tossing with indecision and she made it obvious in the way she stood with her arms crossed defensively in front of her.

Jack chuckled and crossed his own larege arms, a wide smirk crossing his face.

"I suppose it'll take an adjustment in theology of our people but I think it'll be fine." He remarked.

"What do you mean?" Blaze asked without looking back.

"Well, the next king will be half hedgehog and the thought of a hybrid king might take a little getting used to." He said it offhandedly as if it wasn't anything important, completely ignoring the powerful blush on Blaze's face. "I suppose I'd best get everyone prepared for it now, so it'll be less of a shock later on."

"What?" Blaze stammered. "I haven't the faintest idea of what you're talking about!!" She was blushing so hard that it was showing through her fur.

"With respect your majesty." Jack began with a sly expression. "But that's a lie and you know it." He walked over, whistling a merry tune to himself as he left her stamping her feet and muttering loudly.

Blaze blustered for a while but eventually she calmed down and had to conceit. Jack was right; there was no doubting it now. Her feelings for Silver was undeniable

Without realizing it, she had stood on the battlements where she could watch him. Silver had taken to wandering the stony breech at the base of the cliff and even now she could see him.

The relationship between the two of them was a strange one. In his future, she was his teacher and she had raised him practically. She felt odd in her mind yet from what she had seen in Silver's mind he did not think of their relationship as 'mother and son.' To him, she had always been a teacher and friend and his feelings verged on that tipping point towards attraction.

She swung herself over the battlements and with the precision of a trained acrobat, pirouetted down the side of the steep cliff until she reached more stable ground.

Silver was busy tossing rocks out to see, trying to make them bounce on the surface. He was cheating, using his telekinesis to make the rocks go faster and further.

"I'm trapped here." He stated without turning around. "There's nothing left to go back to in my own time."

"There must be." Blaze began. "I mean, if Iblis is gone then your future must be changed as well."

Silver just shook his head.

"No. If my future was altered, my memories of the future would be altered as well. My future is still bleak and empty. Iblis ceased to exist, that much is true but the devastation he caused remained. Even If I did go back, there's nothing to return to. At least that's how Prometheus told it."

Blaze paused.

"Isn't that a paradox?" She asked. Silver shrugged and then looked back.

"He also said something about parallel time lines but I didn't understand anything more than that. Besides, I think enough damage has been caused by time travel. Mephiles was testament to that."

He sighed.

"I'll just have to make a life for myself here."

This was a crucial moment and Blaze found a frog in her throat. Despite this she slipped up behind him and her arms looped around his waist. He looked back over his shoulder with an expression of astonishment on his face.

"A life here with me?" She asked him, her eyes brimming with emotion. Silver held her gaze for a long moment and she watched as the blush formed on his own face.

The idea of seducing would, under normal circumstances, be deplorable. Yet as she watched the wavering indecision in his eyes, she pressed on with her face slowly nearing his.

That was all it took to break his resistance.

He spun around and his lips were on her with all the pent up passion that was possible in a teenager.

Their kiss must have lasted at least five minutes as by the time they parted they were panting heavy.

Silver kept his gaze fixed on her.

"Alright." He managed with a gasp.


Drifting outside the Solar system, undetected by the earth or its allies, was a free floating space station. It was a large construction bay, patched together with a minimal automated workforce but for now it would have to do for Metal Sonic's purposes.

Within the bay, the hull of his new spaceship was being put together.

The Behemoth, the flagship of the Machine Federation; resurrected.

Given Earth's history with the Machine Federation Metal Sonic decided that it would be wise to remain undetected.

He could not explain to them that he no longer intended to overrun the planet. They would not listen.

So he would build here in secret, reconstructed his vessel and then he would take it out beyond the starts. Despite everything, Dark Oak's betrayal and Krish's machinations, he still believed that building a haven for sentient machines was a worthy goal.

"Now do you understand?" He asked, turning to face his newest 'recruits'. They included robots that he considered intelligent, mostly Eggman's elite guard, E1004: Theta, Egg Robo, Metal Knuckles and E102: Gamma. Surprisingly, one of their number had actually sought him out.

E123: Omega had actually come to Metal Sonic of his own volition.

"Can you not see the home for intelligent machines? A place where we are not tools of war for organics, a planet of our own?"

"No war?" Omega asked pointedly. "No more wars with organics."

Metal Sonic levelled a gaze at him, his red eyes glowing.

"No." He replied after a moment. "If they bring war to us then so be it but no, we will not strike the first blow."

"Acknowledged." Omega actually sounded satisfied. "But… query, why do you not attend the funeral of Sonic the Hedgehog? My processor's indicate he was an organic of special significance to you."

Metal Sonic wad, by now, advanced enough to have a sense of humour. He laughed and then he turned his back, his cape flowing behind him.

"There is no need." He remarked, laying both metal hands down on the rail as he watched the dozens of robots working on the skeleton of the ship.

The robots behind them exchanged confused glances.

"I was based on Sonic, designed to mirror him in every conceivable way. I have his data within me, every instinct, hope and desire of his are mine. In some ways I am more Sonic than myself."

Metal Sonic's eyes glowed brightly.

"Sonic is NOT dead." He declared. "He lives."


The next day was marked in history as the day when the entire world, as one, came together in mourning.

"Why the hell are you here?" Knuckles stammered with wide eyes when he arrived. Sitting at the front of the congregation before the massive stone statue that the people had erected of their hero, was Dr. Eggman. He was accompanied by his three robot servants, Bocon with a shiny new body and was receiving glares from others around them. "How can you, you of all people possibly have the nerve to turn up here?"

"Please Knuckles, let's be civil." Eggman said calmly. "I am here to pay homage to my greatest rival."

"Great rival?" The Echidna stammered. "You hated the hedgehog!"

"Oh he tested my patience more than once, but hate…. Actually, I don't ever think I REALLY hated him. I guess in some odd way I actually appreciated his constant meddling. It gave me something to work for."

Knuckles just stood there thinking up a suitable and damning reply but his fiancée just pulled him down further.

"Come on dear, you can play with your friend's later." Rouge told him quite sternly.

Void coughed once and he gained everyone's attention.

"We are gathered here today to mourn the passing of a great hedgehog and to remember the great deeds he did for us all." He started.

The funeral began from there and everyone on earth without exception watched. The sky over the memorial prepared in the centre of the ruins of Central City was grant and many promises were made for it to stand for all time.

The sky gathered over with dark clouds and at some point it started raining, the sky turning dark and thick pellets of water coursing down.

Amy ignored it, simply standing there letting it fall. She stood before the statue staring up at it mutely.

"He was…" Tails started but stopped when he realised he was using the past tense. He swallowed hard. "He was a hero. Full stop."

"We saved us all so many times…" Chris added without looking up. "He saved this planet over half a dozen times and then… then one last time he saved the entire universe."

"He was my best friend." Tails added. "For more years can I can remember. "

"I'll probably hate myself for admitting this…" Knuckles began without looking anyone in the eye. "But Sonic was better than me, not just in abilities or skill but he was also a better person. He had flaws, sure, but he never let them get the best of him like I did. No matter what the task was he always overcame it."

"His memory will live on." Chuck said quite firmly as if speaking to everyone. "The hedgehog who changed, saved and guarded the world."

Everyone nodded in agreement.

At all this except one.

Amy could not believe this…

No… every fibre of her being refused to accept this… this thing that lay before her.

Sonic, the only person she had ever offered her heart to, memorialised and left to pass silently into history and legend.

NO! This was not the Sonic she knew!

Sonic was a living being, flesh and blood, power and emotion… not some obscure memory left to fade in the collective mind set.

Her surroundings seem to whirl, sight, sound, all sensation becoming a sickening perversion she could not endure.

Feeling utterly overwhelmed she turned, spinning out of Chris' grasp and ran. She pushed past several mourners and away from the funeral and the sight of that statue that so sickened her.

"Amy wait!" Chris called after all, trying to follow but Amy was far faster than he was and she lost herself in the crowd.

"Let her go." Chuck stated, laying a hand sympathetically down on Chris' shoulder as he slowly shook his head. "Out of all of us, she would find this the hardest to accept."

Chris glanced up once at his grandfather, then out through the crowd hoping to catch a glimpse of Amy. It was hopeless. There was no way he could follow her through that thick thong.

"I can scarcely believe it myself." He sighed, turning back.

In his mind though the memories of had led up to this.

That night, so long ago now, when a strange talking blue hedgehog had dropped into his pool seemed like a milestone of destiny.

Then others like this strange creature appeared and the adventures began.

Fighting power crazed scientists, then watery demons from ancient days… even heading into outer space to a long abandoned space colony.

But the story didn't stop there.

Chris glanced over to Helen, who returned his gaze with a smile.

She remembered it as well.

The worlds had merged; that planet in another dimension Mobius and Earth and suddenly it opened up a pandora's box of trouble.

Metal Sonic, that strange mechanical hedgehog to aspirations of genocide and conquest to loomed like a coming storm but Sonic stepped up to the challenge once more.

After that the planet had been consumed by an all out war as alien races began making themselves known on the earth.

First were the Black Arms, followed by the deadly resurrection of the Destroyer.

Recent events had been far more emotionally draining when the Confederates had conquered the planet.

The long exodus through space back home had been draining for all of them and that had finally brought them to face his final outcome.

Sonic the Hedgehog had saved them one last time before leaving.

From no one, Chris would not be able to rely on Sonic to bail them out. Chris had matured a great deal since that time, long ago when Sonic dropped into his pool but still it had always been Sonic who was the hero.

Chris relented, with a sigh, that is was time for him to step out from underneath this hedgehog's shadow.

There was a tug at his arm. It was Helen.

She smiled at him and held him close. He did the same.

"Thank Sonic. But this is my life now."


Amy ran as far as she could as it only after a short while had passed before she was even aware of the fact that tears were streaming down her cheeks. Feeling constrained and frustrated she tore the black funeral skirt from around her and let it drop away as she ran. She did not stop running until she was out of sight of the buildings of the city.

Racing through the long grass of the plains she slowed down until she came to a rock that jutted out atop the grass.

This she climbed and once she reached the top, she drew her legs close to herself and sat there.

"God no…" She whispered. "Please… I've never asked for anything more, anything… please, don't let this be true."

Every ounce of her being rejected the reality around her. If this life no longer had Sonic in it, she truly believed that it was not worth living in.

It was in this moment of clarity that she realized, herself, just how much Sonic had meant to her.

He was the anchoring point for existence for her. In truth, Solaris could have succeeded in devouring reality and she would not have cared if Sonic had survived it.

Suddenly there was an undeniable feeling of presence around her and glancing up, she saw that hovering faintly around her were small particles of light.

They were not unlike fireflies and could easily be mistaken for them, had she not seen them before.

These small orbs of yellow were the trace elements of power that Solaris had left in his wake, the telltale sign of his meddling. Slowly they floated down and nestled in the long grass and following them down, Amy caught a glance of something lying there in the ground hidden by the undergrowth.

Reaching down, she took a hold of the fist sized item and held it up. As she'd half expected, it was a Chaos Emerald. The dark blue one, the same blue as… she forced herself not to make the comparison.

"Wishes into power." She muttered, remembering something she'd heard said about these mythical jewels of legend. The Chaos Emeralds took what was in the hearts of those who used them and made it reality.

There was only one thing she wished for.

The spark of hope for that wish was dim and growing dimmer…

But it had not gone out just yet.

She held the Emerald close to herself and closed her eyes.

"Please… please, let me go after him."

It was too much to hope for that he'd come to her, but she would give anything to join him wherever he was now.

A single tear ran down her cheek and dripped onto the Emerald.

"So be it." She heard a voice stated, paradoxically off in the distance and close at the same time.

This was a voice she recognised as that of Solaris.

Opening her eyes she saw that the jewel in her grasp was glowing, casting its blue light over her body. It pulsed like a heart beat for a moment before the light pointed itself forward, directing a path across the grass for her.

As her eyes followed this path, Amy felt a calm certainty in her soul… some how, she simply knew that she had to follow this path.

Keeping the Emerald close to herself, she took off as fast as her legs would carry her.

Far and fast she ran, following this path, running on and on.

She crossed mountains, hills and fields. She ran through towns, villages and cities and paid the people around her no attention at all.

Faster…FASTER, some deep instinct told her and straining against the natural limits of her muscles she ran; desperately trying to gain more speed.

She ran along beaches, rocky corals, along the top of cliffs and through the deepest of valleys… yet still she wasn't running fast enough.


She had to go faster.

And so she kept on running… and then she reached a plat plain of land that seemed to go on for as far as the eye could see, she knew why.

On the edge of her awareness, she could see it… the blur just ahead of her. Whatever it was, it was moving faster than she was, at a speed so fast that it was hard for the naked eye to pick it up.

Could it… could actually be? Half of her simply wanted to cry out but the other half refused to let itself be taken in by what might actually be false hope.

What both sides agreed on however was that she had to go faster.

Smashing her body against her limits she ran, her muscles crying out in pain as she went faster than was biologically tolerable for her.

Amy didn't care, she could make out more details of the blur ahead of her now and its blue colour.

"Sonic!" She cried out despite herself. The blue blur didn't falter; it simply kept on running and was even pulling away from her.

Amy felt like her bones would snap if she ran any faster but she really didn't give a damn.

Grasping the Chaos Emerald, she forced herself, through sheer willpower to run faster.

The Emerald glowed again.

With an earth shattering boom, Amy Rose broke the sound barrier… surpassing her own limits.

There was a painful crunch as the muscles in her legs absorbed this power and adapted and without even realizing it, she found herself in a world of quiet. Travelling faster than the speed of sound she was beyond the mortal senses and everything around her was warped and silent.

But this escaped her scrutiny for her attention was focused directly on the object running ahead.

Her heart seemed to expand and contract like an exploding sun at the sight before her.

"SONIC!!" She cried out but the sound didn't make it, for in this environment, sound did not exist.

The blue hedgehog simply kept on running, racing forward just like he always has. He couldn't hear her.

He would run on like he always did.

She was not going to be left behind.

Not this time.

Never again.

Pouring on the speed, slowly Amy Rose began to close the cap between them. Inch by agonizing inch she drew closer.

What lay before her was no figment of her grief stricken imagination. This was real.

Reaching out, she groped forward and grabbed Sonic by the hand.

The blue hedgehog glanced back and his eyes widened in utter surprise, seeing Amy clasping onto him.

Stunned for the moment, he tripped over himself and still connected, the two of them was sent hurtling back into the world of sound; stumbling and rolling at high speed through thick bushes and grass.

Amy didn't mind. She simply clung to him and did not let go.

Then the two of them finally came to a stop and for a moment there was silence and Amy took this opportunity to pinch herself; to convince herself once and for all that she was not mistaken

Gently a hand was laid down on the top of her head.

Blinking away tears she looked up into the green eyes o he to whom she would never leave.

"You finally caught up with me." He told her with a short smile. Before she could say a world, Sonic laid a finger across her lips. "No… don't say anything. Just come with me."

There was clear puzzlement in her eyes.

"Out there, out into space." Sonic explained. "There are thousands of planets out there, millions, billions; so much potential for adventure that even boggles my mind." He looked up towards the sky. "Solaris made it clear… I have to keep this reality safe for him, but I'd much rather do it with you by my side Amy."

He got to his feet and even then Amy refused to let go.

"Amy… you want me to say it, then I'll say it… I love you."

"Then why didn't you come back for me?" She asked through the tears.

"Because you had to find me… this was your test. Solaris insisted." Sonic's tone as a bit drool and rolled his eyes a little. "You past the test, Amy… so come with me."

"But what…" Amy started.

"About the others?" Sonic finished for her. "Believe me… they'll survive.

I've been saving this world for a long time but it's their turn now, to defend it, to keep it and enjoy it. You know me Amy, I've got to keep moving on."

"But they all think you're dead." She carried on, whipping away the salt with the back of her hand. "Your friends, all the people we both made bounds with over the years think that you've past on."

Sonic chuckled and placed his hands on his hips.

"I know." He remarked with a wide grin. "I kept out of sight so that's exactly what they'd think." He blinked, meeting her sullen disapproving glare. "Amy, this is for their own good as much as mine. They have to learn how to stand on their own two feet, to live for themselves and not have to rely on me… I'm not doing this because I don't like being burdened by them, but because they don't need me anymore."

He put a hand on her shoulder.

"They've all grown up."

Amy lowered her head for a moment, before she smiled and hugged him close.

"Please, take me with you." She declared with all her heart.

Sonic smiled, reached up and snapped his fingers.

With the last grace of Solaris' power, the seven Chaos Emeralds were summoned to him. All of them appeared, one by one around them; their power almost drowning the two hedgehogs.

There was a bright flash of light and their fur changed, becoming a bright gold.

Hand in hand, Super Sonic and Super Amy flew up into the sky, past the clouds and the rain; through the heavens and up past Angel Island.

Breaking through the troposphere they past by the shattered remains of battle scared ships and the new Satellite, the Miracle Planet before the two of them, together again; headed off into space for another adventure.


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