Never-ending Love

Summary: Sequel to my 'Truth or Dare' fic. Brooke and Peyton wonder if they'll be able to make their new-found romance work and if their friends and family will be able to except them.

A/N: Please no one ask me to mix and match couples. This is a Brooke/Peyton story all the way. And like I said before I just started watching the show so I'm still a lil lost. I've basically been getting all my info from other fics until it comes on TV. So if I make a mistake someone please tell me!


Chapter 1


(A few weeks after the storm.)

"So what movie do you wanna go see?" Peyton asked as she straddled Brooke who was lying on the bed in Peyton's room.

"Why do we have to go to the movies? I'd rather stay here and make out with you." Brooke pouted and ran her hands up and down Peyton's arms.

Peyton smiled and leaned down and kissed her tenderly. She pulled away but put her forehead on Brooke's. "I'd love that, believe me, but I really want to go see a movie tonight."

Brooke sat up, forcing Peyton to get off her. She sighed. "Alright, what do you wanna go see? I'm cool with whatever, just as long as I get to be near you." Peyton blushed.

"I hate when you make me blush." Brooke touched her cheek with her hand and kissed her. "I don't,"

"Obviously," Peyton giggled. "Okay, do you want to see Saw2 or Brokeback Mountain?"

"Those are my only choices huh?" Brooke grimaced.

Peyton nodded.


Brooke had finally decided on Saw2. Her and Peyton sat in the dark theater, the second they sat down Brooke laced fingers with her girlfriend. Taking every opportunity to get close to her.

Peyton grimaced at the gruesome images on the screen and put her face in the crook of Brooke's neck.

Brooke put an arm around her. "Baby it's okay, it's just a movie." She smiled.

"I know," Peyton started, her voice muttered. "It's just disgusting. How can you watch this junk?"

"We can leave if you want." Brooke offered.

"No," Peyton looked up. "You wanted to see this movie."

"No, you wanted to see any movie, remember?"

"Oh yea," Peyton nodded sheepishly. "C'mon, let's go." Brooke offered her hand and she took it. The two made their way out of the theater quickly and headed to Brooke's house.


"Ya know, I think I'm gonna spend the night after all." Peyton raised an eyebrow referring to Brooke's offer earlier at school. "I mean, no school tomorrow, we could sleep in, then go to the beach…or hang out here."

Brooke smiled and pulled Peyton onto her lap. They were both sitting on the bed again. "Have I ever told you how hot you are?" She started kissing her neck softly. Causing Peyton to shiver in ecstasy.

"Yes and I never get tired of hearing it." Peyton smiled.

"And I never get tired of saying it." Brooke said in between kisses. She put her hands under Peyton's shirt and on her bare back and massaged it.

The last couple weeks had been complete bliss for the couple. They had spent so much time together but no one seemed to notice since they were friends anyway. Brooke had never been one to have a serious relationship, but when she was Peyton she felt like a whole new person. Everytime Peyton said her name her breath caught in her throat and she got weak in the knees. Everytime Peyton was near her, touched her, she got butterflies in her stomach. She couldn't help but smile whenever she was around her and she could tell Peyton felt the same. She loved her, and that's all there was to it. The only problem was, they weren't able to share their true feelings with the rest of the world. It was confined to behind closed doors--to be kept secret forever.

Brooke frowned at the thought. Peyton got off her and looked at her with a concerned expression.

"What's wrong Tigger?"

She shook her head. "It's nothing,"

"Last time you said that you told me you had feelings for me. So spill."

"Alright," She laced her fingers with Peyton's. "Do you ever have regrets about us…" Peyton opened her mouth to object but Brooke stuck her hand out to indicate that she wasn't done talking yet. "I mean—do you ever regret the fact that we have to keep our relationship hidden from everyone else?"

Peyton looked away briefly then pulled Brooke closer to her. "Of course I don't regret us…I'll admit it's a little unfair that all those other couples get to be all over each other in public while we always have to be at one another's house…but I don't really care about that. I'd rather have you in secret than not at all."

Brooke's eye filled up with tears. But she'd never cried in front of anyone before so instead she pulled Peyton into a tight hug and whispered in her ear; "I love you so much Pey, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me."

She kissed Brooke on the forehead. "I love you too Brooke, I can't imagine being without you and I don't ever want to be."

The two started kissing passionately. Brooke laid Peyton down and they quickly broke the clothing barrier. Brooke kissed as much of her bare skin as she could before reaching her neck then her lips. Their tongues clashing. They got so lost in the passion they almost didn't hear the phone ringing on the stand next to them.

Peyton looked at it but Brooke turned her head back to her and kissed her. "Let it ring," She insisted.

"It's gonna wake up your parents." Peyton reminded her. Brooke rolled off her and let out a grunt of frustration and answered it.

"Hello?" She said, annoyed and slightly out of breath.

Peyton decided to use Brooke's distraction to her advantage. Brooke was lying on her back. She started kissing her neck, then her chest she kissed past her bellybutton…

"No Luke, I know we haven't done anything in awhile but I've b---" Brooke stopped, she bit her lip hard to keep from screaming out in pleasure at what Peyton was doing down below her waist. She pulled the phone away from her mouth so Luke couldn't hear and moaned softly. She grabbed onto her girlfriend's hair and urged her to continue."…Yea, sorry I got distracted. Umm, can we meet up tomorrow? Ok bye," She pressed the 'off' button and tossed it to the side and grinned down at Peyton.

Peyton looked up. "Who was that?"

"Luke," She answered quickly. Peyton looked discouraged, she sat up.

Brooke pouted. "Oh, please don't stop baby." She whined and sat up also, wrapping her blanket around her as Peyton did the same with a sheet.

"We haven't even talked about what you're going to do about Lucas. And we've been together almost a month!"

"Sweetie, don't worry about it. I love you." Brooke put a hand on her cheek.

"I know that, but, were we going to tell him about us?"

Brooke nodded. "I'm meeting him tomorrow to break it off." Peyton crossed her legs. "Should I come with you?"

"I don't think that'd be a great idea. He might feel like we're gaining up on him, don't worry about it Pey, I've got it covered." Brooke reassured her and laid down. Peyton rested her head on her shoulder and wrapped an arm around her waist.

"I love you Tigger." She whispered.

"I love you too Pey."


Ok, if this is worth continuing tell me. If not…well then I'll toss it. Next chapter Brooke breaks up with Lucas…