AUTHOR: I'm a huge fan of Advent Rising. Yes, the PC version has some bugs, but there's just something aboutthe gamethat I just so love. The universe. The story. The characters. I truly hope the trilogy will continue, but for the moment it all looks uncertain and the only people that can give a true answer are all silend. If I'd have to guess, I think we won't be hearing anything untill the end of this year, about whats gonna happen.

I did found an old article on gamespot, dating from last december, that Donald Mustard had left glyphx and started his own company or something, and was working on something super secret. Maybe its the next Advent game. Maybe its something else. All I know is that Mustard has been said to be commited to the trilogy, so I will continue to hope untill something is heard of him.

Anyway, lets get to that story I wrote. Its an OC fic and the name should give a hint to whats gonna happen to him. He's also wearing those grey uniforms,with the mask and blue goggles.I would also like to note that I am Icelandic and dont have a spell-checker so there are bound to be some erros, but I hope you will see pass that. Hope you enjoy!

(oh yeah, I know in the manual, the war that had been going on before the Aurelians came was called the Independence war in the game manual, but in the comics its called the Colony War. So, I flipped a coin and Colony War was chosen. Just so no one gets confused.)

"Hold the line, damnit! Hold the line! Don't let these bastards through!"

A stray rocket hit a burning car instead at the center of the attacking aliens, the only kill was one of those huge dog like creatures.

"Try to aim next time, Lansson! We don't got unlimited ammo here!"

"S-sorry, sir!"

"Don't be sorry! Be a killer!" Snapped the Colonel.

"They're making another charge!" As the words left the marine's mouth, a collective roar came from the aliens and dozens of them came charging across the burning street and towards the dug-out defenders, the sight of these huge creatures almost cracking the already strained marines.

Severel of them opened fire imidiatly, but the Colonel ordered otherwise, "Don't waste your ammo! All units, open fire when they pass that burning red convertible! Except you, Deadeye! Take as many of 'em as you can!"

"snkt- Already am, sir," came the cool reply from the Colonel's radio, as the leading creature, the biggest of the charging aliens, got a part of its head blown off. The body hit the ground and was imidiatly trambled by its own kind, they not even looking like they had noticed it. A second later, another of the aliens received a headshot, then another after that and another, yet the horde kept charging. When the marines finally opened fire, there were still over twenty of the aliens left.

A rocket hiting at the center took out five, while severel fell from the marines' fire. For just a second, it looked none of the aliens would reach the marines, when a large figure jumped up from behind the remaining alins, and landed among the marines. It was slimer then what they had seen so far, yet it was the most tallest, nearly three times taller then an average man, it holding some kind of a spear that was longer then the owner. Imidiatly, one of its large hands grabbed a marine's head and gaved a quick twist, then tossed the body away like a doll and charged towards the next one, decapitating a marine as it passed him. Panick erupted among the marines as they concentrated their fire on the attacker, completly ignoring the charging aliens and the yells from the Colonel.

Only Cain "Deadeye" Duncan, hiding in a balcony that gaved the perfect view over the streets kept firing at the charge. His killings almost mechanical, he moved the aim with skilled ease, taking headshot after headshot, not bothering to test his bullets against the aliens' body armour. Only when the last alien fell, just meters away from the defence line, did he look for the one that was causing havoc. He only had one bullet left in his rifle, but when he saw the big alien he knew he wouldn't need it. Its upper torse was covered in its purple blood, its hold on the spear looking strained as it slowly tried to rush towards the nearest marines. Another wave of shots blew chunks of flesh away as it staggered, then finally hit the ground, not moving.

Sweeping over the line, Cain saw that of the eighteen marines that been alive before the charge, only ten remained.

Shit. They threw over twenty of their own just to cover one. And it looks like it has worked.

Their poor defence line, consisting mostly of cars and rubble, had already been stretched to begin with, and ammo was starting to get low. Cain himself had three clips left for his sniper rifle, but since numbers favored the aliens, it was not much. If the aliens would make another charge...

"Snkt- Deadeye! Tell me what you see!" Colonel Harks' voice also showed strain. Little surprise, since no matter how many aliens they killed, five would take its place. That, and the local comm was filled with worse news. The streets were filled with those aliens bodies, and Cain tried to ignore the state of the buildings around them, seeing more of the city slowly crumbling would do no good.

"Duncan here, sir. No sign of life on the streets. I can see some movement coming from the aliens side," a head poked up from behind a broken wall, its face almost identical to the tall spear-swinging one. Cain didn't waste a moment in sending his last bullet to its head, "but it looks like they are laying low for now."

"Snkt- Understood. Inform me of any changes. Harks out."

Cain automaticly nodded as he ejected the empty clip and loaded a new one. No sooner had he done so, when Colonel Harks' voice came again.

"Snkt- All right, all units, squad one has succesfully evacutated all civilians into the sewers. I've ordered them to safeguard the civilians out of this city, and we are needed near Cardon Spaceport. Sounds like the bastards have taken an interest there. You all got one minute to grab whatever ammo you can find."

As the Colonel made the order, an echo of a sound emited across the street and he brought the scope to his eye to see what it was.

Sergeant Cain Duncan had a cool head and a cool mind. To a sniper, these traits were only second to patience. Cain had seen many things and done much during the Colony War, having fought in it for nearly four years before it finally ended, and two of those years had been spent in Spec Ops. Even an alien invasion had barely rattled his mind, though a part of him had wondered for a moment wether he should be worried for the lack of emotions that had triggered, then simply decided his battle-mode, a thing he had developed during the war where every feeling and emotion was pushed asside for the mission, had simply been activated on reflex.

But what he saw at that moment through the scope almost made him lose his cool.

"C-Colonel Harks! We...we have a situation."

"snkt- What? What is it!"

"I...I am not sure what I am seeing, but..." At the end of the street were five of those alien troopships that had landed what remained of the market place, and out of one of them came three...metal beings. It looked like...battle-robots of some kind. And out of the other four transports pored even more troops. Judging by the line that was forming, their destination was here, "...alien reinforcemends, and it looks like they have brought in the big guns, along with over fourty troops."

Stunned silence came from the Colonel. Thankfully, Cain had brought in the bad news via personnel comlink with the Colonel, and not the unit's comm. That, without a doubt, would have broken them. Cain heard the Colonel cut off the comm with him, then heard his voice over the unit comm, "Snkt- Alright everybody! Hustle up! Sounds like we're needed badly at that spaceport! We're moving out now!"

Waisting no time, Cain got to his feet, slung his rifle to his shoulder, then grabbed the robe he had tied to the balcony and jumped over. Using his military training, he slidded down the apartmend building as fast as he dared. He had no idea how long it would take the aliens to form up and move, or if they even did that at all, but he guessed less then three minutes.

By the time he reached the ground, Colonel Harks' unit were already moving towards the cargo elevator that lead straight up to the upper defence line. Judging by the explosions up there and the swarm of alien fighters and troopships in the sky, the battle was just as hard as it was down here.

As he wipped away sweat from his face and dust from his short blond hair,he realised he had forgotten his mask and goggles up on the balcony, but going back for it wasin't an option. Instead he gave his surroundings a quick scan with his light-grey colored eyes, his twenty one year old face showing no emotion. With no signs of the incoming alien attackers, he turned and ran towards the cargo elevator where the rest of his unit had went to.

The hangar was burning.

And yet, they still fought.

The capital city was crumbling around them.

And yet, they still fought.

Huge alien ships were slowly making their way towards the city.

And yet, they still fought.

Wave after wave, the enemy came.

And yet, they still fought.

What else could they do?

"Sir! We were able to re-route auxiliry powers into the turrets, they're on-line!"

"Finally! Deadeye! You're our best shooter, you take one of the turrets and make sure they don't attack our rear!"

"Yes, sir!" Cain handed the rocket launcher to the marine next to him, then ran away from the defence line, keeping his head low as green laser shots flew over his head. As Cain reached the turrets, they were slowly rising up and powering, all in all there were three of them now on-line.

It wasin't enough by a longshot, but that did not stop Cain and two other marines taking controls. The two marines started turning the turrets inside of the hangar, "No! Concentrate your fire on the troopships! Don't give them a chance to land here!" As if to emphasize his point, Cain opened fire on a passing alien ship. Pieces of its black hull was blown away, but it still flew when it dissappeared out of sight. The next ship was not so lucky, nor the third.

Half of the troopship's engines blew, sending the black ship spiraling towards the ground. Cain ignored the victory shouts coming from some of the marines, focusing on finding the next target. There were plenty to go around.

Out of the corner of his sight, Cain saw that someone finally bothered to try and put out the flames of the turret on his left. The guy in the controls had lost himself after seeing a civilian transport getting blown up, shooting at anything that moved, with the exception of a rocket that directly hit him.

The battle for the hangar had reached a stalemate, neither side taking or giving in territory, but both fought furiosly.

"-snkt! Repeat: This is generel message from Admiral Torn to all units; should you locate Captain Wyeth, you are to bring him to Command HQ. Any other orders you have will have to be put asside! Repeat: This is generel message from-" The same message had been repeating itself over and over again for the past hour.

Makes sense. We could use someone with Captain Wyeth's experience. Hell, we could use a hundred Wyeths right about now. Even his little brother would do just fine.

Asside from the generel broadcast, the battle-comm was filled with grim news. The aliens were simoltaniosly attacking all military targets within and outside Bahr Han city and beyond, the hope of getting any armour support was lost, what little remained of air units were getting shot down one by one and all military units on the ground were under heavy fire and on their own with no hope of getting any kind of reinforcements anytime soon.

Another troopship got close and fired five rockets. Cain shot four of them and the fifth flew pass him and hit the hangar's floor, making some people fly of their feet but no one seemed to have gotten killed. Cain targeted the engines, since it looked like the front of the ships were built with their armor strongest. The ship tried to veer sharply to the right, but Cain kept his aim on the engines and didn't release the trigger untill the engines exploded.

Then something unexpected happened.

Maybe the pilot decided to take out as many of them as it could or berhaps it just happened to move at the same time the engines exploded. Whatever the reason, the ship lurched forward on a crash course, straight towards Cain's position.

"Everybody run!" yelled Cain, as loud as he could as he jumped off the turret and ran as fast as he could. Panicked cries came from those who saw what was coming as they too broke into runs. The incoming troopship crashed into the two turrets, the explosions from the turrets momenterily shook the entire installation as the ship, now on fire, slidded across the hangar, heading dangerously close towards the marines' line.

When it finally stopped, the bulk was in the way for Cain to see if it had hit any of the marines. In fact, it was blocking the entire way, the only way to reach them was to run around the entire hangar, "Colonel Harks, this sergeant Duncan! Come in, sir!" For long seconds nothing but static came from the radio, untill finally a familiar curse came from it.

"snkt-oddy hell that was close! Sergeant! I thought you were called Deadeye for a reason! The hell happened?"

"I'm sorry sir, but the pilot must have tried to get us all as I blew its engines. Are there any casulties, sir?"

"snkt-Hell yes we got casulties, though none because of that damn ship! And why have the turrets all gone silend?"

"The ship got the remaining two turrets, sir, we're defenceless on this section of the hangar."

"snkt-Defenceless? I know for a fact that there are three more turrets on the other side of that section of the hangar! Have those tech heads to make them up and running NOW!"

Cain looked around, searching for anyone wearing tech uniforms. People were slowly recovering from running away a crashing ship, but none of them were the techs. A Private carrying a medkit ran past Cain and he quickly grabbed the Private's shoulder, "Have you seen any of the technicians?"

"I-I don't know, s-sir, I-I think I h-heard someone f-fall when the turrets exploded!" The Private resumed his running towards the wounded, just as Cain spotted a burning body laying on the floor between the two ruined turrets.

"Sir, this is Duncan. Both of them are dead."

"snkt- Come again?"

"One was killed when the turrets exploded and a Private belives he heard someone fall of the hangar."

"snkt- sonofa!-" Colonel Harks' transmission ended abrudly, and sounds of alien weapons charges were heard on the other side of the downed ship, mixed with rifle fire from the marines.

"Colonel! Colonel Harks, what's happening?"

"snkt- The bastards are making another push! Sergeant, gather whatever men you can find and establish a defence line! I'm putting you in charge to hold them off, so don't make me regret it!"

Hearing those words made Cain pause, trying to comprehend if he had heard right, "But...sir, I-"

"snkt- you're wearing those rank bars for a reason!"

"But I only got them five days ago, sir, and I don't have the experience to command a unit!"

"snkt- well, son, I guess now's the time as good as any to start learning. Harks out."

For just a second, Cain did nothing. Up untill now, he had simply been a Private. A Private that was part of Spec Ops, but Private none the less, were he took orders instead of making them. Then, after the war, someone up in High Command noted his service record and gaved him a jump all the way to Sergeant just five days ago. He had never ordered anyone in his entire life, hell, he had barely spoken to anyone during the Colony War and now... he had been placed in command.

During an alien invasion.

That made him snap back to the real world.

"Private! How many of the wounded are able to fight?" He barked as he marched towards where the wounded were, in one of the hangar's corners. Over a dozen had white sheets on top of them, most of them bloody.

"Ah, s-sir, I-I'm n-not a qualified medik, I'm still being trained!" The kid, not even old enough to shave, was visibly shaking and his eyes were wide and his mind no doubt on the verge of a shutdown. That would not do.

"Then who's your trainer?"

The kid silendly pointed at one of the white sheets.


"Inspect the wounded. Anyone that can stand on one leg and shoot with one hand are to be given weapons. When thats done, you come to me and tell me how many you were able to muster."

"B-but, sir! I-"

"Just do as you're told, Private. Its that simple," Cain made himself sound clear his order was to be followed, yet the kid looked for a moment he was about to argue, then shakily nodded and ran towards the wounded. Near the elevators, Cain spotted a Corporal going over some supply boxes.

"Corporal! What's the status with the ammo?"

The Corporal, with a nasy cut on his thirty something year old face, looked Cain with irritation, then blinked startled when he noticed the rank bars, "Ah, sir, its, its not looking good. We only got four boxes left for the XJ9, two for the Faust C-41 and all the remaining ammo for the rocket launchers are with them," he replied, pointing towards the crashed ship where Harks was on the other side.

"Uh, sir?" Turning, the kid was back, "I-I was able to get f-five more able bodies, sir."

Five more, adding to the eight marines that are still on their feet, including me. Lucky thirteen.

"I see. Corporal, give fresh ammo clips to-" Cain blinked as he spotted civilians sitting among the wounded and probably trying not to panic, "What are those civilians doing there?"

"Oh, uh, t-they were at the hangar at the beginning of the a-attack, sir. T-they haven't been in the way and-"

"Private, have those civilians help you move the seriosly wounded into the elevators here and get them to a safe place. Corporal, give ammo clips to those who need it," Cain turned to get a full view of the hangar's section he was supposed to defend, but instead he blinked in surprise.

Before Cain was given command, the marines who could walk had looked uncertain, unsure of what proper action was best, but when hearing that someone had stepped up and started issuing orders, they had all walked to Cain, waiting for him to tell them what to do, including the wounded.

Cain didn't waste a moment.

"We are to defend and repel the attackers. We'll need proper defencives so I want these crates moved to form a barricade that will cover half the hangar. We're low on ammo, so make your shots count. Get to it," Cain had seen hundreds of orders given, all differendly said depending on the officer, but he felt that a slightly raised, clear and calmed voice was the best one in this situation. He silendly hoped he had sounded as well as he intended. He didn't bother to add something encouraging, like help would be on the way or that they could beat those aliens easily. All the marines were grown up men, all experienced and they all knew the score. The fight was going to get worse before it would have a chance to get better.

As the marines received ammo from the Corporal, an all too familiar sounds of engines was heard approacing the hangar. Everyone looked as one as the alien troopship appeared, hovering just outside the hangar, looking like it was prepearing itself to land. Cain didn't give any order, there was no need. As one, they all loaded up and took cover wherever they could find it and aimed their weapons at the ship, waiting for the enemy to make the first move.

The ship lurched forward and every finger tightened on the trigger. Cain brought the scope to his eye, ready to take out any fired missiles.

Then, the ship suddenly stopped, almost looking uncertain where it just hovered, then turned and flew away.

The only thing breaking the silence in the hangar was the burning ship, and the sounds of battle outside.

"Did...did I just see that?" Asked one of the marines to no one in particular.

"I was about to ask the same thing," remarked another.

Cain didn't like this new tactic. Not one bit. Those aliens had shown no hesitation in throwing themselves into a fight before, why would they start doing it now?

"snkt- Harks to Duncan! Is the same thing happening to you thats happening to us?"

"If you mean that the aliens suddenly decided to go away, sir, then yes, we are."

"snkt- I don't like it. I don't like it one bit! Stay on your toes, they may be gathering up their forces for one huge strike."

"Yes, sir," Cain then turned to the marines, "alright, everyone continue building that defence line . I want it ready in five," Without waiting to see if the marines followed his order, Cain jogged towards the opening of the hangar, his grib on his rifle tightening. When he reached the edge, he was given a big view of Bahr Han City. It took a lot of his self-control to suppress the massive urge to fall to his knees, to yell in rage or feeling totally hopeless.

It looked like every street on the ground, every rooftop and every defence platforms were being fought over brutally. What was worse, they were losing. Slowly. Gradually. So far, no one had uttered a word of surrender or retreat on the comms. After all, why would that make the aliens stop when a surrender was given, when they were winning at their own leisure?

Another sound of alien engines and a troopship flew past the hangar, the air current almost knocking Cain off his feet. Yet another ship had ignored this hangar, when everything else was being fought over. As Cain tried to figure out why, he finally noticed that something He couldn't put his finger on it, it was just...there. A feeling. A gut instinct, and his guts were rarelly wrong.

Seeing nothing, he instead listenned and almost imidiatly heard it. It sounded like the engines of the aliens, only these ones were deeper, sounded bigger too was causing the hangar to slightly vibrate. Cain blinked as that info sank in, looking at his hand that had rested against the metal wall, feeling and seeing his hand slightly vibrate.

Then, something blocked the sun.

Cain looked upp purely on reflex. Then wished by all the mightiest power in the entire univers that he hadn't done so.

Slowly sailing through smoke and clouds, a ship bigger and wider then the talles building in the city, slowly came forth, its size and shape meant to strike fear in anyone that saw it. Cain's breath got stuck in his throat untill he noticed how close the ship was sailing pass the hangar, and the numerous guns on it.

If it continues its course it'll be perfectly aligned to...

"Everybody off this hangar! Move! Move! Move!" Cain yelled at the top of his lungs as he ran back towards his troops, fumbling for his radio, "Harks! Harks! This is Duncan, you have to leave the hangar right now!"

"snkt- The hell did you just say?"

"Sir, an alien capital ship is about to pass by and the reason why the smaller ships are ignoring us is because they intend to blow this place up! You have to get out of here now!" Strings of curses came from Harks as Cain reached his unit. Cain felt a moment of slight relief when he saw that the wounded had been moved into one of the elevators, but that left only one for the rest.

"snkt- Listen sergeant, we can't waste time circling around the place to reach you, so we're going for the cargo elevator on the other side of the hangar. When you've evacuated everybody, meet us at the Hickard Museum. Good luck, son, Harks out."

"Everybody into the elevator now!" Snapped Cain when he reached his men.


"An alien capital ship is about to pass by and the reason why the troopships have been ignoring us is because they're gonna blow this place up. Now move!" The marines needed no more encouragement as they ran for the last remaining elevator. But the elevator was too small, and when it was full, there were two other marines left outside including Cain.

One of the marines in the elevator slowly started to get out, "Sir, I think-"

"That you all head for the Hickard Museum where you will meet Colonel Harks. Don't worry about us, we'll be fine," and with that, Cain pressed a button and the elevator doors closed. Waiting for a few seconds, Cain called for it again and waited for it, while the other two marines were unable to hide their nervousness, and it only increased the as the sounds of the big ship's engines slowly became louder and the metal crates around started vibrating.

After waiting for what seemed like hours, the elevator finally came back, revealing it to be empty. Cain and the marines quickly got in, and just as the doors opened, a part of the alien ship could be seen through the hangar doors.

"Oh my God..." One of them whispered, and a second before the doors closed, a bright purple flash came from the ship.

Huge explosions sounds came as the elevator went down, the entire building shaking with each explosion. Then suddenly, the doors above them bursted open, and flames rushed in. The sounds of something snapping came, and the elevator started to crash down.

"Shit! Someone hit the brakes!" A marine yelled while hanging on to a railing. The other marine said something, but the explosions above them drowned out the words. Cain tried to reach the controls when the brakes kicked in. The elevator lurched and kept falling down, though it was slowing. The same marine smiled and yelled something happy, when the sounds of metal ripping apart came and the elevator went back into full speed down.

Cain sat in the corner, bracing himself for the crash and the other marines tried to do the same. The elevators were toughly build, but there was no way telling how far up they had started falling. Maybe-

When the elevator reached the ground, the shock made Cain black out.