Truth or dare: naruto style

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Chapter 1

Game start

Hey ya'll want to play a game

Like what shikamaru

Ya and it better not be something stupid shikamaru

It's not neji

Than what is it

Well ya'll I figured we could play truth or dare

Ok (most of them said)

What about you sasuke

Ya sasuke come on

All sasuke did was lean against the wall

Please sasuke please

Ok but on one condition shikamaru

What's that?

I go first


Truth or dare naruto


Ok then I dare ya to speak like a girl for the next 2 turns



Fine I will ok shikamaru truth or dare


Ok have you kissed ino?

Ya once by accident


It was an accident

Ok neji truth or dare

Dare shikamaru

Oki dare ya to kiss sasuke ok the check

What no

Ya have to


(He said walking over and kissing sasuke on the check)

That was nasty shikamaru


Ok naruto truth or dare

Truth (girl voice)

Oh how fun do you like hinta

No yes yes now leave me alone ok sasuke truth or dare (girl voice)

Dare miss naruto

Don't call me that and I dare you to give me your kunai knifes

Fine here even though that was a dumb dare


Ok neji truth or dare

Dare sasuke

Ok neji I dare you to take my kunai knifes from naruto and give them to me

Ok here

No that's wrong (girl voice)

Whatever miss naruto

Oh just one more turn and I'm free of talking like this (girl voice)

Ok shikamaru truth or dare


Ok I dare ya to call ino and tell her you love her

What that's mean neji

No it's not so just do it?

Fine I will were's the phone

Here shikamaru


(378-6696 ring ring ring. Hello, hi ino, I have something to tell you, what's that, I love you bye.)

There I did it

Ok sasuke truth or dare


Ok then I dare you to wear this pink shirt tell the end of the game?



Hell no


Hell no

Hell yes

Fine were the fuck is it

Here ya go

(Takes off his shirt and puts on the pink one) ("A/n damn he must be sexy")

Ok neji truth or dare

Truth sasuke

Ok neji who do ya like

Ummmm I like ten ten right now


Ya she is totally hot

Ok neji slow down

Ok shikamaru truth or dare


Are ya really in love with ino?

Yes I am neji

Ok shikamaru ya are freaking us out stop dancing

Ok umm naruto truth or dare


I dare ya to kiss hinta the nest time ya see her



No way

Why not

I don't know

Ya have to

Fine I will sasuke truth or dare


Who do ya like?

No one

What ever

No one

That's not true your blushing

Ok then I like sakura

Ya do sasuke

Yes leave me alone

Ok truth or dare neji


Ok I dare ya to huge naruto

What ya fine

(Walks over and hugs naruto)

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