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(" These are their thought's and they will be inside these things")

ch.4 game play and game over

well you know what am not into so much of playin anymore

why sakura

because i just don't don't like it kiss my ass

ok sakura are we touchy or what

shut the fuck up naruto

no and you can't make me

nope i can't that's why am leavin (said gettin up and walkin out the door)

sakura wait (sasuke said followin)

what do you want sasuke

nothin thought i would walk you home

ok you are really startin to scare me you know that

nope just takin a little advice and bein myself for once

oh that's nice but why now

i don't know just feel like it

so any way what is the reason why you are walkin me home

i guess maybe to get something off my mind i don't know really

well what is it what do you want to get off your mind (sakura said stopin in the street)

oh nothin forget i brought it even up and why did you stop

well one i want to know what your talkin about and two that's why i stopped

well it's nothin sakura so lets just keep goin huh

why when you said you something on your mind so talk about it

i don't want to talk about it

then why did you bring it up

i don't know and i'm droppin it ( sasuke said as they started walkin again)

ok i guess we well drop it since you don't want to talk about it

ok thats good cause i don't

fine with me what do you want to talk about then

hell if i know i don't talk much

well you don't have to talk much to talk about something

didn't say you did

well i didn't either

well sounded like you did

well i didn't

well fine then why don't we talk about nothin

well nothin is not a very good subject and look we are almost to my place

and what about your place

it means am almost home (sakura said walkin up the stairs with sasuke still beside her)

well i guess thats good for you huh

well i guess so i guess i will see you in the morin (said unlockin her door)

well you know i guess i could tell you whats on my mind

oh know you decide to do that when am home

and so i can choose to tell things when i want to

well am goin in so you can't tell me cause i choose not to listen

well fine you won't listen then i'll show you ( he said movin in and kissin sakura )

um ok

there you happy

what the hell is that suppose to mean

i guess it means you know that i like or really love you to even thought it's been a long time since i really had feelings for some one you know

well i guess you want to come in or somethin

um i don't care (sasuke said followin sakura into her dark apartment)

ok (she said flipin the switch to show a farly emty apartment yet small with a small kitchen with a small living room and two rooms in the back as to say are the bed room and bathroom)

small place

yea i know but it's all i can afford at the time make your self at home on the couch and i'll get us something to drink

um ok

what do you want

water will be fine


so um

here you go and so what (sakura said sittin beside sasuke but a little closer than normal)


so what made you say what you say

i don't know really i guess i don't know it's hard to explain

well it's nice to know

how is that

well i don't know really

if you don't know how am i suppose to know

ok know i'm gettin scared you are makin no since to me

well it's not like you are sakura

well sorry sasuke



can i ask you somethin

what you can ask anything

well you be my girlfriend and see if it works out

sure i would love to

to be con... (maybe)

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