Harry Potter And The Birth Of The Shadow Mage

Chapter 1 Hell's Door

The screams had gone.

Six months had passed since hell had started; Harry the supposedly famous-boy-who lived had been rotting in an Azkaban cell since his 16th Birthday.

The Minister of Magic had thought it a funny Birthday present to turn up at Privet Drive with 16 Auror's, his loving family had gone from raving lunatics to the epitome of helpfulness when they had heard why they had turned up.

"God he hated those bastards"

The Minister had turned up at one in the morning and had the Auror's arrest him, Harry who was to busy thinking about his dead godfather to argue with them, had just denied everything they said. That had proved to be mistake as they then threatened him with Veritaserum, Harry had heard that as a minor they couldn't give it to him so he had told them to try it, what he hadn't known was that in Sirius's will he had been given the choice of either being emancipated or his guardianship passed on to Remus.

When he had been pushed into the chair in the court room the chains had attached themselves to him and the questions started, it had shocked him to find out they new about him casting an unforgivable, and he thought that was the end of it but then they moved on they asked him if he liked it and would he do it again, he wanted to say no but the truth was he did, the questions then moved on to Sirius and his illegal use of a time turner, bye the time they had finished they new everything from all the homework he had never done to harbouring a criminal.

He had come away with a 221 year life sentence and lost the little amount of respect he had, his friends had made that none quite well.


Mr Harry James Potter aged 16 and without any legal magic guardians due to emancipation is sentenced to eight life imprisonments and 21 years for the crimes of:

Casting an Unforgivable

Intent to cast an Unforgivable again

Learning to and having Knowledge of the dark arts

The Ownership of Dark Item's

For the illegal use of a time turner

For lying to an Auror and for withholding evidence

For harbouring a none criminal

For helping a none criminal

Attempting to teach dark arts to other students

and abusive and antisocial behaviour to your muggle guardians

Your wand will be snapped and you transported to Azkaban immediately

End Flashback

Harry's heart had dropped when they said they were going to snap his wand they had been through so much together, even if it was a brother wand with Voldemort it was special and had saved his life on more than one occasion, but that was nothing compared to the verbal thrashing his so called best friends had given him.


He was pleading with them that he was innocent that he never did any off it but they just dragged him through the crowd, as he went passed his friends he shouted to them

"Ron, Hermione you believe I'm innocent don't you"

Hermione had retorted "you're a disgusting bastard who should of died instead of your parents, they must be really ashamed of you, I hate you, you horrible bastard"

He new there and then that if Hermione didn't believe him then Ron wouldn't and he was right

"Harry I trusted you, I let you teach me DADA in the DA when you where just using it as an excuse to train up your own little death eater gang" Ron bellowed

"but Ron I"

"I don't want to hear your shit Harry My family trusted you"

"She killed Sirius"

"We've all suffered loss's but I don't go using the unforgivable's on the Malfoy's after what they did to Ginny do I" Ron bellow trying to reach Harry but being held back by Hermione and Ginny

He was about to argue back that Ginny was alive and that he had saved her but Ginny had grabbed Ron and with a snare had dragged Ron off.

After hearing what they had said he didn't even want to see the others he just collapsed and cried.

End Flashback

Harry didn't understand why his friends had turned on him, so what he had cast an unforgivable, that didn't make him evil, his friends should of none that and why had Dumbledore agreed with them, had he no shown time and time again that he was a light wizard every one got angry and did things they regretted, ha I wonder if Ron still thinks I get special treatment, properly things iv got a cosy bed and quiditch magazines.

Harry looked around the cell he had been given in one corner was what was most likely once a bed but rot and bugs had turned it into a grey blob that would properly kill you if you lied on it, in the over corner was a bucket that was used as a toilet and cleaned out every two days not that it was used much as he only got fed twice a day on what was hopefully gruel, he shuddered to think what might actually be in there, and then there was the best thing about the place, the Dementors there was normally two on guard but a new batch of prisoners had come in and they had gone off to feed on new thoughts.

He didn't know what he done to deserve to be in here and he didn't care any more, the shy good natured Boy-who-lived had died and all that was left was Harry Potter who wanted revenge on his friends and would deliver it if he ever got out of here.

Harry could feel the coldness coming back, the dementors where on there way.

The screams started again.