Harry Potter And The Birth Of The Shadow Mage

Harry Potter And The Birth Of The Shadow Mage

Chapter 19: Task 3

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Harry faced the door preparing him-self for the last task; it was to take place in the same room as the second task but unlike the last two Flames had not told him what this one was about. Hearing the gong that signaled the beginning of the task Harry walked through the door and looked around there where 3 marble pillars set around the room each with something on, the first had what looked like a death eater in the usual black robe's and mask, the second held a Acromantula slightly smaller then Aragog, the third held a beautiful Unicorn

"Well this is interesting" Harry spoke aloud "do I get to know what I have to do"

"You must defeat the three before you" a soft feminine voice spoke to him

"Erm how do you mean by defeat" Harry asked

"By taking there life" the voice spoke back

"Hell no that's a bloody Unicorn" Harry shouted back

"Think of the power it would give u" the voice spoke "and what of the other two they are evil creatures"

"I don't care what they are there just standing there, there not even attacking me" Harry replied wondering how he was going to explain this to Sharlet

"Do you not want to pass, do you not want the power to save your loved one's" the voice taunted

"No" Harry cried dropping to the floor

"So be it" the voice spoke

"Congratulations Harry" Sharlet shouted running over to him

"What do you mean" Harry asked back

"You passed" Sharlet replied

"How" Harry asked

"The idea of that test was to see what you would do to gain power" Flames said "the idea was that you didn't kill any of them"

"Wow I thought I had failed" Harry whispered

"Yes well now comes the next part, I'm sure that you're up to it sis" Flames asked looking at Sharlet

"Yep, see you in an hour" Sharlet replied

"Where we going" Harry asked

"You need formal robes to except your price"

Exactly 49 minutes later a rather flustered Harry left his room wearing a new set of red and black dance robe's that made him rather dark looking, Sharlet stood next to him once again wearing one of her own creations but this time the water was black it felt weird to touch it but he was not about to complain, grabbing her hand he let her guide him back to the hall where they first entered, they stood waiting outside the hall for the doors to open. The great doors opened causing Harry to gasp there where hundreds of people standing around, just by looking Harry could tell there where over 20 different races in attendance

"See that women over there" Sharlet said pointing to a rather slim but well built women "She's the head of the Shadow Guild a group of assassin who blend magic and muggle weapons together, I would stay away from her if I where you as soon as she finds out you're a shadow mage she will be all over you as your abilities could make you one of there best"

"Who's that" Harry asked pointing to a man with six fingers

"That's Lord Grazzet" Sharlet replied "He's one of the demon lords, I would not go near him if I where you"

"Okay, what about" but the rest of his sentence was cut of as Flames stood up

"Welcome my friends, my enemies, and everyone else, I have brought you all together to welcome a new face to the great game of life" Flames shouted "May I introduce Lord Potter, Draconia's new champion.

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