Journey to the Battlefront

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-Chapter One-

Another Chance

Chalk-white face and blood red eyes,

He uses force, fear and lies,

White fingers long and slender;

At their tips- all surrender.

A snake like mouth without a nose,

He cares no more for friends than foes.

Great skill and a cunning head,

No one lives if he wants him dead

It was a large room with a high ceiling and without a window. The feeble light came from the lonely candle placed on a snake-shaped candle stand in one corner. A pale-faced boy was cowering against the dark stone- wall, his terrified grey eyes fixed on the tall-cloaked figure in the middle of the room.The boy was desperately trying to think of something to abatethe other'sanger. He had been thinking nothing else for the last few days, but he had not been forgiven yet. It seemed his punishment would go on for the rest of his life, which he did not think would hold much longer anyway. He could not remember when he had last slept and every single bone, muscle, tendon and ligament in his body burnt ceaselessly . The figure raised his wand and said softly, "Crucio." Immediately the boy fell to the ground, his limbs folded, withering and screaming in agony. The door of the room burst open and a blonde woman rushed into the room and fell on her knees before the man with the wand. Her face was stark white. She had the look of a defeated woman, with her pale skin and shadowed eyes. "Have mercy master, please," she pleaded, her voice shaking.

" Haven't I shown enough mercy already, Narcissa?" asked the figure. "I showed mercy when Lucius failed me by giving his son a second chance. But Draco has failed me too. He had that muggle loving old fool wandless and cornered, but he could not kill him. But perhaps he did not want to kill him? Perhaps," he added in a dangerous tone, " perhaps he did not wish to carry out my orders!"

" Master," gasped Draco, "I would never dream of disobeying you, I did try.."

"Silence!" said the tall man; "I have had enough patience with you. Crucio."

"!" screamed Narcissa and threw herself in front of her son. Her son tried to push her away but she did not move. The man lowered his wand but his eyes were icy cold.

"Not my only son, my lord," she whispered, "Punish me please."

Tears were streaming from her blue eyes.

" The Malfoys have let me down." Said the cold voice. " Lucius, whom I trusted above many others, failed to give me the prophecy. Draco failed to kill Dumbledore. And you Narcissa, you too have let me down. You should have taught your son to be faithful to me, instead you ask me for mercy! You beg, like mudbloods and muggles, for life that should be willingly laid down for me.. I confess myself disappointed."

" Forgive us all please master." She sobbed.

" Lord Voldemort never forgives Narcissa. No, he wants repayments for all mistakes. Draco's action, or rather, his inaction has cost me a faithful servant from the Order of the Phoenix. I must have reparation for my loss." The candle flame danced in his scarlet eyes like a pair of hungry serpents.

" Master, Draco will do anything, anything you ask of him." She was still on her knees.

" I will, master." Said Draco.

Voldemort looked down at the pair of them, pleading, pitiful.

"All right." He said. "I give him another chance. But he must not disappoint me again."

" Thank you master, you are very kind." They murmured together and kissed the hem of his robes.

"You must leave now Narcissa," said Voldemort coldly, "while I give him his orders."

Narcissa rose. Reaching the door she turned back and looked helplessly at the bent figure of her son, at his pale face silhouetted against the towering darkness. Slowly, unwillingly, she turned and left the room, living her son at the mercy of their lord and master.

Chapter 2: Owlpost at Muggle Lane

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