AN: Just a short little drabble between fics. I can't imagine anyone who would go through that and not come out shaken.Sometimes a hug is all that is needed :)

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Best Cure

He saw. No one else did.

He saw through the mask that she put in place to hide her feelings.

He saw how she barely kept from breaking down. How close to collapse she was when talking to the Father.

He watched her from the backseat of the car as she stared vacantly out the window on the drive back to Threshold.

He kept close to her as they walked through the halls to the ready room. He watched, fascinated, as she dissembled and portrayed a face of confidence during the briefing. His instincts screamed that she was shattering inside.

He watched as the debriefing was wound up and she struggled to maintain control of her emotions, to hold them in check and not let them overwhelm her precarious self-control.

He watched as she walked through the door and turned the corner into the hallway that connects to her office. He knew that behind that closed door she would fall apart, away from prying eyes. He had heard her before, late one night after a particularly nasty encounter with an infectee. He hadn't had the courage to confront her then.

He did now.

He got up from his seat in the ready room. He followed in her footsteps and softly made his way through the hallways to the closed door. He wondered if she saw the irony of it: one door closing was the catalyst for another opening.

He pushed open the door without knocking.

She was curled up in the armchair, locked in her inner pain. Eyes glassy, haunted sorrows echoing the panic that shone from her face when she was chained to the pole. She looked up at the sound of the door opening.

Neither moved for a full minute, sharing the pain.

Both moved at the same time. She melted into his arms, head over his heartbeat. His arms circled her shoulders, drawing her close. He stroked her hair soothingly. She looked up.

And smiled.

No words were necessary. The gratitude in her smile and the thanks in her eyes was a balm for his own wounds.

Sometimes a good hug is the best cure of all.