A Dream?

By Miss P
Summary: POEM, Parker is thinking about Jarod… kind of.
This summary really sucks, doesn't it? lol
Disclaimer: I do own the poem, but I'm not getting paid for writing it…


The moonlight falls across the floor,
casting shadows, I'm lonely, this time even more.
But what I do doesn't really matter,
the pain in my heart makes me sadder and sadder.
I need you to hold me, to dry me tears,
to kiss me, to fight away all my fears.

Suddenly the door opens with a ray of light,
you're there promising everything will be alright.
I'm not surprised, I know you too well,
but I know I can never escape this personal hell.
Like in a dream you pull me close,
I feel your scent, the smell of rose.
Softly you whisper in my ear,
the things that make me smile, the things I need to hear.

You show me so much love, like no one's ever done.
I close my eyes to sleep, when I wake up everything's gone.
The warmness that you gave me,
the hope you made me see.
Without it I am nothing, the pain is all I feel.
And I cannot help but wonder, if it's a dream or if it's real…