Well, another day another story to write. How exciting! This one will go a lot slower than my last one because my schedule changes and I don't have as long of breaks between classes. But I'll update as fast as I can. I hope you like it!

Johnny's POV

"Is it safe yet?" I asked hesitantly as I finished my fifth barbeque sandwich.

"I think so. The cops called me into the station and I kind of led them to believe that ya'll were headed to Texas. Texas, man, can you believe it? Two-Bit was believing it, too, because he wanted to go look for you there. You got everyone worried, but no one as bad as Darry." Dallas said, looking at Pony.

"Yeah, right." I head Pony mumble under his breath. I knew that Pony still believed that Darry hated him, and I hated the thought of it. The whole gang knew how much Darry loved Pony and how he worried all the time. He never tried to let on, but we all knew the truth.

"We should go back." I said.

"What?" Pony exclaimed.

"What are you talkin' about? You can't go back. You'll be jailed for sure." Dallas argued.

"I have to! It's not fair that Soda and Darry are so worried about Pony. Pony didn't do anything. Besides, it was self-defense. Maybe they'll let me off easy."

"Listen to me, and I mean listen real good. Greasers don't get off easy. They never do. We're not like the Socs. They get every break, but we don't. We get punished for their crimes. Don't get your hopes up, because you'll never get off easy." Dallas said, his voice deadly cold.

I gulped. I didn't really want to go to jail, but I had to do something. I couldn't spend the rest of my life in this church.

"We're going back." I said one more time, and that was the last that was said.

We drovee out of the parking lot and Dallas finally spoke.

"I just don't want to see you get hurt. You get mean in jail, and I don't want that to happen to you, like it did to me." Dallas said, his voice gentle.

I was about to say something, but we pulled up to the church and it was on fire!

"Jesus Christ." I heard Dallas mutter.

We pulled up beside the church and Pony jumped out.

He walked up to some people and talked to them for a minute, then some woman started screaming.

"Pony! Get back here!" I heard Dallas bark.

"Pony!" I called when I saw Pony run to the burning church.

I was about to get out of the car and go after him, but Dallas stopped me.

"You get out of that car and I'll beat the tar out of you." He said.

I sat back down, helpless to what would happen to Pony.

Pony's POV

We started it. We started it. We started it! I kept saying in my head. How could we have let this happen? We should have been more careful.

I climbed through burning debris. I looked around. I thought that guy was coming with me. He must have chickened out.

I heard screaming coming from the back, so I made my way there. I was hot with Buck's jacket on me, but there was no time to take it off

I came upon some kids in the back.

"It's okay! I'm here to help!" I screamed above the noise.

I opened up a window near them and lifted one child up and dropped him out of the window. I didn't know how far down it was, but I figured it'd be better for them to have a broken arm than burn up in here.

I finally got them all out the window, but I heard another scream. It was coming from the other side.

I saw Dallas through the window, screaming about how the roof was going to cave in.

I had to get to the other kids. I made my way, and felt a slight stinging on my arm. I ignored it. All I could think of was that we started it, and it was up to me to fix it.

I got to the other kids. I dropped them out the window as fast as I could. One bit me on the hand, and I recoiledfor a second. But I had to keep going.

My breathing slowed considerably. It was too hot in here. I had to get out. I dropped the last child out and I was about to join them, when something hit me from behind and I lost all consciousness.

Dallas' POV

The last of the kids were out, and Johnny and I ran to the church.

"Pony!" I screamed when I saw him laying on the floor. That roof was going to fall in any second. Where were those damn firefighters?

"I'll be right back! Stay here!" I screamed to Johnny. I rushed to the window Pony had been dropping kids out of and climbed in.

"Damn it." I muttered when I saw that Pony was unconscious. But what scared me the most was when I noticed that his right claf was on fire.

I lifted him up as quickly as I could and as I was climbing out the window, the church roof gave way.

We made it out by seconds. My breathing was fast. I noticed that my arm was on fire, so I beat it on the ground until it went out. It hurt like hell, but I'd never complain.

Someone was beating on Pony's leg, trying to get the fire out on it.

Johnny stood by, watching everything that was going on.

"Dallas? You okay?" He asked when I stood up.

"Yeah." I answered.

"What about Pony?"

"I don't know, man. I don't know." I replied truthfully.

Darry's going to hate me for this.

Don't worry! I'll post more really soon.