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Chapter one: Reunion

Christopher Carrion's body felt like it was on fire as the salty waters seeped into his open wounds, but still he was alive. He had been washed up on one of the street roads of the godforsaken Chickentown. All he felt was pain and it was everywhere like a disease, the sort of pain that made you wish you could tear out your own soul and rip it to pieces if such action would make it stop. Christopher knew it wouldn't, it was like a punishment really. He had never won the chase of his beloved angel; the aching in his heart would die with him. Then… he heard it.

The first sign of his heart slowing was the most welcome and wanted sound he ever heard. His eyes fluttered as his mind swam in the depths that were beginning to already darken. What surprised him ever so slightly was that in his final hours he was thinking of that day, when she died, his beautiful angel who now lived in another. But on that day…his mind seemed to change to a different memory of that day; it was almost strange he could not remember. He remembered he was in his room …then the color of crimson all over… He shook his head slightly, trying hard to remember which caused a sharp needle-like pain to shoot to the base of his skull. He could not grasp anything anymore; all he found was the same murky darkness. Why fight anymore? Christopher smiled weakly. He was ready to die.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw something flutter onto his outstretched palm. It was a butterfly. He stared at it unmoving. Its large brilliant blue wings fluttered slightly caressing his scarred fingers as if to apologize to him for everything. Christopher's breath slowed, the butterfly became a mere blur as his vision unfocused, his voice came out in a mere rasp, "It's so unfair you know…how life can be. Wouldn't you say?"

He chuckled softly. After all, these were his final moments, and of all the things a person would be doing he was having a conversation with a butterfly. He stared at his new companion which suddenly came into sharp focus, for some reason the brilliant blue of it's wings held dozens of sharp black lines. Twirling and twisting the lines formed a gaping disturbingly real skull. Christopher narrowed his eyes. It could be that he was hallucinating but he swore that the skull was laughing at him. Without a second hesitation he crushed the butterfly in-between his fingers. The soft delicate wings wavered and to his widened eyes became mere wisps of smoke.

An un-stifled chuckle sounded right beside him. Christopher turned his head. Lying near sprawled up next to the Lord of Midnight was a tall young man smoking a cigarette. He wore a form fitting black t-shirt, black jeans and black boots. His raven black hair was spiked, ending in multiple long sharp points, his lightly tan arms rested on his chest while two slender fingers held the cigarette as he took another slow drag. "You know…life is so strange, so perverse that it allows two things to exist."

His voice held a familiar tone, something close to sorrow, insanity and an accepting resignation to this nightmarish world. Of all the questions he could have asked or the things he could have said, the Lord of Midnight Christopher Carrion asked, "What are those two things then?"

The stranger smiled as he blew the smoke into the air, it rippled turning into a blue haze. Out of the blue haze came forth a butterfly, "Second chances and…" He blew another cloud of cigarette smoke into the air it shaped around the butterfly forming a grotesque skull. Watching wordlessly the skull opened its gapping maw and sliced through the butterfly. He sneered as the butterfly seemed to whither in pain, "Retribution…"

Christopher Carrion stared at him. There was something familiar to him in his voice, "Who are you?"

The stranger turned his head meeting the prince of Midnight's gaze and gave a slow grin. "You don't remember do you? You know on that night she was not the only one that died."

Christopher Carrion for the first time stared quizzically at the stranger beside him. The young man smirked and continued on completely ignoring his expression. "Oh how the years have been cruel to us, why, look at you. You look like something close to death; in fact, you're so close I believe you'll die very soon."

Fishing in his pocket he procured a small amulet, around the amulet a small black chain which resembled tiny black thorns intertwined and encircled a small vile shaped like the Carrion family crest. Despite all his wickedness and seriousness, Carrion's jaw could not have dropped any lower as he gapped at the crest that no one in this forsaken hereafter should have. The Carrion family crest was a small image of the death goddess Sin wrapping her arms around a clock that protruded from her heart, the clock time set at midnight. It signified that death and sin embraced the twilight hour. Within the clock was contained a black nightmarish mass that wasn't really liquid, more like a fog that swirled restlessly around inside. The stranger's lips curled upward in a smile, the sort of smile that took in the warmth but gave none back. "That body is dying…I think it's time."

Christopher shook his head; again he asked, "Who are you?"

The stranger smiled. "They thought it was an unholy act to bring back her soul…But what nature really intended to stop was not her from returning but us, Christopher…I am you…"

Christopher narrowed his gaze, "Impossible…how…? Oh God…"

What he saw made him shake; the deep iciness of a stormy gray met his own icy gray eyes; there was an unmistakable truth in them, a truth which was beyond doubt. This man was himself, Christopher Carrion.

Christopher pulled himself up, his heart which had slowed started to pound and his open wounds began to throb. He coughed which made his body go into a series of rapid convulsions, coughing until he felt the blood spill from his scarred lips onto the pavement. The other man watched with resolve, he was determined to see all the harm that had been done to his other self and made note of how he would repay them tenfold for every little scar and wound that had marred his body. After the convulsions had subsided Christopher wiped the blood from his lips and waited for his answers.

The other man sat up and laid the amulet in between them and looked straight into Carrion's eyes, slowly turning his wrists upwards revealing on each wrist, two deep white slashes that crossed over each other to form one white 'X' against the lightly tan skin. "We tried to commit suicide…"

Christopher gazed down at his own wrists and stared at them, for all this time he had never taken the time to notice the exact same scars lined his own wrists but he knew they had always been there he had just never taken the time to notice or even question himself about them. His thoughts were broken as the other man continued, "You know the legend of the first Carrion who came upon the death goddess Sin as she was about to commit suicide right? It was our sister's favorite when we were young."

Carrion nodded as he remembered the legend that was told as a bedtime story for his sister. How she had loved it. Christopher let out a small chuckle, "Sin was in love with the Lord of Midnight, the first Carrion, but she was a goddess and could not have him as a lover. Since they couldn't have each other they decided to die together atop a moor. Sin had waited all day and night for him but still he had not come finally before the clock struck midnight and overcome with sadness that he had forsaken her she decided to die alone. She had slit her wrists four times, two on each one needing the last two to make it fatal. As she held the immortal's blade to her wrist Carrion came to her but it was too late. As he held her dying she caressed his face saying, 'You were the life of me, now you shall be my death. Death is now eternally yours, my love. This is the gift I bestow upon you.' At exactly midnight she died in his arms and he had let out a scream that created all the nightmares and so on…But what has this to do with our suicide attempt?

"The gift that Carrion received from the goddess Sin was death. The Carrions have the power to manipulate death but it comes with a price…To live a life without all of your soul intact, I am you as you are me. I do not experience your physical pain but I feel it mentally. I see it as clear as day and so on. When we tried to die Mater Motley went to the hereafter to place me here and you over there, when two halves of one soul are apart while in the processes of dying they could never fully die. So she set my half of our soul free and I have manifested into a human or what we would be as a human. I have seen what you have seen and I know who has betrayed us, the question is, though, do you want to die? Or do you want a second chance for retribution?"

Carrion looked down at his mangled body and, sliding his tongue on the small scares that ran along his lips, remembered that his grandmother had sewn them together all because he had said the word "love". He stared up at the other man and asked, "If I died, would you die with me?"

The other did not seem at all surprised by this remark, "Yes, I would, whatever your choice, I will do it."

Christopher thought a moment, then the light that had started to die flickered ever so slightly; his mouth twisted in a crazed drunken smile, "Let's give them Hell…"

The other smiled "If that is what you wish, then so be it…"

Waving his hand he brought it down to the amulet and clasped Christopher's hand in a handshake, black fog started to pour from the mouth of the amulet surrounding them and in the fog a person could hear clearly two laughers simultaneously almost as if they were one…

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