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This small word

Frightens many

For most it is too fragile to hold

For others it is too dear to lose


The thing which makes us all go mad




Especially in humans

Ah humanity…

What peculiar creatures

Love may be pure

But even purity can pollute the human mind

To do such…dirty little things

All under

The waving flaming guise

Of love

The banner that cloaks its prettiest roses

In the ugliest of thorns

From the book, Midnight's Melody

Author Unknown

Candy pushed him back, unbridled fear of the hellish things that she had seen when she had touched him last invading every primal instinct within her to get away. She was met with no resistance on the contrary he swayed away from her, with nothing to keep her standing her body rocked under her weight and at last she fell to her knees. Candy did not look at him in those quiet moments she just stared at the ground and concentrated only on her breathing. He crouched down in front of her an unreadable expression playing at the edges of his eyes finally he spoke, "Look at me girl."

Candy did not, at first she had thought to confront him, like a child finally looking under the bed only to find nothing to fear. She had planned to confront an illusion of him, an imposter anything but the real monster. There was no denying it now even though he had changed, he felt the same to her. Candy slowly lifted her eyes and stared up it him through the tangles of her hair, Christopher Carrion looked down at her he actually seemed human but there was nothing in his gaze that resembled humanity. He held her eyes searching her expression for something but Candy had seen that look before, he was indeed looking but not for something but for someone. Carrion spoke his voice interlaced in calculation, "So you did come and you came alone… How interesting."

Candy clenched her fists feeling dizzy and sick at the same time, slowly she sat up straight resting on her knees her voice came out in a whisper, "What are you talking about?"

Christopher Carrion leaned forward on his haunches peering at her with such intensity she could not look away, "The princess, you really don't know what she's doing to you? Huh, she was always a treacherous one but I never had imagined she would try to destroy you subconsciously, I suppose that's one way to get rid of the competition."

Anger and confusion washed over Candy overriding her sense of nausea, snapping her head up she glared at him, "What the hell are you going on about-"

He placed a finger to his lips and smiled slowly, but the act did not fit his features like a smile would on another on the contrary it was nothing short of predatory, "Now now is that anyway to say hello after all I am being rather polite girl. This is partly the reason why I came I do not wish for you to die without knowing her treachery so I will tell you. Do you remember when you were born?"

Candy was seized with the urge to roll her eyes but didn't instead she let her distaste drip from every word. "Of course not, no one does."

Christopher Carrion continued on, not acknowledging Candy's sarcasm in her answer, "Boa does and she's been there since you were born right?"

Candy let her eyes slide into his stare and her voice became quiet cold, "Only because you killed her."

From the moment she became acquainted with the prince she had been pelted by his incessant hounding for redemption, his cries of pain and anger at Boa's "betrayal" and his own deception. Candy had expected anger, or pain even if he were to conceal it Candy was sure she would have sensed it. Yet no dredged up emotions in fact nothing came, only placid indifference graced his features. The fact that there was no pain, guilt or even sick pleasure in his gaze made her feel uneasy. No. It was more than a little unsettling to say the least…it took her a moment to realize he was talking again, "We Carrion are well versed in death to a point of obsession we know a soul can be resurrected by one of two ways, one being before death to split the soul before it dies and reattaching it after both halves are healed. The second is to take the soul and place it in another body. That is what was intended to happen to Boa except it had gone wrong. They did not expect another soul to already be attached to the body still those woman couldn't bear to see their paragon of light die so with no regard to the consequences they attached her soul to your body."

Candy felt a dreadful sensation in the pit of her stomach, she licked her lips before she spoke, "So what does that have to do with me dying Carrion?"

The prince gazed behind her at the skien his tone leveled, "With no actual body Boa is a pseudo soul much like a paracite but more lethal, you see no human body born can withstand the occupation of two souls. So when the soul is made aware of the other…one has to be destroyed."

Candy sat dumfounded her eyes wide and she slowly started to shake her head, "No she would never do that to me, your lying she wouldn't-"

Christopher Carrion got up and walked to the waters edge, "The way a pseudo soul destroys the other is by going into your sub-conciseness and taking over, first your physical traits start to change favoring the stronger psyche. Next your dreams will be gone than slowly your thoughts and finally nothing else will be left of you."

Candy froze slowly she turned to look at him and in the dim light of the butterflies he stared at her over his shoulder his eyes sharp and cool, "It's already beginning isn't it? Well am I right girl from the Hereafter?"

Candy got up and felt numbing shivers roll down her back, wordlessly he shifted and watched her carefully. Candy felt her lip curl up uncharacteristically as she spoke, "Is that how you came back here? You come, you drop this on me and what else do you expect? J-just what do you expect me to say to that?"

Candy felt like she was falling apart slowly, bit by bit the perception she had held onto was falling out of her hands like water. Was this what she had felt at the lighthouse earlier that day? Was this the thing that Candy did not want to name? The way her hair grew out so fast, the way she had moved so gracefully now it was…not her at all it was never her. The feelings of longing for Finnegan intensifying every time she was near him no, every time Boa was near him. Candy did not feel betrayal but a sort of sadness something closer to anguish wash up in her. In a hushed rasp for her mouth had abruptly gone dry she spoke, "Even if you were telling the truth why didn't Boa tell me about this? We can help each other, there has to be another way so why-"

Christopher Carrion didn't even let her finish as his words cut her own out. "You are being too innocent for your own good girl. Think for a moment, the truth to that should have been plain enough for you to see, if there was another way she would have done so by now. Obviously her soul has been attached to your body for far too long, it would never work with another."

Candy shook her head, her shoulders slumping forward as though her entire frame had collapsed under his words, "No…Boa wouldn't do this to me she saved me…Boa would have told me she…"

Carrion let out a long breath, "The princess saved your body not you do you really believe she cares? Everything that I have worked to take away from her is finally within her reach. She will become more determined to destroy you now that you know of her treachery."

Candy closed her eyes for a moment silently grabbing for anything substantial in her heart. But there was nothing there and perhaps there never was, were her steps really her own? Or were they Boa's? From the moment her pen had slid lazily in her book to create the sea to now was this…any of this really her? "Carrion, why tell me…?"

Christopher Carrion said nothing for a moment, sensing something beginning to snap inside the girl in front of him. His tone came out slow and even, "I wanted you to know, I came back here so that I could tell you."

Candy did not feel her nails dig into her palms, just the echo of his voice against her ears, "You wanted me to know" , That's not a good enough reason for you to do anything Carrion so why bother? Why have you come back?"

Carrion clasped a hand to his face and let out a harsh chuckle, with his hand still pressed to his face he gazed at her through his splayed fingers, "Ah so you are peceptive girl from the Hereafter, fine I shall tell you I have come back here in anticipation of your answer."

Her mismatched eyes narrowed, "To what question would I be answering to Carrion?"

He walked toward her, but she did not move if there was anything to hold onto it was not giving him the satisfaction of seeing her back down right now. The rush of the water behind him muffled his steps as he stopped just a short distance in front of her. "Why its quiet a simple one actually, are you going to stop her?"