Title: Lamentation of Loneliness
Subject: Sailor Moon
Categories: Angst/Drama
Subcategory: Shortfic

Rating: G

Summary: The possible thoughts the character of Sailor Pluto (Meiou, Setsuna) might have to her job as the guardian to the space-time door and the loneliness which that duty holds. A short story regarding the concept of her loneliness, her emotions toward it and her duties as the Guardian of Time.

Disclaimer: I do not own Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon/Sailor Moon or any of its characters, which are copyright their respectable owners and/or creators. Thank you.

So alone. I'm so alone, but that is my fate. My duty lies here, beside this gate, guarding constantly. Only when the Senshi need my help am I able to escape this prison of mine, it seems. Oh, but must I forever feel this loneliness inside of me, swelling in my breast with every beat of my heart? It pains me, this ever-looming loneliness. And although I know I am lucky to have such wonderful friends as the Sailor Senshi, this lonely life I lead has led my heart to yearning. However, it yearns in vain, and although I understand this all too well, it continues to burn with desires untold. But I mustn't leave my post, for it is my duty and this loneliness my burden.

Yes, it is I, forever guarding the space-time door, Sailor Pluto. I am the Sailor Soldier of Time and Space, the Guardian of Time. Protected by the distant star, Pluto, I guard the gate with undying devotion to my duty. Evermore, my heart, though it desires so to touch sweet freedom, shall be a constant servant of this cause.

However, in my loneliness, my soul does not rest, thoughts forever echoing my pain. The silence and solitude, my only companions, both comfort and shun me. They are the cause of my yearning heart and have done naught but caress this wounded soul with an icy touch. Stinging within, I find myself dreaming of distant places and the joys which my duty deprives. Both love and friendship are with me, but the love of two hearts in union has been so deemed a happiness which I'll not attain. Because of this, my silent existence, I find myself without such joyous things as my friends, of whom I envy at times. Secretly, I envy the love which blooms evermore between my Queen and her King. That love, so beautiful; it makes my heart long for such a feeling.

But I am the Pretty Sailor Suited Soldier of Time and Space, destined to guard the space-time door. My fate is but to remain, devotedly carrying out my duty, for I am the Guardian of Time. I, Sailor Pluto, embrace my destiny. I will not weaken to my heart's desperate yearnings. No, not even to such deep inner longings will I abandon my fate!

At times, in my silent duty, I feel as though I have missed such important things in life which those I call friends have experienced. Events which cause celebration and sorrow are occasions I do not often have the chance to experience and it seems I am to be without these things for most of my life. And though this makes my heart sink with sadness, I know such is but my burden to carry. To have such courageous and loving friends is truly my one most cherished blessing in this life. For such a blessing, I shall forever be thankful. Each of the Sailor Senshi, my friends, are indeed the greatest treasure of my lonely, aching heart.