Love, Lust, and Lolicons

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11. The Princetons Are Drunk

"Slade! Jagger!" Chazz sputtered, staring at his two brothers as they bobbed in the ocean, shards of the smashed helicopter floating around them. Slade was splashing around wildly, but he was advancing slowly toward Chazz, and there was some bloodshot quality to his eyes that Chazz didn't particularly like.

"What the hell?" Zane repeated.

Slade and Jagger started bobbing toward the two of them, moving up and down in a rhythmic motion. They both seemed disoriented--Chazz assumed it was from crashing into a lighthouse and having their chopper explode.

"Heeeey...," Slade drawled, reaching out a hand toward Chazz but missing, so that he ended up falling face-forward into the water.

Zane gave Slade a glare of disgust, jerking Chazz away, while his hand instinctively tightened around Chazz's shoulder.

"Your brothers?" he said. "What are they doing here?"

"I don't know!" Chazz snapped. "And let go! You're hurting me!"

Zane, of course, merely tightened his hold, and Chazz hissed with contempt.

"Heeeey...," Jagger tried. He toppled toward Zane, the bigger target. He had aimed properly, and now fell onto Zane's shoulder.

"Get off of me!" Zane shouted, peeling Jagger away from him and glaring at the man. Jagger stared, lolling blankly at Zane. His eyes seemed strangely unfocused and slightly red. And he reeked--of alcohol.

"Are you all right?" Zane said slowly, releasing Jagger. Jagger fell into the water, but managed to stay upright because of his floatation device.

"Hic! Neverrr betterrrr," he said woozily.

"Jagger," Chazz cut in, his tone accusing, "are you drunk?"

"Hic!", was all he got in reply.

Chazz's eyes swept across the field of inky water, and stopped when he noticed something: a piece of metal that was not part of the helicopter. As it floated over, he reached over and snatched it up. It was a crushed, empty beer can.

"What have you two been doing?" Chazz screeched, hurling the can at Jagger--but he missed and the wind carried the can away.

"Is that yooohhh, Chazzzz?" Slade came staggering over through the shallow water, tilting his head slightly as he inspected his youngest brother. "I'd recognizzzze that screeeeeeming anywherrrrre..."

"You two are wasted!" Chazz cried out, shoving Slade away from him. "You old drunks! No wonder your helicopter crashed! It's a miracle you were sober enough to get your safety vests on!"

"Safety vestsss?" Jagger gazed cluelessly at Chazz.

Slade, however, let out a loud hiccup and a proud smile. "Yoohh mean thessse?" He indicated the bright orange vest over his rumpled suit.

"Yes, I mean those!" Chazz screamed.

"We had theeeeze on alll alloorrng...," Slade said. He hiccuped again. "We thoughdif we werrrre gonna crash, we oughta be preparrrred."

"Wowww, brotherrr, yooh rememberr so much," Jagger said appreciatively. "Yer so smarrrrt." And both of them laughed like hyenas.

"This makes me sick," Chazz muttered, turning away. Zane pulled Chazz up to his chest, glaring levelly at the two cackling brothers.

"What are you two doing here?" he snapped, as if issuing a challenge. Slade and Jagger looked up blearily at the sharpness of Zane's voice, and both of them broke into awkward smiles.

"Wherrre?" Jagger, who seemed to be the more drunk of the two, asked.

"Duel Academy. You two weren't flying that helicopter for fun," Zane said, his eyes narrowing.

"Werrre we? Werrre we, brotherr? Yer the jeanass, yooh should knoww," Jagger said, half-turning toward Slade. Slade let out a noise that sounded somewhere between a hiccup and a laugh.

"Her, her, herrr," was all he said.

"Her, her," Jagger joined in.

"Herher, herrrrrr!"

"Cut that out," Zane said angrily. When both brothers fell silent again, Zane turned toward Chazz, wearing a frown. "What drunks. You should take better care of your brothers."

"What?" Chazz cried, indignant. "It's not my fault! They're adults, they should be able to take care of themselves!"

"Sure," Zane said, although there was a teasing note to his voice. "That's what they all say."

"Shut up!"

Zane broke into a small smile. "Make me."

"Fine!" --and Chazz did, seizing Zane by the collar, roughly, and pushing his lips to Zane's. Zane forced his tongue between Chazz's lips, and soon Zane had Chazz overpowered in a biting kiss, forcing the younger boy close to himself, with a hand on Chazz's waist and his wrist.

"Hic! Her, her," said Slade.

Zane shoved Chazz violently aside, causing Chazz to stumble slightly in the water. "Stupid drunks," Zane muttered under his breath. "What are we going to do with them?", he added, louder, so that Chazz could hear.

"I don't know," Chazz said. "We can't just leave them here."

"Yeah, they'll die," Zane said nonchalantly. "But is that really such a bad thing?"

Chazz ignored Zane, and slogged through the water toward Jagger, grabbing him by the arm and slinging him over his shoulder. He slumped slightly under Jagger's weight, but held onto his brother anyway. With his eyes fixed on Zane, he said, "I guess we'll have to take them to the dorms."

Zane raised his eyebrows. "If I walked into my dorms holding some drunk in a bright orange safety vest..."

"Then we'll take them to Slifer Red!" Chazz snapped vehemently. "They're having a party there, so no one'll notice."

"A party? For what?" Zane said, as he reached over and shoved the unresisting Slade's arm over his shoulders.

"Er..." Chazz stopped, locking his gaze with the water. He had halfway forgotten about the party--and about Jaden. Jaden...who he was supposed to love...

Oddly, some part of him felt uncomfortable with that idea. Loving Jaden...

"It's Professor Banner's anniversary," he lied. He felt queasy inside, knowing the lie was a weak one. The instant Zane saw the dorms and that big sign with his and Jaden's name on it...

Well, who cared if Zane knew? That was his problem.

Still, Chazz was not dense enough to not know that Zane was going to be angry if he found out. Very angry.

"Anniversary?" Zane said. "Wait, he's married?"

"Yeah," Chazz said. Then, feeling that it wouldn't hurt, he added, "to his cat."

"Da cat in da hat," drawled Jagger. It seemed he was becoming drunker by the moment.

"Ha, ha, that's pretty funny," Zane said. "Married to a cat..."

"Yeah, he's a loser," Chazz said, feeling that his voice sounded remarkably fake. And squeaky.

They began the slow and ardurous trek back to the Slifer Red dorms. It was difficult getting out of the water, which weighed them down, and Jagger was surprisingly heavy--or maybe Chazz was just weak. Chazz's stomach fell lower with every step. Every step nearer to the dorm. Every step nearer to hell from Zane...

By the time Chazz was practically collapsing under Jagger's weight (and Zane wasn't even helping him! Damn that bastard--but did Chazz really expect Zane to help?), the Slifer Red dorms had come into view. They were glowing with light and with the hum of cheerful voices, and there was a nice, smoky smell that wafted from what apparently was a barbecue pit Atticus had dug. Chazz could see the clearly defined form of Atticus over the barbecue pit, playing on the ukelele and shouting out incomprehensible words.

"Nice party," Zane remarked, then turned to look at Chazz. "Having trouble there?"

"No," Chazz lied through his teeth, although he had sunk onto one knee from the weight.

"All right then." Wearing a smile--a devil's smile--Zane turned back around and began heading toward the dorms. "You know, I would have helped you if you were having trouble."

"Stuff it," Chazz growled.

And then they were in front of the dorms, and the banner that was draped over the second-floor railing was clear as day, illuminated by several little lanterns dangling over it. Chazz hated that banner. He hated Atticus for making that banner. He hated Atticus for throwing this whole goddamn party.

"'Go and multiply'," Zane read out loud, his voice flat and emotionless. It was his 'scary' voice, and Chazz was sufficiently scared.

"Parteeeee...," Slade said thickly, cutting through the tension.

"Hey ey!" Atticus waved his ukelele wildly upon seeing Chazz. "It's Chazzaroo! And--hey, what's this!"

Chazz dropped Jagger so that he sank to the ground, and Jagger lay there, letting out alternating hiccups and laughs until the two sounds were starting to blend together. Zane released Slade as well, and the two soaking Princeton brothers lay there in the dirt, practically motionless.

"Chazz's brothers--and Zane! Hey, your hair looks different. Welcome to the par-tay!" Atticus winked and whacked his friend on the shoulder with the ukelele. Zane jerked away, glowering at Atticus.

"What's going on?" Alexis had walked over. Several more students started flowing over to investigate--Syrus, Misawa (who had been called over by Atticus), Mindy and Jasmine (ditto), and Jaden.

"Chazz!" Jaden cried. "I was so worried!" He ran toward Chazz, but stopped midway in his tracks as his eyes caught Zane's.

Almost simultaneously, Zane grabbed Chazz's elbow and yanked, roughly, so that Chazz fell onto Zane's chest.

"Zane--" Chazz began, but Zane's glare silenced him.

"Hey, where are ya going, Zane?" Atticus called out.

Zane said nothing, but jerked Chazz roughly, surprising Chazz and causing him to stumble into Zane's side. Chazz let out a few choice obscenities, but Zane ignored those too, only forcing Chazz along even more fiercely than before.

"Cut it out, Zane!" Then, suddenly, Jaden was in front of Zane, blocking his path, his arms outstretched. His eyes were narrowed with anger and determination. "Let Chazz go! I don't know where you're taking him or why, but I don't care. Just leave him alone!"

Thanks, Jaden, Chazz said in his head--and he meant it.

"Didn't you hear me, Zane?" Jaden's voice was growing angrier by the moment--it was obvious that he was having trouble keeping it steady. "Let him go!"

And then he lashed out, aiming a fist for Zane's face, but Zane caught Jaden's hand easily, his fingers tightening around Jaden's wrist. When he spoke, it was with a benign glow in his eyes, and even a light smile.

"It's all right, Jaden," he said. "I know you're angry, but you don't have to be. I just want to talk to private."

His words seemed perfectly innocent, but Chazz could see Zane's grip become tighter, and more painful, around Jaden's wrist. Chazz thought he could even hear something that sounded sickeningly like crunching bone.

Jaden glared at Zane, but his eyes were watering--from pain.

"So, will you let us go? Jaden?" Zane said, in that same mockingly kind tone.

"Grr...," was all Jaden said in reply, grinding out the sound from between his teeth. Slowly, painstakingly, Zane released Jaden's wrist, his hand sliding off the younger boy's arm, still in a round U-shape from holding Jaden. The bruises around Jaden's wrist stood out starkly, and Chazz felt himself grow sick.

Then he was being hustled along by Zane again, away from the noise of the party--and then back. Zane was doing a long semicircle around the dorm, until he arrived at the darkened backside of the dorms. He headed over to one of the small back doors--which was there for the janitor--and forced it open, dragging Chazz with him.

Now they were inside the dorm building, in a long hallway on the first floor peppered with doors, most of the wide open--their occupants had ran out to join the party fun. Zane walked over to one of the unoccupied rooms and slammed the door shut, locking it. Throughout the whole ordeal, Zane hadn't said a word.

"Whose room are you stealing?" Chazz said spitefully, while conducting a visual search of the room. His eyes rested on an enormous poster of Sailor Moon right above the headboard of the topmost bunk, and he laughed.

Then, slowly, Zane turned to face Chazz. His voice sounded hoarse as he spoke. "You and Jaden, eh...?"

Chazz felt his stomach plummet, but struggled to keep his poker face. With a defiant sneer, he said, "Yes. Me and Jaden."

Zane was silent for a moment. "How nice."

And then, before he had even finished his sentence, Zane whirled around, grabbing Chazz by the shoulders and slamming him into the bed. Plastering the younger boy into a violent kiss, he held Chazz to the bed with one hand on Chazz's shoulder, while his other hand ventured down--down to the waistband of Chazz's pants, which, with one deft motion, he unzipped.

"Mrmf!" Chazz cried out, pushing against Zane's chest. "Stop!" he screamed as Zane--miraculously--pulled away from the kiss. --only to instantly return to ravaging his boytoy's mouth, his hand gripping Chazz between the legs.

Then he separated from Chazz, but not before smothering Chazz's mouth with his other hand. Chazz thrashed indignantly, letting out muffled shouts, but his effort was futile.

"Listen, Chazz," Zane said. He spoke softly, but his voice somehow managed to cut through Chazz's loud noises, and Chazz ceased flailing and stared at Zane, angrily. "Do you know how much I love you? No--you'd never know. Chazz, if I can't have you willingly, then I'll just take you by force!"

His hands flew back down to Chazz's crotch, shoving the boy's legs apart. Chazz, his mouth now freed, started doing the only thing he could: he screamed.

"Auuughhhh! Rape! RAPE! RAPE! I'm being RAPED! This dude is raping me! Murder! Homicide! Sexual assault! Pedophilia! Rape! RAPE! RAPE!"

"Shut the--" Zane cut himself off, biting down on Chazz's lips and forcing his tongue to the very back of Chazz's mouth. Chazz let out a whiny moan.

"Haah...? Hic!"

Zane's eyes flicked toward the doorway, though he kept his mouth firmly against Chazz's. Slade was standing there, looking woozy--in his hand was an empty beer can, courtesy of Atticus, who had managed to convince Banner to pass out alcholic drinks to the progressively more rowdy party.

"I hurrd shcreamiiing...Hic!," Slade explained, wobbling, slumping into the doorframe. "Sho...I came an' looked a li'l bid..."

"The door was locked," Zane said flatly, separating himself from Chazz.

"Haah..? I doan knoowww abow' tha'...Hic!"

"Slade!" Chazz shrieked, jerking up instantly. "Help me! I'm being raped! Raped, I say!"

"Haaaaah...?" Slade's unfocused eyes roamed wildly, until settling, with great uncertainty, upon the screaming Chazz. "Hurr yooh? Wade a minute...yerr Shazz, ernt yooh?"

"Chazz!" Chazz yelled. Then, randomly, he added, "Chazz it up!"

"Her, her, her," Slade said.

Chazz stood up, took a deep breath, obviously readying himself for another screaming session, but Zane's hand clamped around his mouth and held, tightly. He glared venomously at Slade, who drew a dopey smile upon his face--and then, with a final "Hic!", passed out.

"The door was locked," Zane muttered, releasing Chazz and sulking over to Slade's limp body. He lifted the Princeton brother's arm, but it just fell back down again, heavy as a dead weight.

"Come here and help me," Zane said, his tone commanding, as he glared up at Chazz. Chazz, who had fallen onto the bed, stared at Zane, astonished.

"You want me to help you?" he sputtered. "After you were gonna rape me? Hell no!"

"Just help me get rid of this dead weight of a brother of yours!" Zane spat, trying to drag Slade up again. "He stinks!"

"I should thank him--for the first time in my life," Chazz said, mostly to himself. "He saved my dignity."

"You don't have much of that."

Chazz looked up. "Much of what?"



Zane abandoned Slade, and, in a heartbeat, had crossed the room again, returning to the bed. Lightly, he brushed aside Chazz's bangs and kissed him on the forehead, his arms wrapping around Chazz's waist.

"All right, all right, I won't do that again," he said, quite placidly. "It'd be more fun to screw you if you were begging me to than if you were unwilling."

"Get away from me!" Chazz snapped, shoving useless against Zane's shoulders. "You rapist!"

"I was just angry, Chazz," Zane said. "I lost it when I saw Jaden sticking up for you. He's such a do-gooder."

"He's better than you," Chazz spat.

"Is that why you're going to...what was it again...'go and multiply' with him?" Zane said mockingly. Airily, he added, "I don't suppose you've lost your virginity to him yet. Or have you?"

"Eww! No! Gross!" Chazz shouted, jerking away from Zane, but Zane held him fast. "Unlike you, Jaden thinks about stuff other than sex!"

"Yeah," Zane reflected. "He thinks about Duel Monsters, eh?"

"That's not what I mean!" Chazz yelled, but Zane cut him off with a gentle kiss. Chazz recoiled, trying once more to separate himself from Zane--in vain, of course. It sickened him to have this potential rapist kiss and touch him. It was sickening.

"Kiss me back," Zane commanded, and before allowing Chazz time to scream at this, he tilted his head forward and kissed Chazz once more, lightly. Once more, Chazz jerked away.

Zane's voice grew steely. "Kiss me back."

"I don't want to," Chazz said, defiantly.

"You don't have a choice in the matter," Zane said, and he seized Chazz again and kissed him--this time more brutally. Chazz gasped--and then, slowly, reluctantly, he kissed Zane back.

They exchanged kisses for a long while, losing track of time as the party outside began calming down, and the sky grew darker and darker, until it was an almost inky black. They were oblivious to it all, within the electrically-lit room with the Sailor Moon poster and the drunken politician in the threshold.

Chazz soon fell asleep, as the kissing had become repetitive enough to act as a lullaby would. Chazz still had his lips against Zane's when he was asleep, and Zane pulled away, gently. He scowled down at Chazz's sleeping form.

"Idiot," he murmured. "I'm not that lousy of a kisser, am I..."

But he never really finished the question, because he had fallen asleep too.

Author's Notes: Writing drunkards is fun.

An attempted rape scene and a mush scene within lines of each other...Hot Gimmick is rubbing off on me.

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