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Okay, so maybe there was a slight mix-up, an upset of minor proportions. So maybe I made Titania fall a little bit in love with an um... donkey. Well um... maybe a big bit... okay – a lot... head over heels kinda love. Oberon seemed okay about it... said he found it funny, said she deserved it! I can deal with that, but the Queen of the fairies can't stay in love with an ass for the rest of eternity. Oberon can't cope with the humans' mishaps on his own! The world must be peopled! And I have to fix it... Oh bugger.
I can't believe they're already arranging the wedding! thought Hermia I'm not ready for that! I was hoping for a long engagement... a few months... a year... we don't have to get married Hermia was nervously pacing the room, twirling a rose between her fingers. A breeze rustled the trees outside her window and a minute, dishevelled looking messenger bird flew into the room, fluttering and flapping under the wait of an envelope tied to it's leg.

She stood up, cast the rose onto the bed and gently untied the envelope from the quivering creature's ankle. The bird then buzzed around the room excitedly flitting from the wardrobe, to the windowsill and finally landing with a bounce on the clean sheets of Hermia's bed. Hermia herself sat down on the bed next to the elated bird, broke the seal and unfolded the envelope. This is what she read...

Dearest Hermia

My heart grows weak with your absence

Come to me my love

I am by the lake in the forest

Where we always sit and watch the sun go down together

We need to be together again... forever

Come to me...

Her heart skipped a beat as her eyes flickered down to the bottom of the page as she read the name of the sender...

Loving you always,


She grabbed a fresh piece of parchment and her quill and ink from her desk and wrote another note, to her best friend, Helena.


I'm meeting Lysander by the lake in the forest, we're going away

If anyone asks I've gone to bed early because of the excitement of the day and in the morning...

Well - by then we'll be gone


She tied this note to the twittering bird's ankle and set the little thing on the windowsill.

"Take this to Helena, she's outside the front of the house", she whispered as the tiny bird soared away. She opened the window further, collected her skirts and climbed out the window, the rose clutched in her grasp once more.