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Chapter 3: Waiting for Demetrius

Helena had been waiting outside the Nightingale pub for quite a while now and she was still having an indepth arguement with her conscience, her conscience was winning. She had to tell him what was happening otherwise... otherwise he will end up with Hermia and... and he won't be happy thought Helena because she won't happy, because she want's to be with Lysander and if she's not then that's just... unjust! However her conscience was telling another story, her conscience pointed out that if she did nothing then Demetrius wouldn't know anything and would just think that she had run away - wedding nerves, he'd be upset but... he'd be very upset! Helena retorted No matter what reason he thinks she left he'll still be upset... and I could comfort him he'll need... her next thought was cut off as Demetrius came out of the Nightingale, hands in his pockets and eyes concentrating on the floor, he looked upset enough already.
"Demetrius!" she whispered from her hiding place, he didn't react, "Demetrius!" she repeated, louder this time, "Demtrius!" for the third and final time she raised her voice and leaned out from behind her tree. This time he turned around and as realisation finally dawned on him he whispered into the dark. "Helena?" She stepped out from behind the oak, picking up her skirts as she trod carefully over the undergrowth.
"Yes, it's me" she replied guiltily.
"What are you doing here?" He asked, how innocent he was she doesn't deserve him thought Helena - She could be quite viscous at some points.
"I need to speak to you", she began, she was getting hysterical, if she didn't say it now she never would, "It's urgent, they've gone into the woods, together and they're running away to... to... I don't where"
By placing his hands upon her shoulders, she slowed down her breathing and calmed down, "What is it?" She looked up into his eyes, she had to tell him.
"Hermia and Lysander, they're running away... eloping" His face stayed blank but his eyes showed everything, he realised this as he turned and stepped away. As Helena watched he rose his head as started to run.
"Demetrius?" She shouted, "Demetrius? Come back!" Before he got out of sight she swept up her skirts and ran after him, as she caught up with him he acknowledged her again.
"Go away!" he shouted none of the previous innocence - an inhuman rage took over him: he really loved her.
"I'm coming with you!" She may have made a mistake, she may have lost her best friend but she was defiant in doing so. "How can you even begin to look for them? You don't even know where they're going"
He stopped, suddenly devoid of the anger and determination that had urged him on so far. He collapsed onto a log, head in his hands. "What am I going to do?" he whimpered.
"Firstly", said Helena, coming down to his level, "You can't go streaming off like this, you need to talk to her not shout at her" He raised his eyes to her, sad, sorrowful and so pitiful she just longed to hold him, comfort him and never let go. "I can take you to them, they'll be on the west bank of the lake... come on"
He looked towards the newly set sun and sighed... it was going to be a long night. He jumped up and they set off at a run - Hermia could be there already.

I should be fixing the Oberon and Titania mess not fiddling about with the affairs of humans! If it was a fairy it would be different, but a human? It's not even if I know the girl! It's just the daughter of a half-cousin twice removed of a great aunt of one of Oberon's brother's friends. So, a very close relation. Anyway, why do I have to fix it? There's nothing to fix! Apparently i'm ment to stop someone called Lysander eloping with someone called Hermia, or was it Helena? I don't know - I've got to do something, otherwise Oberon will kill me. Well, he won't but I don't feel like being threatened this afternoon nor any other afternoon for that matter. I'll have to follow them - make sure they don't get up to any ah-hem mischief. Ah, I think that's them down there, by the lake - I'll keep an eye on them for now but i'll need to speak to Oberon.
"Lysander, I think we should stay here for the night it's getting dark and we can stay in that hut over there"
Both Lysander and I looked in that direction - there was indeed a hut, how convieniant. Now, they'll stay put for a while - I'll have to get back to Oberon.

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