Just Like Hell

Summary: Harry/Draco. Non-magic. When Draco moves into his new apartment, the last thing he expects is for the spirit of the apartment's previous owner to start haunting him. Even though Draco's convinced that Harry's dead, Harry doesn't quite believe that.

Disclaimer: The characters belong to J.K. Rowling and the storyline and most of the dialogues belong to the screenwriters of 'Just Like Heaven'. I just happen to be the amazing person who brought them together. Hehe...

Chapter One

He breathed in and out, his eyes closed. The sweet smell of roses invaded his lungs, making him sigh. He opened his eyes and looked around himself. He was sitting on a sturdy wooden bench in a gorgeous rose garden surrounded by roses in all colors and sizes. He looked up and closed his eyes again, just breathing it all in. This was serene; it was a peace beyond anything he had ever felt. He would do anything to be able to sit here forever.

Suddenly an odd jerk startled him. He opened his eyes and yawned.

"How long was I out?" he asked.

"About six minutes," a deep, calm voice said.

"Thanks," Harry said, rubbing his eyes vigourously before slowly focusing on a blur which started to shape into one Dean Thomas.

"We got another one in ER, seems to have got glass stuck in his retina. We need to do a surgery soon or he may lose sight in that eye forever."

"Shit," Harry muttered, getting up quickly and walking to the cappuccino machine. "I'll be there, just let me get one more cup of coffee."

"And that would be cup number...?" asked Lisa Turpin, one of Harry's friends and colleagues.

"I lost count around the seventh cup," he replied with another yawn that he tried to stifle. Turning to face Dean, he asked, "Show me the file on the eye and start preparing the Operation Theatre for retinal surgery."

"I'm on it," Dean replied before shoving a file at Harry and hurrying out.

"How long you been here, Harry?" Lisa asked.

Harry took a look at the clock on the wall before saying, "Twenty three."

Lisa rolled her eyes. "Twenty three hours? You need to go home, Harry."

"That's not going to get me the attending slot, Lisa," he said as he walked out. Flipping through the pages Harry walked at a quick pace, his doctor's white dress flapping behind him. A few of the staff and even some of the patients smiled at him as he walked past. He managed to smile back at a few, completely absorbed in the file.

Walking through the ER doors, he bumped into a warm body. He looked into the face of an impassive Zacharias Smith. He and Zach had been fighting for the attending slot for the past few weeks. The only reason Harry was here this long at the hospital tonight was because he wanted to pull in some hours so that he could get the slot. "Hey. I took care of Trauma Two while you were sleeping," Zach said.

"I wasn't sleeping. I was just…" Harry began.

Zach grinned. "You're welcome," he said before walking past Harry.

"Am I that easy to predict?" Harry grumbled before walking into the Operation Theatre.

In the next few hours, Harry had another three minor surgeries to perform, more than two dozen patients in the ER for various reasons and had to have a janitor change the trash bags as his coffee cups had completely filled one.

He walked into one of the hospital rooms to check on his patient, Severus Snape. The man had been a right grouch in the beginning and had made Harry want to kick around a few bed pans, but was now on so many drugs that Harry kind of wished he was back to his cranky old self. At least, he'd be dismissed this week.

"Hi, Mr. Snape. I'm Dr. Potter, if you can remember. Is there anything I can do to make you feel more comfortable?"

"Marry me."

"Wow. Of course, Mr. Snape," he replied laying a hand on the man's outstretched one. "How could I even think of refusing?"

He looked around the room before shouting out, "Lavender, where are you? Lavender?"

Lavender rushed out of the store room. Harry sighed at her inefficiency. It was as though she kept on disappearing just to make it annoying for him. "Reduce his morphine drip. He seems to be delirious."

He went to check on the Children's Room and had to console a few crying kids by blowing balloons. "Why don't they just hire a clown?" he asked himself as he walked to get another cup of coffee.

He spoke to himself as he pressed buttons on the coffee machine. "Let me see, I'll have a Venti, triple-shot, sugar-free, vanilla, nonfat cappuccino."

Lisa came up behind him and started peering at the mirror beside the machine. She took out some concealer and started covering up her dark circles.

"What's up, Lise?"

"The dark circles seemed to be scaring the patients," she replied.

Dean laughed and took a cup of coffee for himself. "And she's got a hot date tonight."

Lisa glared at Dean. "Stop! I'm going out with my ex, Anthony Goldstein and his mother. He still hasn't told her we've divorced. I won't be responsible for killing a god-only-knows-how-old-woman!" Harry just shook his head amusedly.

Padma Patil came up behind them. She was another doctor there. "I'll trade nights with you if you're going out today."

"Thanks a ton, Padz!" Lisa exclaimed.

"As long as you're doing tomorrow. I've got to go home and sew sequins on Sheila's ballerina ball gown costume before Thursday. And I have to do the slippers and the tiara that's supposed to go with it too," Padma said in the tired and exhausted voice of all mothers of toddlers going through their 'I want to be a pretty princess' stage.

Her twin, Parvati, a receptionist at the hospital pushed her aside as she took her own cup of coffee. "I don't know how you guys do it. Ravi is totally pushing me for kids. I don't even have time to shave my legs."

Lisa interrupted, "Don't shave. He'll leave you alone."

"Really?" Parvati asked, interestedly.

Harry and Dean glanced at each other before subtly rolling their eyes.

"You're so lucky Harry," Lisa said, "All you have to worry about is work." All three women nodded their heads. A nurse, Terry Boot suddenly stuck his head in.

"Dr. Potter, you in here?"

"Yeah, I'm coming," Harry said following him to an observation room.

"Ankle in bed two."

Harry observed the ankle of the scared kid on the bed, asked him a few questions only to have the kid's over worrying mother ask him even more. He walked back up to Terry. "Okay, there aren't any fractures. Just wrap it up and send him home. And do something with that kid's mom. She's driving me balmy. And I thought I had it bad with Snape..."

He looked up to see Zach motioning him out. "Albus' calling us." Harry picked up his strides to meet that of Smith's. He was worried. Albus was finally going to tell them who got the job!

He and Zach took a turn only to come face to face with Dr. Dumbledore. "Dr. Potter, Dr. Smith," Albus said in his calm soothing voice. Harry smiled. Albus had such an effect on people that he could calm even a caffeine-packed, adrenaline junkie like himself.

"Dr. Smith, how long have you been here?" Albus asked.

"Around 12 hours," Smith answered assuredly.

Albus turned to Harry. "A few more," Harry replied weakly.

"All right, Dr. Smith," Albus said.

"I'll scrub up," Zach said, getting up and walked away, shoulders stiff. He knew who got the slot, and it definitely wasn't him.

Albus turned kind, blue, twinkling eyes at Harry. "Dr. Potter, I was going to wait till tomorrow but I wanted to let you know that I've made my decision."

Harry bit his lip nervously.

"I want you to stay on as an attending physician."

Harry's face widened with an exuberant smile. "I can't thank you enough, sir."

"You've earned it. Unlike some others, you happen to spend more time being concerned about your patients than spending time sucking up to me. A risky move, I must say. But I like it."

"Sir, I will guarantee that you won't regret your decision. There's so much I want to do here. I can't wait to get started," he said, getting all excited, nearly knocking over a passer by in his exhilaration.

"Harry," Albus said gravely. "The only thing you'll do right now is go home."

"But sir?" Harry asked, his face falling.

"Harry," Albus started sadly. "Go. You've been here for 26 hours. I know all. Mr. Filch, the Head of the Hospital Management has been complaining about the amount of coffee that you've been consuming during your hours. You are to go home now and rest."


"But nothing. That's an order," Albus' voice was sharp and firm.

"Yes, sir," Harry replied demurely walking out.

Albus chuckled; he knew he had made the right choice in choosing Harry for the job.

Harry walked through the corridors with a jump to his step. Taking out his cell phone, he called his best friend, Ron.

"Hey Ron?" he asked.

"Harry!" a voice shouted back. Harry rubbed his ear tiredly. He was sure that any future problems with his hearing could be faulted to Hermione. His best friend's wife and second best friend gibbered on.

"You finally called! You're coming to dinner today, aren't you? The kids would be so excited to see you and all of Ron's family is visiting! Even Charlie and Bill! Percy, too. Ron's not too happy with that though. And guess what, Ginny's client, her date to my wedding, is going to come over with his best friend. Ginny says the guy is sizzling hot! Neville's going through one of his insecure crisises at the moment thanks to that but oh well... What do you say, Harry?"

Harry blinked through the haze of words before finally catching up with what was going on. "Hermione, I don't need you setting me up with a complete stranger!"

"Harry, you do need me to set you up. You haven't gone on a date for ages! And the guy isn't a complete stranger. Ginny knows him!"

"You mean he's fat with a sense of humor like all her clients. I can find myself a boyfriend on my own. I meet guys all the time, after all," Harry said wryly, wondering why he had even told Hermione and Ginny he was gay. All they tried to do now was fix him up.

"Yes, and you usually meet them bleeding or with a few broken limbs. Your social life is either in shambles or completely non-existent, I still can't decide which!" Hermione cried out.

"My social life isn't in shambles! I got a marriage proposal today, for your information!" Harry replied stubbornly. He walked past Lavender helping Snape walk down the corridor.

"Marry me!" Snape shrieked.

"Make that two proposals, Hermione!"

"Stop making excuses, Harry. It wasn't easy to get this guy to come. He usually doesn't do these kinds of things either." Suddenly Harry heard shouting on the phone. It seemed like Fred and George had come over early and were showing Hermione's twins how to color. Hermione's problem was that they were showing them how to color on her walls.

"I'm in the seventh circle of hell," Hermione muttered on the phone. "You better show up." He vaguely wondered how she could make four words sound like a threat so easily. If only he could do that with some of his patients...

"I'll be there!" Harry exclaimed.

"See you at seven then!" she said and hung up. Harry stared at his phone before chuckling. God was she stubborn!

Harry was on his way to the elevator when Dean stopped him. "Harry, there's this guy with an infected alimentary canal in six. At least, that's what I think it is. Can you just take a quick peek before you go?"

Harry hesitated. He had to go but it was a guy's life on the hold here. "Yeah, show me."

Harry walked to his car and opened the door just as Zach came into the parking lot.

"Congratulations for getting the job," he said, his voice was slightly laced with bitterness.

Harry smiled back sheepishly. "Yeah, thanks. What are you going to do now?"

"I've an offer from Phoenix. Life's good."

Harry's smile deepened. "That's great!"

"It's fine," Zach said as he got into his car.

Harry was on the highway before he realized he still hadn't gotten a chance to speak to Ron. He opened his cell phone and dialed the number.

"Ron Weasley here."

"Hey Ron."

Traffic light. Red. Stop.

"Hey mate. You still coming? Don't worry, your date's late too."

Green. Go. Mountain curve coming up.

"Yeah. Just running late. A blind date at a family party. What's Hermione going to come up with next? You're going to back me up in the after dinner argument after I've sent the guy running, right?"

Edge a bit to the left, slow down the acceleration.

"Obviously, mate!"

"And I got the slot, Ron! I'm staying!"

This place is like a blind drive. Got to honk. Or was that a honk?

"Great, Harry! We're just breaking out the champagne. Come over here soon."

"I'll be there in a minute…"

Truck straight ahead. Shit. Double shit. Scream. The cell phone fell down even as a troubled voice asked, "Harry, mate, what's going on?"

A/N: Wow! My first chapter ever! This story was just a muse I had while watching the movie 'Just Like Heaven'. I have the whole thing written out (needing major modifications) but I still don't know whether to post it or not.