Just Like Hell

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Chapter Twenty One

Harry was bent backwards over the sink with Draco pressed up against him.

"You don't mind this, do you?" Draco asked, his warm breath splaying across Harry's jaw. Was the asshole insane? Of course, he minded! He was pressing against him…aaaah…and asking him a question like that?

"I… ah… don't… just, umm… that is, go on… just get it over with!" Harry managed to stammer out.

Draco shrugged and returned to the task of washing the dye from Harry's hair. They had followed the procedure properly so Harry's hair should be black by now. Keywords being: SHOULD BE. His eyes widened as he noticed a serious flaw. It wasn't bad but he didn't think Harry would appreciate it much.

Okay, so distract him. Draco gulped, he could do this. "Harry?" he asked bending down breath on Harry's neck as he spoke. There was a shiver underneath him.

"Do you hate me?" he asked, even as his fingers went through the mostly black strands.

"No," came the breathed out sigh.

"You won't hate me in the future either, will you?" There was a suspicious stiffening underneath him. His tongue came out to quickly lick the junction between neck and collarbone. The stiffening left.

He backed away to see Harry's dilated eyes staring at him in shock. "No…"

Without missing a beat, his tongue traced a path from his jaw down to his collarbone, his teeth leaving slight marks. Harry moaned at the graze of his teeth and Draco let himself run one hand up the flat stomach to slide to the muscular back. He wasn't sure if he'd ever seen such an erotic sight as Harry. His green eyes were glazed, his lips parted, and he was moaning against Draco. He hoped to hell and beyond that Harry wouldn't notice what had happened to his hair.

Just then, the bell rang.

He began to panic. If he left Harry here, then Harry would look into the mirror and… not good! But Harry was only wearing slacks so as to not ruin his shirt during the dyeing. He didn't want Harry to open the door to anybody like that! Him being the only exception that is...

"Are you going to answer that?" Harry asked, his head burrowed in Draco's shoulder.

"Yes, no, do I have to?"

Harry chuckled against his skin and Draco nearly purred. "We oughta check. It could be something important..."

"I guess we oughta," Draco whispered pulling away from Harry, his hands showing his reluctance as they left the warmth. He switched off the light in the bathroom. Yes! Harry would follow him out now! He opened the door, Harry leaning on the kitchen counter in his periphery. He smiled. He knew that things would finally go right now.

Of course, that was before he caught sight of who was outside. Justin Finch-Flinchy! Then he was pushed backwards as the blond outside threw himself on Draco with a squeal and thoroughly proceeded to kiss him.

Harry watched Draco open the door with a smile on his face. He had just… he couldn't believe it! Draco had actually… well, they hadn't kissed but Draco had shown that he wasn't disinclined to!

The next moment shattered all his hopes as something jumped on Draco and glued its lips to him. Forget lions or beasts roaring in his chest, all he could see was red. Blind hot red.

He pulled the thing off Draco and promptly threw a punch at Draco. Draco avoided it but the fist grazed his jaw.

"Ouch! You've got the wrong guy here!"

Harry scowled at him. "I didn't see you protesting!"

"Hey, you can join in too, no worries!" came a chirpy voice from the side. Draco watched his personal Armageddon come as Justin blabbered on. "It's okay, I'm sure Draco won't mind having a ménage à trois!" the man whore insinuated with a wink. Draco wondered how an idiot like Justin would even know a phrase like that.

"And I absolutely LOVE the hair! You've got to tell me ALL about your hairdresser! The green highlights are purrrrrrrrr- fect!"

Shit. Harry reached a hand to his hair. His eyes zeroed in on Draco's panicking visage.

"Green highlights?" Draco felt his mouth dry. An arm wrapped itself around his waist and a sloppy, wet kiss was pressed to his jaw. He could see the sparks coming from those green eyes. A tongue began to lather itself all over the side of his neck. Forget sparks, fireworks wouldn't be able to compare!

Shoving Justin off him, he pulled him out of the flat and closed the door behind him. It seemed Justin needed to be reminded of what exactly Draco had told him last time this occasion had arisen.

And this time, he would make sure he wouldn't forget that easily…

Harry could nearly feel his teeth hurt as he stood at the door. He hadn't moved from the door and he had been gritting his teeth since then. The door opened and a flushed Draco entered the flat.

"I can explain, Harry," he said slowly.

"Explain what?" Harry said coldly. "There isn't anything to explain. It's not like there was anything between us in the first place for anything to need to be explained." He turned around.

Draco's heart began to pound. Not again. He wouldn't leave him again. He pulled Harry towards himself before he could move another step and pinned him, his hands holding Harry's arms to the wall.

"Shut up!" he growled. Harry's eyes widened. "Why don't you get it yet? I'm sick of not being able to have you," he whispered as he stared into Harry's eyes.

"What are you talking about?" Harry whispered back. He could almost feel his stomach dropping. There was something so instinctively right about being with Draco. He didn't think he could walk away even if he wanted to. He was pinned to the wall by those silver eyes. And something told him that this was what he had been looking for all this time.

This was what he wanted. He leaned up.

Draco didn't hesitate. He claimed Harry's lips. It was desperate as he poured everything he had into that kiss. He wanted, no needed Harry to understand that he was his everything.

Harry felt almost dizzy as Draco's warm mouth moved over his, teeth nipping at his lips until his mouth opened. Then a tongue was sliding over and around his as they both took in everything the other had. He'd never known a kiss could be this demanding and electric and yet achingly familiar at the same time. The kiss ended suddenly, as lack of air pushed them apart.

Harry looked up at the grey eyes now almost wild looking before Draco's face descended and they were back again. It wasn't any softer this time. His hands were released as Draco pulled the drawstring on his slacks. Harry slipped his now free hands under Draco's shirt, pulling it off. Skin against skin. It was delicious.

Draco moved from his mouth with soft kisses before nuzzling the side of his neck. He breathed hotly on his neck, making a sound of triumph.

"You wouldn't believe how much I've wanted this." Draco said, cradling the side of his face before they began kissing again and all rational thought fled.

Harry woke up as sunlight fell on his face, a satisfied smile stealing over his face. His smile brightened when he felt Draco's arms around him. He turned around to see Draco still beside him.

He wasn't sure what he had been expecting but this made him smile. He wondered briefly if he should tell Draco about the weird dream he had about both of them. Then he shook his head. Nah, he was too content right now. Maybe later.

"Hey." He looked up to see Draco looking at him with a slight smile.

"Hey," he whispered back. Then he frowned as he remembered the events of last night.

He saw Draco stiffen with his frown. "Is anything wrong?" asked Draco, his whispered words unable to hide his fear. He didn't think he could let Harry go now, not after all this…

"You never told me who that guy was last night…" He felt more than heard Draco's sigh.

"That was the man whore who happens to be your neighbor. And you condemned me to take a bath in his apartment!" They both shuddered.

"That's not going to happen again anytime soon," Harry promised. Then his eyes suddenly narrowed.

"My hair," he stated. Draco laughed and ran his fingers through the black strands that were mixed with green.

"You look sexy." Harry gave him a look. "You do, I swear. The hair looks great!"

"I have green highlights," Harry moaned. Then he paused. "I think I dreamt of that guy."

Draco growled. Harry laughed. "I had this weird dream. You were trying to get my spirit exorcised or something and you tried to steal my body and it was sooo weird!"

"Ummm… I think I'm late for work," Draco said with a nervous chuckle. He tried to pull himself away.

"You don't have work. You're on break," Harry said, quickly getting up to snatch Draco's wrist.

"Oh, yeah," Draco said. Okay, distract, distract! His lips pressed against Harry's forcing him back in bed. "Then I guess I have time to spend with you!"

He knew that from the last time he had tried to distract Harry, this wouldn't end well. But hey! Harry was moaning his name and that's all that mattered for now.

---La Fin---