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Cold, it was so cold, she could feel the cold all the way through to her bones. She curled up tighter in a fetal position, pain racking her body from her to toe. Her tears burned her face, freezing as soon as they hit her skin from the cold. She could feel the snow falling lightly on her prone body, her broken body. Part of her wished for death to hurry up and take her. She had been forced against her will, and now she wanted nothing more than to die, to be rid of the pain and the hurt, and most of the shame she felt. She thought herself to be a proud woman, a strong woman, and in a couple of minutes, all that she knew had been taken away from her. Her pride had been stripped, and she was weak, powerless to stop her attacker. She shuddered as a cold chill went up her spine. She started to rock back and forth, numbness over taking her body as she sobbed louder than she had sobbed before.

Shawn Michaels, The Heartbreak kid, walked bristly across the car park of the arena, there went many lights at the moment, mostly due to the fact that most people had already let the arena to go to their hotels or wherever they were staying. It had only been a small house show, but Shawn knew he had a match coming up on PPV and he wanted to get rid of the ring rust. He walked towards his rental car digging in his pockets for his keys as he softly hummed the tune of Sexy Boy. He paused for a moment thinking that he heard a sound.

"Is anyone there?" He shock his head when he got no reply, starting to walk again, when he heard the noise again, more clearly this time, a sob, the sound of someone crying. He surveyed the area quickly but he couldn't see anyone. He listened some more, before heading in the direction he was pretty sure the crying was coming from. When he found the source of the noise he was shocked beyond words at the sight before him.

A woman was curled up in the fetal position against in a dark corner, Shawn really couldn't make her out to well, but he could guess for her ripped clothing what must have happened to her. Disgusted at how a human being could do this to another person, Shawn stepped forward carefully, thinking to himself that she must be freezing. The woman shied away for Shawn's touch. Shawn swore softly under his breath at the person who would do this to someone.

"It's ok I'm not going to hurt you," Shawn's soft tone seemed to soothe the scared woman. He stepped forward once more; gently as he could he pick her up. Shawn had been right, she was freezing, he had to get her to a hospital, as she was also bleeding for quite a few cuts the graced her body. He quickly shrugged off his jacket and wrapped it around the woman. Finally reaching his car, he opened the passenger side door and placed the woman inside. She wrapped his jacket tighter around herself, after quickly strapping in. Shawn dashed around to the driver's side, sliding in, and starting the car. He looked at the woman once again as she wiped away her tears, trying hard to pull herself together.

Driving towards the hospital, Shawn turned the heater on in the car, to help warm the woman up.

"What's you name?" Shawn asked softly. The Woman sniffed for a couple of moments before answering.

"Tessa" her voice was barley above a whisper. Shawn gave her a gentle warm smile.

"Well Tessa, I'm Shawn, we are going get you the hospital and have someone take a look at you okay?" Tessa nodded her head quietly sniffing some more. Shawn's heart ached for the trauma she must have gone though. He reached out and places a hand lightly on her arm; she flinched a little from his touch.

"It's gonna be okay Tessa. You are safe now, No one is going to hurt you."

Tessa sniffled some more and managed to give Shawn a tiny little smile through her tears and sniffles. Shawn feeling that he had gained a little grown in making her feel better gave her a reassuring smile back, as they pulled into the into the hospital car park.

Shawn got out of the car and walked around to the other side opening the door. Tessa had managed to undo her seat belt and hesitantly let Shawn pick her up and carry her outside. Shawn spoke to the lady in the ER and she had a wheelchair and an orderly come out get Tessa to be take to see a doctor. Shawn puts Tessa in the chair and only then had he noticed that she was clinging tightly to his hand. He gave her hand a squeeze and a small smile, and she let go. The orderly went to move to take Tessa away, but she put a hand on Shawn's arm.

"Thank you." Shawn was touched by her words and watched as the orderly wheeled her off to be seen to. He went up to the nurse at reception.

"Can you tell me when she's aloud to have visitors?" The Nurse nodded

"Of course, sir. Why don't you take a seat?" She pointed over to the waiting area. Shawn nodded his thanks and walked over to the area to begin his wait. Wondering to himself how someone could do this to another.