A/N: I know Tessa's behavior may not seem the norm in this chapter however, I'm using my creative license to the name of moving the story forward

What seemed like an eternity later, the nurse approached Shawn once more.
"You can go in and see her if you would like sure, the doctor has finished. She's just filling out some paperwork. It's down the halls and the last room on the left"
"Thank you." Shawn stood and moved down the hall, and to the door the nurse had indicated. He knocked lightly on the door before entering.

Tessa was sitting on the bed still clutching Shawn's jacket around, her large blue eyes looked up as he enter flashing briefly with fear, that broke Shawn's heart.
"Hey." Shawn spoke softly not really sure what to say, but still feeling the need to be there with her.
"Hey." Tessa answer, scribbling away at the paperwork the doctor had given her, even through her hands where still shaking violently. Shawn sat there watching her try to write for a couple of moments before speaking once more.
"Would you like me to write for you? You are shaking like a leaf."

Tessa looked at Shawn for a moment trying to decide what to do, then put the pen on top of the paper work and handed it Shawn.
"Thank you." She spoke quietly as Shawn took the pen and paperwork. Slowly Shawn worked with her asking her the question that where need, and she answered him, playing with her cross bracelet the whole time.
"There all done." Shawn smiled and put the paperwork down, Tessa gave Shawn a small smile, before returning to playing with her bracelet and stared off into space.

Shawn thought about what he had just learned about the woman sitting before him. She was 27, Tennessee born, but lived in New York, Shawn assumed that she had been doing so for quiet some time give that her accent wasn't very strong. Most surprising to Shawn was that she worked for the WWE, she had recently been hired as a production assistant, and this was her first week on the road. Not a good way to start off your new job Shawn through to himself, letting out a little sigh.

The sigh grabbed the attention of Tessa who stopped her fiddling and looked at her savior.
"They want to keep me here over night." She said blankly, Shawn nodded.
"I think I can understand why"
"I don't…" Tessa shock her head. "I don't want to be here over night." She paused. "Bad things happen in hospitals"
Shawn noticed that look of fear had returned to Tessa's eyes, and he felt the urge to protect her rise within him, to remove the fear well up inside of him.
"How about I go see the Nurse about getting up out of here?" Shawn suggested and was rewarded by a slight smile appearing on Tessa's face.
"I'd really appreciate that."

Shawn headed for the door, but was stopped by Tessa speaking once more.
"Don't be gone to long"
"I'll be back before you know it." Shawn assured her before leaving the room.

After Shawn left Tessa sniffled and pulled Shawn's jacket tighter around her. She felt like heel, the cuts on her stung in the warm hospital air and from the salt of the tears she had been crying. The tears she was desperately trying to hold. She could feel her body shaking, although the hospital was warn she was cold, freezing. She needed to get out of here, back to her hotel room, to wash the blood out of her matted brunette hair, to try to wash this dirty violated feeling off her body. Too get out of her clothes, clothes she would love to burn, but knew that she couldn't do that. She prayed silently for herself, for her tortured soul, and for Shawn to succeed in getting her the hell out here.

She returned to playing with her bracelet and looked up sharply when she heard the door knob start to turn, she let out a breath that she didn't even know she had been holding when she that it was Shawn returning.

"So after much objection on the part of the attending doctor, I managed to convince them to let you leave. I told them that it was in your best interests due to your extreme discomfort in hospitals." Shawn smiled. "So all you gotta do is sign your release forms and you're out of here."

Tessa sprung off the bed the second those words let Shawn mouth, he swore he had never seen someone move that fast before. He held the door open for her and she hesitated for a moment before walking past Shawn and out the door. Shawn couldn't help but smile a little as she pulled his jacket around tighter around herself. Silently they walked towards the nurses' station.

"Can we have the release forms for Tessa" Shawn looked at Tessa, noticing for the first time that he didn't know her last name yet.
"Goodrem" Tessa supplied quietly looking down at her feet.
The nurse shuffled around a little bit, checking a couple of things then placed a clipboard in front of Tessa. Shawn watched over Tessa as she hurried to fill out the forms.
"Um," Shawn shifted on his feet, praying silently that his next question would not upset the already distressed woman. He put a hand down on her shoulder, causing her jump and draw her hands up into an instinctive position, he cursed silently. "Sorry" she muttered.
"No my fault," Shawn paused, and then watch as Tessa hands back to the nurse, who in turn handed Tessa some broachers "So where shall I be taking you"
"Uh, bugger, I forget the name of the hotel." Tessa sighed, and sniffled a little trying to prevent a flood of tears from coming once more. Seeing the distress rising in Tessa again, Shawn gently draped an arm around her shoulders.
"It's okay, we'll fine it." He told her gently, guiding her towards the hospital exit.