And I Knew

By MacabreLAM

I remember that day quite well, even now, when we first met. I remember the fight along side him, and all the fights there after. I remember that when his courage came in tune, I got butterflies when he fought for the value of his friends and the ones he loved.

I remember how clever he was and how useful, although at times he seemed completely useless. I remember a soft smile with bright eyes, and sometimes a huge smile with closed but delighted eyes.

I remember his loyalty and his show of friendship towards us. I remember his eagerness towards the food and his happiness over all sad that had happened to him.

I remember a feeling so deep in my chest, it seemed to be my heart. It was warm, and fuzzy, and it made me flirt with him. I remembering smirking at him, oh, how high I was on his very presence.

I thought about food, him and my future, and he was always there. Next to me as I made a meal, large or small, but always unique.

I remember last night, when I'd caught him in mid-rant, kissing him tenderly and then forcing more heart into it. I remember everything we did together last night, and I remember him falling asleep, hand wrapped around my chest, head on my shoulder, at a time much past midnight.

Although I knew I would have never been exactly what Nami wanted, I knew that that relationship had not ment to be. I thought the thought of my new lover getting jealous over me fawning (although not as heatedly) over my Nami-swan quite amusing.

I smirked again, high on the fact that he loved me, too. I could smell the shampoo he made himself in his black hair as he slept on my shoulder.

And I knew.