Hey my dears, here I am again with a new story. It was inspired by some spoiler to a coming episode. I don't know if the spoilers are true or not, but they inspired me anyway.

once again, thank my wondeful beta, Freyja, for the amazingly quick job.

I must say, I'm not sure if this is going to stay as one-shot, or mutiple chaptered story. You tell me :D

Ryan opened the door to The Diner and let his eyes wander around until he spotted the brunette girl at a table. She smiled and waved at him, he nodded with a short smile and made his way over to her.

„Hey" Sadie smiled and got up to hug him and give him a kiss. Ryan nodded shortly. With a funny look in his direction Sadie said down again. „So, how was your day?" She asked nonchalantly.

Ryan sighed and drove his hand through his hair. If only he knew. The whole day he had felt tense and edgy. „Normal, nothing special" he answered shortly.

He took one of the menus and studied it for some time before deciding on lemonade and some chill fries. During this short minutes, a heavy silence had fallen over the table. Ryan felt it and knew it was his fault but at the moment he couldn't help it. He had looked forward to meeting Sadie, he always did. Everything with her felt so light and easy. She was pretty, smart and just fun to be around. So why was he so ... well, whatever he was like.

With a short sigh, Ryan decided to give this thoughts time when he was back in the poolhouse, right now he was on a date with Sadie.

„So, tell me how your meeting with this...I can't remember his name" he laughed and winked at her.

Sadie smiled gratefully and began telling him about a meeting with a guy who maybe would take some of her jewelleries into the inventory of his store. The waitress waiting for their orders interrupted her.

„I think he was not as impressed as I thought he'd be but, we have to see." Sadie finished before shooting him a wide smile. Ryan didn't return it.

Once again his thoughts had wandered off to where he had forbidden them to go the last couple of days. He was a mystery to himself right now. In the beginning it had felt so good to be around her, like he could breath freely once again but now? Of course he still liked her company, he really did but ... not like before. He didn't feel any argue at all be overly close to her, to touch her. Something was missing but he didn't know what.

Ryan's thoughts where interrupted by laud laughter from a table next to theirs. He turned around and discovered some guys he knew where Volchok's friends. How he loathed this guy, Volchok. His dirty smile and undoubtable stupidity made him sick. And, even more important, the way he handled women, the way Volchok head treated Sadie, had treated Marissa.

Ryan sighed and wanted to get his attention back on Sadie. He knew she was trying to figure out what was wrong with him. He turned his head and shot her a short smile before rolling his eyes at the guys.

She nodded. „Yeah, I know what you mean..." she said slowly. Ryan nodded again while searching his head for a good question to ask her. He opened his mouth to ask what had popped into his head but the next sentences, flying over from the neighbour table dried the question away on the spot.

„Man I heard Volchok is banging that Cooper-girl!"

„Yeah I heard she was really clean."

„No, not anymore!"

Ryan blinked and for one second, everything around him was in stony silence. Then suddenly, he felt it again, the passionate feelings where purring through his veins, his hands balled-up to fits. He wanted to hurt Volchok, wanted to rip him apart for touching her, his Marissa. Once again someone wanted to hurt her.

And suddenly he knew what he had felt missing from when he was around Sadie. There was no passion, no vibe between them. No real love, no aggression. Everything was just ... it just didn't feel right.

Ryan forced himself to stay calm and slowly turned his eyes on Sadie. She had heard the words as well and looked shocked. But her eyes became even rounder when they saw the look on Ryan's face. He held her gaze for sometime until she nodded.

„Sadie, I'm so sorry but ..." She nodded again and gave him an encouraging smile. „Right I ... I have to go. See you."

So, here're the spoilers I read about:

Sadie and Ryan are at the diner and some of Volchok's friends are there, and they're saying something like: -Man I heard Volchok is banging that Cooper-girl!

-Yeah I heard she was really clean! (by that they mean, free for sexual diseases)

-No, not anymore!

And when Ryan hear that, I seem to remember him saying sorry to Sadie but he has to go (happy dance) and then leaves the diner-- probably to find Marissa.

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