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When Marissa opened her eyes she thought for a moment she hadn't. Everything around her was pitch-black. She grunted and rolled on her back. Her head hurt, but she couldn't remember why. She touched her head and felt a bumpy bruise on the forehead. „What the -" she mumbled and tried to get up. She came up on her knees, her vision was blurry and she felt dirty. „s..." she murmured again, searching in the dark for something to support her.

„I think you bumped your head pretty badly last night when I took you on the counter." A lighter was flaring up in the dark and Marissa saw the face of Volchok a few meters away from her.

„What are you doing here?" she asked, surprised to fin herself still slurring slightly. „Where am I?"

„I guess you really drank as much as you said last night. Pity, as far as I remember we enjoyed ourselves." Volchok passed his cigarette to Marissa who refused. „What do you mean?" she asked again.

She tried to remember things about last night. Only few pictures reappeared. Her getting ready for a little party Volchok had asked her to attend. Her again, drowning a shot of Tequila, another one, dancing between some guys and feeling them touch her.

She shook her head. What had she done?

„Come on, don't tell me you don't remember the best sex of your life!" Kevin chuckled.

„You're lying." Marissa counter. „I wouldn't sleep with you!"

Volchok sighed. „No, don't think you would when in your right mind. But you were pissed."

Marissa tried to find his face in the dark and followed the path of his glowing fack. „I still wouldn't ... not with you."

„That's probably the reason why you kept moaning that Chino-kids name all the time." Came his short replay.

Marissa grunted. She couldn't believe it. She'd slept with Volchok, unprotected probably. What had she done, ones again she'd brought herself into some mess not knowing how to get out of it again.

„Any drinks left?" she whispered.


The Cohen's black Range Rover quickly drove down the road. The darkness surrounding it was only broken by a few streetlamps.

Ryan's fingers gripped the stirring wheel tightly while his mind only held one thought, which repeated itself over and over. He had to find her! He didn't know to look or whom to ask, all he knew was that he had to find her.

The car drove further through the dark. Every once in a while turning left and right in search of the only place Ryan hoped to find some kind of starting point for his haunt.

He had known from the beginning that there was more to Volchok. More darkness then met the eye. He felt the paining feeling of rage flame up inside of him the second his thoughts turned to him. The feeling when he knew he wouldn't rest until the wrong was set right.

He had to find her.

For what felt like the thousands time he grabbed his cell phone, repeatedly dialing her number.

Voicemail again, damn it!

Ryan threw the phone on the co-drivers seat and turned the car so he could park in front of the house where he hoped for some help.


„I know buddy, you're gonna call be crazy but...she really looked like her. I know, it's been two years but I would still recognize her, right? Don't look this way, it won't mean you're not gonna see princess Sparkle again I just..."

Knock! Knock!

Seth looked up from Captain Oats. „Cohen?" came Summers voice. She sounded like she was in pain and Seth quickly got up from his bed and opened the door. „Summer, what's the matter?"

With tears in her eyes Summer was standing in front of him for a few seconds before she threw her arms around his neck and sobbed into his shoulder. Seth patted her on the back, feeling a little awkward and tried to stirr her to his bed so they could sit down.

„Summer", he repeated. „What's the matter?" He gently lifted her head from his shoulder so he could look at her. „Did something happen to princess Sparkle? Because Captain Oats...Ouch! What was that for? I was just worried!"

„Quit your stupid jokes, right? There isn't always time for the Cohen-Show!" Summer shot him a glare before turning away. Seth didn't know what to say. When he saw her shoulders start to shake again, he laid his hand on her back. „Summer..."

„It's Marissa..." Summer sobbed. „I haven't seen or talked to her in days and now her mum says that she got a massage from some dorky guy saying that Marissa left Newport or something and..." Summer finally turned around. „I'm so scared something happened to her! Ever since Ryan and her broke up, she has been weird. It was like the whole summer when you two left all over again, we had a fight because I told her she drank to much and all the time this Volchok guy was creeping around her." Seth finally knew what was going on and gave his girlfriend an encouraging smile, or he tried his best. „Come here, love", he said and opened his arms to her. They said like this for a few minutes until Seth spoke again. „Ryan is out with the Sadie..." he murmured. „Summer looked up. „What do you mean, Ryan is out?"

„Well, Summer, it's obviously that we're going to do something right? We have to search for her. And who else would be good for this task then my old new-brother? So, come on. No need to cry around here when we can really do something! I know where they are."