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Naminé reminded Riku of Kairi.

The girls looked a little bit alike. The same wide eyes, though differently colored. The same thick, unevenly cut hair, though Naminé's was longer. They shared the same body type, and facial features that faintly echoed each other.

Naminé was so similar to Kairi: sweet, pretty, a heart of gold...and yet the girls were so different. Riku enjoyed the peace that radiated from Naminé, totally opposed to Kairi's frantic energy. He basked in the soft glow she gave off when she smiled; Kairi's smiles were near blinding sometimes.

Naminé loved him. Riku would haveto have beenan idiot not to see that. It should have been easy enough forhim to love her back.

Riku cared for Naminé, really he did. He was happy when he was with her, and he was happy that she was happy with him...

But Riku didn't love her. He was doing to Naminé what he had been done to him, something he would've never done to his worst enemy. He was using the girl as a puppet, pulling her along on strings of false promises, using her to replace someone he had never had. The one he wanted, the one he cared for so much...they were so much alike, it was unbearable to think that the one who loved him was not her. He should've been sickened, ashamed of what he was doing, but he didn't.

A laugh escaped Riku's lips. He was just as bad as the Organization, for using Naminé as he saw fit.

No, he was worse. At least with the Organization and with Ansem, there had been boundaries. Riku had known he was being used. There had been no false pretenses of love or caring between the puppet and the puppeteer.

But Naminé, his puppet, was being pulled along completely unawares. She loved Riku, her puppeteer...

A puppeteer who wanted nothing more than to cut her strings, to break the ties that bound them. For both their sakes.